HCOP Book 2, Chapter 87: Incest Is Relative

Inari roared, causing a massive earthquake. The ground was shaking so violently that huge fissures appeared on the walls, ceiling and floor of the caldera. Magma swiftly began flooding in from the gigantic cracks and holes. Continue reading

Chapter 22: Awakening

“What’s wrong with him?” Admiral Cain was wearing a skin-tight red t-shirt, along with black jeans and combat boots. Standing next to him was a five-foot tall, middle-aged woman, with long white hair, extremely pale skin, and lipstick that matched her crimson irises. Continue reading

Chapter 21: The Garden of Eden

“Nyah~, I can’t leave~! Wah~, Mikey~, why can’t I leave~?! I wanna go~! Let me go~!” An adorable little cat-girl was crying and whining, while clawing angrily at an ominous wooden door. Continue reading

Chapter 20: Entering Atlantis

Each of those submarines was shaped like a bullet on the outside, while the inside was closer to a very narrow but long elevator. However, rather than a fragile window, there were simply cameras on the outer hull, which had their displays projected onto the ceiling, walls and floor. Continue reading

Chapter 19: Evacuation

Fortunately, before the hospital spontaneously self-destructed, most of the patients, staff, and ‘guests’ within the building were evacuated to the ‘emergency shelter’. Rather than straight downward, the elevators in the basement were actually situated at a thirty-degree angle. Continue reading