Chapter 21: The Garden of Eden

“Nyah~, I can’t leave~! Wah~, Mikey~, why can’t I leave~?! I wanna go~! Let me go~!” An adorable little cat-girl was crying and whining, while clawing angrily at an ominous wooden door.

Michael, Alice and Jasmine were trapped inside of a mysterious single-room cabin, which had windows, but it was too dark outside for them to see anything. He complained “JJ, calm your gigantic loli-tits and stop freaking out!”

The beautiful elven woman and muscular Nephilim were both sitting on wooden chairs, at a similarly simplistic round table. There was a bed, a fireplace, and a small stove, along with some lamps for light.

“But, but I don’t like this place~! It’s so spooky~, and, and why are we even here nyah~?!” Jasmine jumped up and smacked into the rotting ceiling boards, making them creak slightly, before she fell down onto her buttocks and started crying loudly.

He sighed dramatically and grumbled “It’s some kinda weird-ass… prison? I guess? I don’t fucking know? This ain’t real either way, it’s just that our body is being ‘sealed’ or something… It feels like I can’t breathe or maybe I’m being electrocuted, I’m pretty sure that I’m being tortured or experimented on at the moment. Shit, if you had just stayed in your goddamn Frigid Pussy Pounder or whatever, then you could at least have some sort of chance at doing… No you’d probably just make things a lot worse. At least, since you’re in here with us, I know that they can’t hurt you.”

Michael smiled wryly, murmuring “Elly, Sarah, Inari, Talia… I hope that you’re safe.” However, as he listlessly stared out the window, he suddenly started gagging loudly. It felt as if something was clawing its way out of his esophagus, but it was much bigger than a certain tiny kitten.


Black veins were covering the spasming torso, as those crimson irises radiated a fierce and terrifying amount of light. ‘Doctor Richards’ had left the small, sealed room to take a break from ‘experimenting’ on that strange creature’s body, so no one was there to witness that unsettling scene.

A large obsidian raven abruptly erupted from Michael’s mouth, knocking out what little was left of his teeth and tearing apart his throat in the process. It flapped its wings and squawked a few times angrily, before soaring up into the metallic silver ceiling.

The bird exploded into a black mist and reappeared in an extremely dark tropical forest. There were leopards, tigers, wild boars, chickens, and all kinds of other animals lurking around, but they were instinctively terrified of that violet-eyed monster.

“Dafuck is this bullshit?! This place’s underwater?” As it reached the top of the tallest trees, it was finally able to see the ‘sky’. However, rather than clouds and stars, what the raven discovered was that the jungle was located inside of an enormous glass-like dome.

“Ugh, where the hell am I anyway?! Last thing I remember was… Mike, the bastard fused with me, but why am I a stupid-ass bird?” Sarah’s soul was occupying her ‘trinket’ in the same way that Jasmine could control her ‘grenade’.

That ‘Spectral Raven’ soared around near the ceiling and was attracted to the irritating sound of people screaming and yelling. She swooped down and perched herself onto a random tree-branch, while scoping out the situation stealthily.

In a relatively small, dimly illuminated clearing, there was a group of close to three-hundred people. Most were men, but there were still a decent amount of females as well. However, everyone was completely naked, without anything at all to cover themselves with.

Unfortunately, the majority of them were either severely injured or deathly ill. Their ethnicities were varied to an impressive degree, though from Sarah’s perspective: “All humans are ugly as shit!” Considering that her standard of beauty was based on her Companions, it wasn’t strange that she viewed humanity as vastly inferior.

She suddenly saw something extremely familiar and decided to fly down onto the ground. There was a bright-blue kitten being held in the arms of a sickly little bald-headed girl. It purred contently and rubbed its head on her cheek, trying to comfort the teary-eyed child.

Jane was sitting down on the dirt, next to her daughter, with an extremely pale complexion. The reason that so many people were screaming and yelling, was because they were in the middle of a mysterious jungle with absolutely no clothing, weapons, food, water or medical supplies.

To her left was Isabelle and Aoi, who were hugging each other and crying; the Psycher had been given emergency care, but the bullet wound in her abdomen was merely stitched up a bit. There was a legless Luke, sitting across from them, along with the furious brown-skinned woman with casts on her shins and feet. They were accompanied by an eyeless teenage girl, who was ‘looking’ around frantically. Philip barely had any injuries at all and he was in a surprisingly good mood compared to everyone else; his appendicitis had already been dealt with, so he was just a little sore.

Kelsey glared at him and yelled “Phil, I know you’re really desperate to get laid, but do you really think that the ‘breeding pits’ are going to be some sort of high-class brothel?! They’re probably gonna throw us into some kinda demonic hellhole with tentacles and you’re definitely gonna get raped just as much as the rest of us!”

Lee smirked, shaking his head and explaining “I’m not happy because of the faint possibility that I might have sex for the first time in four years… Luke, Iris, you two can feel it as well, right?”

The eyeless girl snickered, staring downward and towards the west, whispering “He’s here… That ‘Emissary’ that the crazy demon-god bitch told us about. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not though…”

All around them were dozens of fairly muscular men and women who would normally be wearing body armor, black clothing and motorcycle helmets. Of course, with them all completely naked and without their prosthetic limbs, half of them couldn’t even stand properly. The others simply sat down because they didn’t want to draw too much attention to themselves.

Their group was much larger compared to the other people who were just ‘normal’ patients and hospital staff, who barely knew anyone. There were children, teenagers, adults and elderly, but most of them weren’t in any condition to be traveling away from the clearing on their own.

As Luke was staring at the ground and ‘feeling’ the powerful, pulsating aura that was coming from Michael’s ‘awakening’ body, he suddenly noticed the purple-eyed raven that was casually standing in the middle of their group. He asked the others “How long has that weird bird been there?”

Iris complained “What bird? Fuck my life, I’m only fifteen and already totally blind… Goddamn it!”

Lee muttered “I don’t quite remember… It’s almost like it has no presence at all? Very strange indeed…”

Kelsey screamed “Holy shit! I didn’t even see it till now! Damn, it’s like a stealth bird!” In response to her loud voice, the bird squawked at her, while releasing a terrifying, freezing cold aura.

“Nyah~!” The azure kitten suddenly leaped out of the little girl’s frail arms and pounced onto the much larger raven. However, it didn’t take much effort for the tiny cat to be completely subdued by the big, beautiful bird.

Ignoring that nonsense, Jane sat upright and asked “Hey, do you guys actually have a plan for us to get the hell outta here?”

Aoi sneered, “There is no way out of this fucking place… This is the ‘Garden of Eden’; if we leave this clearing, we’ll probably be eaten by animals, if we’re lucky. This, is where they grow their ‘livestock’… I’ve been here before and it always used to be pretty barbaric, but that bastard Joe has perverted this sacred hunting ground to suit his own twisted tastes. We have a day, before the lights go out and we get ‘picked’ to be used as either servants, sex slaves, or food. On the positive side of things, they won’t be using weapons and there should be a lot less of them than there are of us… But, they’re going to be ‘healthy’ and physically fit vampires; most of us are already injured, sick or dying already, so our odds of survival aren’t very good.”

Kelsey wondered “Do they have like, superhuman speed, strength, senses and magical compulsory powers? I definitely saw that Cain asshole use telekinesis and telepathy pretty damn well…”

Doctor Takahashi started laughing hysterically and revealed “No, unless they drink a shit-ton of Psycher blood, over the course of decades, and were already born with supernatural abilities… I’m a vampire and I can barely bench-press fifty pounds; I could also sunbathe on Miami Beach in the middle of summer, but I would get burned a lot more quickly than the average human. For the most part though, there aren’t any ‘pure’ vampires anymore. The Patriarch is about as close to the mythical monsters as you’ll find, but he’s gotten ‘old’. Even if we could free him somehow, he wouldn’t be much help to us.”

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