HCOP Book 2, Chapter 87: Incest Is Relative

Inari roared, causing a massive earthquake. The ground was shaking so violently that huge fissures appeared on the walls, ceiling and floor of the caldera. Magma swiftly began flooding in from the gigantic cracks and holes. Continue reading

HCOP Book 2, Chapter 86: Elly Drama

Within Minari’s Soul Realm, there was an enormous jungle, surrounded by an endless ocean. There was a relatively small mountain at the very center of that forest, which had a serene waterfall pouring out from near the peak. On the right side of the river, close to the cliff, was a rather large log cabin. Continue reading

Chapter 270: Marriage?

By the time that Michael was finished ‘expanding’ Luxiana, Jasmine had already eaten and gone upstairs to sleep with Elina. Talia however, had chopped up an enormous fruit salad to share with her ‘husband’. She also created some frozen applesauce, cherry pie, croissants, seven tacos, and a gallon of rice pudding: which she ate while waiting for him. Continue reading