Chapter 22: Awakening

“What’s wrong with him?” Admiral Cain was wearing a skin-tight red t-shirt, along with black jeans and combat boots. Standing next to him was a five-foot tall, middle-aged woman, with long white hair, extremely pale skin, and lipstick that matched her crimson irises.

Doctor Richards shrugged helplessly, “How should I know? I went on lunch break and when I came back… ‘that’ happened.” The two of them were behind a thick, one-way mirror, which was made out of blast-resistant glass.

Michael’s eyes were closed, and even though his torso was heavily strapped down onto an operating table, he was still spasming violently. Suddenly, the EEG and heart-rate monitor exploded, at the same moment as the various fluorescent lights, inside and outside of the room.

His body abruptly stopped shaking and the middle-aged woman gasped, stammering “He, he actually destroyed the psychic suppression device… Even if there was a thousand Psychers as powerful as you in that room, you still wouldn’t be able to break free of those constraints!”
Joseph frowned, wondering “Did he somehow receive assistance from the outside? If he was really so powerful, then why hasn’t he awoken yet? He’s still unconscious and isn’t even seizing anymore.”

Without hesitation, he pressed the button to open the door and ordered “Go in there are do your job. Find out what makes him work…”

“W-wait a second! At least allow me to wear some protective gear and give me some bodyguards!” Doctor Richards was frantically pleading with the giant man, but even though there were a few armed men standing behind him, he didn’t tell any of them to protect her.

Admiral Cain sneered, asking “Are you disobeying a direct order, Lieutenant?” as a terrifying aura radiated from his eyes and pierced into her mind. She shuddered and forced herself to enter the ominous metallic room, which was dimly lit by small emergency lights.

As the steel door slammed down behind her, she jumped a little, but continued slowly trudging forward. Without any machines, she had to take Michael’s pulse the old fashioned way. She put on some latex gloves and used her fingers to feel the man’s throbbing neck.

Then she breathed out a sigh, using her stethoscope and listened to his heart. She muttered “BP is extremely steady and ‘normal’… Breathing is fine as well. If he was a typical ‘human’, he’d be healthy; aside from the fact that his arms and legs are missing.”

All of those black veins were nowhere to be seen, so there truly wasn’t anything strange about his body at that point. However, when she used a small flashlight to check his eyes, she jumped back and yelped loudly.

Admiral Cain complained “Stop screwing around and give me an update Richards! What’s his condition?”

She turned back and glared at him, her irises were glowing bright-blue and her pupils were vertically slit. Tilting her head to the left and grinning, she started barking; she howled a few times and even stuck her tongue out, panting like a dog.

Then the woman dashed towards the mirror while growling and somehow managed to crack the reinforced, blast-proof glass with a single punch from her left fist. Of course, the hand was completely broken beyond repair, but that much strength even made the giant body-builder jump back out of fear.

The five armed guards behind him swiftly pointed their assault rifles towards the seemingly hysterical woman. Even if there was a very low chance of it, they were prepared to attack if she did in fact manage to break through the glass.

Joseph let out a sigh and ordered “Stand down!” to prevent them from opening fire on the bulletproof barrier. After regaining his composure, he took a few steps forward and pressed on a small red button.

He interrogated “Who are you? What are your intentions by taking over Doctor Richards’ body?” The blue-eyed woman frowned and casually inspected her appearance in the mirror; she seemed extremely distressed and frustrated.

Finally, she began growling and roaring furiously, as she used her fingernails on both hands to tear her own face off. Blood sprayed all over the window, obscuring Joseph’s view, but he easily used telekinesis to wipe it away.

Aside from the eyes and muscle, all of the skin was completely missing from that woman’s face. Yet, she was just calmly and curiously staring into the mirror, seemingly looking ‘through’ the glass and seeing the people on the other side.

“My name is Admiral Cain; you’re currently harming one of my subordinates… Would you care to explain your actions? Perhaps you could at least introduce yourself?” He was fairly confident in his ability to prevent someone from taking over his own body, but he was slightly concerned about the seamen who were standing behind him. Regardless of his superhuman physique, he wasn’t immortal and it wasn’t as if his telekinesis was powerful enough to stop bullets either.

She growled “Food… I’m hungry, I want to eat… This, not mine… so weak! Useless, garbage! Need food!”

As the former Doctor Richards was snarling at him, Joseph shook his head and grumbled “Fortunately, it’s just a mindless beast… Hmph, I was actually worried there for a moment.” With a wave of his left hand, the woman’s head exploded into bone-fragments and crimson gore. He stared down at her lifeless corpse for a few moments, before turning around and ordering “Captain Cummings, go bring… Doctors Takahashi and Krishna down here. Make sure that they are wearing proper equipment though. If that ‘thing’ in there can ‘infect’ them through the hazmat suits, then it’s best to simply purge this whole compartment. For now, I need to get some rest… I shall be participating in the breeding ceremony tomorrow night and must be at my optimum condition for the ‘hunt’.”


Meanwhile, at the center of that dimly-lit clearing in the middle of ‘The Garden of Eden’, Iris yelled “Hell no, I ain’t doin it!”

Kelsey grumbled “If it really comes down to saving the world, I’ll fuck the bastard… I mean, you said he’s practically just a dick attached to a torso, so it wouldn’t even be that different from riding a sex-doll… Not that I have a collection of sex dolls or anything weird like that.”

Philip patted her on the shoulder and said “If it makes you feel better, I could give you a ‘Yin Yang’ acupuncture treatment first?”

Jane was on the verge of passing out, but she still asked “What are you guys even talking about?” Her daughter was sleeping on the dirt in front of her and using a certain adorable kitten as a pillow.

Luke explained “Okay, so yesterday, we were watching a hacked video of the craziness in Baltimore and saw this guy get wrecked by a dump-truck. Then this overpowered godlike being basically told us that if we want to prevent the apocalypse, we have to convince someone to have sex with your cousin.”

Her mouth was gaping open and her eyes were squinting for at least ten seconds, before she sighed dramatically, muttering “Were you guys in the psychiatric ward?”

“All of you, shut the fuck up!” Aoi’s crimson irises were glowing brightly as she gazed out towards the dark jungle. Then she whispered “Something’s wrong… It should never be this quiet.”

The dim radiance that was coming from large metal light-posts around the clearing, abruptly went out. Takahashi complained “Goddamn it! That bastard said that we had a whole day! Everyone wake up! Get up you idiots!”

She was one of the only people who could actually see in the extreme darkness, but it seemed like almost everyone was laying down lifelessly. Isabelle was trembling in her arms, on the verge of death from the bullet wound in her abdomen. Jane wasn’t doing much better, since she wasn’t even given a single stitch for the hole in her shoulder.

Iris had no eyes, but she could still ‘feel’ that something was right in front of them. Luke snickered, “I’d get up if I could, but you have to realize that I literally only have nubs…”

Kelsey also gave the excuse: “Yeah, both my legs are broken, so I’m basically fucked… Well, if something does try to rape me, at least it’ll be easier to kill them in such close range?”

“Ah~! Save me~!” A little boy with blonde hair, brown eyes and dark-tan skin started screaming, as his fat and elderly grandmother pushed him down. She snarled and howled, before sinking her dentures into his face; it was a challenge, but she managed to tear the majority of his tiny nose off.

Aoi shouted “Oh for fuck’s sake!” If it was only the humans who were transforming into rabid zombies, it would still be acceptable, but the real danger was from the overwhelmingly large amount of other animals. The jungle was already filled with feral beasts as it was; not to mention that everyone was completely naked, injured, and completely trapped a mile under the ocean’s surface. The situation was rather dire…

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  1. Random question, do you cackle? Madly? Whilst steepling your fingers? Because your making this story like Frankenstein; cool, large, a mixture of genres, while acting like a mad scientist, etc.
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  3. I am currently not reading fictions on this site but is annoying that when I check new chapters from email or from home page that is hard to figure out from which fiction is chapter including this one. I checked all TOC still not figure out, my best guess is: Hardcore OP?


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