HCOP Book 2, Chapter 86: Elly Drama

Within Minari’s Soul Realm, there was an enormous jungle, surrounded by an endless ocean. There was a relatively small mountain at the very center of that forest, which had a serene waterfall pouring out from near the peak. On the right side of the river, close to the cliff, was a rather large log cabin.

Sarah was in the Necropolis, meditating and trying to avoid everyone else. Jasmine was in her ‘workshop’, modifying a harpoon-gun into a horrifying demonic weapon. Talia was totally nude, performing her daily yoga routine on the eastern balcony. Alice was inside of her own special cave, soaking in a pool of magma, while gazing up at the clear blue sky.

“What do you mean you ‘lost’ the baby?” Michael was playing a crystalline piano, as he glanced over at the flustered angelic cat-girl.

Elina was crying as she yelled “She’s gone! Just like Rei-Rei and Hiro randomly disappeared, I put her down for a moment and she just vanished! What do we do?! Lori’s just an infant! There’s no way she can survive out there on her own! We need to hurry up and go find her!”

The Nephilim sighed dramatically, complaining “Elly, if she just got randomly teleported somewhere on Earth… Actually, she might not even be on this planet! By the time we find her, she’d be dead regardless and I don’t think it’s a good idea to resurrect her for the second time… We don’t even know who’s soul possessed the brat’s body! It could be fucking Hitler! Seriously, it’s probably a bad idea to bring some random kids back to life, just because you miss our actual children!”

She was sitting to his left, wearing nothing but her transparent gown and weeping on his shoulder. Michael was wearing a white t-shirt and black boxers, an outfit that was literally engraved into his soul.

“How can you be so heartless?! It’s not just you either! Tali, JJ, Ally, Inari and Sarah are just as bad! It’s like you’re all totally devoid of compassion and empathy! When the two of us first met, you saved my life… Not only that, but you instantly seemed to care about me. Actually, for a long time after that, you would still go out of your way to help people! But since we came to this world, it’s like you just don’t care about anyone or anything! What’s wrong with you?!” Elina was digging her claws into his chest and back at the same time, while glaring at the wryly smiling man.

Michael gazed into her golden eyes, which were leaking mercurial tears, and pressed his mouth against hers. As their tongues intertwined, he started playing much more rapidly and eventually settled into a pattern. The moment he separated from her lips, he began singing “Elly, people change~, it ain’t strange~, and I know~ how you’re feeling now~… In the end~, I’m you’re friend~, so I’ll tell you a secret about~ life~!”

The cat-girl sniffled loudly and asked “Are you really going to do this now? Why can’t you just be serious for a few minutes?” She wiped the snot that was dripping out of her nose onto his shirt-sleeve and once her sinuses were cleared up a bit, she softly sang “People don’t change~, they always stay the same~, it’s just that they tend~ to hide~ the way they truly~ feel~…”

He snickered, before belting “People are dicks~! Tiny little pricks~! No matter how hard~ they try~ to hide~! People are cunts! Bitches and pussies~! Haven’t you noticed, how they always~ seem to die~?”

Elina frowned, “Do you always~ have to be so vulgar~?! Why can’t you just stop with all the profanity~?!”

Michael grinned, whispering “Death is not the end, it never is~… We live like life is our own nemesis~… But even though we die~, no matter how hard we try~, death is not the end and I know why~…”

The cat-girl giggled, “Do you always~ have to be so crazy~?! Why can’t you just stop with all the insanity~?!”

However, right when he was about to get to the chorus, the Nephilim suddenly stopped playing.

He asked “Did you see that? I don’t know why, but I feel like that girl seemed really fucking familiar… I’ve definitely never seen her before though.”

“Oh my Goddess, that was Carly! Why is she here?! Actually, where is this disgusting place anyway?!” Even though the two of them were still sitting on the piano-bench in the living room, the walls, floor and ceiling were totally translucent. Everything around Inari’s giant body was easily perceived and when they focused a bit more, they were even able to hear the roars and screams.

Each of gigantic green vixen’s draconic tails had a head, with working eyes. Thus, she was able to see in eight directions at the same time. Michael and Elina each took control over a fluffy serpent and gazed straight towards the terrified angelic girl.

As Inari was using her huge maw to rip apart a gargantuan yellow cow-demon, two of her tails were stretching hundreds of meters away and rapidly approaching the ziggurat. Carly was halfway up the stairs, glaring at the rapidly approaching ‘monsters’. She shouted “Get away from me!” as she aimed her spear and fired out several beams of blinding silver light. However, the attacks didn’t even faze the giant gold and green serpents.

The one on the left abruptly vomited out a pure-white dove and pitch-black wisp flew out from the other’s mouth. After that, those ‘dragons’ started randomly attacking any demonic beast or person that they saw.

Elina transformed from a bird into something that more closely resembled her ‘normal’ cat-girl form and swooped down. Carly gasped, aiming the spear away and allowing the angelic woman to tightly embrace her. The two of them were roughly the same height, so their cheeks were actually rubbing against each other. “Elly~! I thought I’d never see you again! What happened?!”

Michael was casually floating around the two of them and watching the ‘touching’ reunion. Then something mildly unexpected happened and he yelled “What the fuck?! That is not a ‘just friends’ tongue massage! What the hell is this bullshit?!”

Elina glared at the angry wisp, then she turned back to Carly and asked “I missed you so much! I’m so sorry about that… I have no idea why, but it seems like other people can’t stay inside of our Soul Realms for very long. Anyway, where’s your mother? What happened to Jane?”

“Mom is… I really don’t know. I think we’re in some kind of huge cave system… Both of us just randomly appeared in the ruins of a big city, but I don’t know how long it’s been. I remember getting separated from my mom for a while, maybe months or a year, it’s hard to tell. I’m so glad that you managed to find me though…” The two of them were caressing each other and being extremely intimate, totally ignoring the floating ball of darkness that was flying around their bodies.

Of course, that all changed when he finally transformed into a six-foot tall, naked obsidian-skinned man, with four gigantic wings sticking out of his back. Michael complained “Oi, Elly, seriously, what the fuck? I thought we were married! How could you cheat on… ‘us’ like this?!”

The angelic cat-girl glared at him and screamed “Nine years! It would have been different if JJ was there, but you left me all alone for nine years! The two of us had only spent a month or so together! Sure, it was amazing and I really did fall in love with you, but it was only a month! I figured that we would have a life together, we even had children! Besides, you were the one who decided that none of us were allowed to have other lovers!” Illusory tears began pouring from her eyes, as she calmed down a bit.

He smiled wryly, “I’m sorry, okay? How was I supposed to know that we’d have weird time-dilation problems with our Soul Realms? Listen, I understand… If I was stuck in a world without you or the others for that long, I might end up doing the same thing. You’re right, we only knew each other for a month… I mean, I spent a lot longer than that with Ally, but I get it. This girl is obviously really cute and looks eerily similar to me, so I’m not surprised that you would be attracted to her… Wait, are you breaking up with me, or ‘us’? Is this a break up? Cause I don’t really know if it’s even possible to find a divorce lawyer that can sever our souls…”

Elina sighed, “No, of course not! I just… When Carly first arrived in my Soul Realm, she was an adorable little human girl. She was dying from cancer, but I fixed that so quickly that I almost forgot… I started teaching her how to be a Priestess of Lux.”

Michael interjected “So it took you like five or six years at least before you decided to cheat on me?”

She blushed, averting her gaze as Carly giggled and proudly revealed “Nope~! Elly started dating my mom almost immediately after the two of them met, hehehe~!”


28 thoughts on “HCOP Book 2, Chapter 86: Elly Drama

  1. elly screwing around with other girls makes the character more sexy. i just hope in later books that they do not screw around with other guys and if mike fucks other girls they join the harem(sexist? nope its fantasy and arcana fuses the girls soul into their shared soul). though the harem already seems big enough and i think this was just showing ellys nympho/lesbian character.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, the harem probably won’t grow lol. Also, I hate those stories where the MC basically leaves his girlfriend/wife for thousands of years and expects her to just do nothing for all that time roflmao.


    • Yeh, it’s a pity sarah wasn’t there to flip out after the number of times everyone have her crap about not cheating lol. It’s amusing to see that the one with the highest morals was the first one to go that route lol and I have the feeling Ellys going to be the biggest hypocrite when mike and the other decide to start screwing around with other people

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well I mean, from the very start, Elina was kicked out of Priestess School for screwing around with her cousin lmfao. Also, don’t you remember the part where her and her sister have a big fight?


      • Well, Elly’s relationship obviously wasn’t too serious with either Jane or Carly. It’s not like she broke up with Michael(And the other 5) or anything like that lmao. Is it even possible for any of them to ‘break up’ with the others at this point though?


  2. Still waiting for that Vanilla God release…
    ‘Twas the chapter 9 that never saw the light of day.
    VG is included in the “all but Immortal Soul and Questing” promise of chapters, right? Right?
    😦 <– Sad face

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      • (sorry, i forgot I can’t edit these or I wouldn’t be posting so many like this)

        Or is it only the Michael part that isn’t allowed to cheat, because if so, that’s really not fair.

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      • Arcana lies a lot, in case you haven’t noticed lol. I wouldn’t say that she’s the ‘bad guy’ but she’s definitely not a ‘benevolent deity’ lmao. I mean, she’s literally named after the ‘neutral element’ so… Yeah, Arcana is all about balance, similar to Inari(From TDoDK)… Which is probably why the two of them are kind of arch-frenemies lol.

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      • nah, it makes sense that she lies, I just didn’t think about it. In fact, its pretty hilarious. ” the only way to save the world is to have sex with Michael” everyone tries to have sex with him, then the world ends anyway.

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      • Well, think about it this way too… Arcana’s ‘harem’, the other eight goddesses, are very similar to Michael’s harem lol. In the sense that they’re souls that were fused together in order to become more powerful. There are loads of avatars of each of the nine Goddesses, but they all follow a very similar will. Chaotica is obviously the craziest part of Arcana, similar to how Jasmine is the craziest part of Minari. While Arcana is sort of like Michael, in the sense that she holds them all together, without Arcana, the others would either annihilate or devour each other lol.

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      • Does this whole cheating episode mean that they will start picking up others, not as companions or anything but just dates and friends ( or cousins) with benefits. (Wasn’t the mom Michaels cousin?) Or is it a one-time thing that michael will be upset about for awhile.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Probably not a one time thing, but well, it’s not that big of a deal either lol. I mean, everyone has their ‘vices’ rofl. Alice is a junkie, Sarah is a necrophiliac(Okay, Sarah has a lot of other problems too lol.), Talia is such a glutton that she developed a skill based on it, Jasmine is fucking insane in so many ways that I’m not going to get into it in this comment, same with Michael actually… They’re all very complex characters rofl. And by complex, I mean crazy.

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      • So Minari could do whatever she wants with whoever she wants without un-dooming the world as long as they get sucked into the soul realm first?

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