HCOP Book 2, Chapter 87: Incest Is Relative

Inari roared, causing a massive earthquake. The ground was shaking so violently that huge fissures appeared on the walls, ceiling and floor of the caldera. Magma swiftly began flooding in from the gigantic cracks and holes.

Any demonic beasts that weren’t of the Fire Affinity were swiftly burned to death, and even the ones that could fly were struggling to avoid the curtains of molten rock. The colossal vixen suddenly transformed into an extraordinarily large crimson serpent, gliding over the lava as if it were water.

However, even as all of that was happening, the ziggurat was in relatively good condition. Michael, complained “Wait, so the moment you met this kid’s mother, you immediately started fucking her? You couldn’t control your pussy for like, at least a few years? How the hell were you ever a Priestess anyway? How many other side-hoes do you have that I don’t know about?!”

Elina yelled “I wasn’t like this before I met you! After JJ and I split up, I was totally celibate until you ‘corrupted’ me! I’m sorry that I’m such a slut!”

Carly glanced around at the magma flooding the ground around them and muttered “Uh, guys, can we please take this soap-opera somewhere less hellish?”

The obsidian man sighed dramatically, then wrapped his illusory arms around the cat-girl’s waist. As he was hugging her tightly, Michael whispered “You aren’t a slut, okay? There’s nothing wrong with having a lesbian relationship with a mother and her daughter… I mean, in that situation, they’d be the ones having incest, right? You were just enjoying the… Wait a second…”

He suddenly pushed her away and glared at the angelic woman to his right. Then he asked “Is your last name Cinagra?” When she unhesitantly nodded in response, while dodging a blob of lava that fell from the ceiling, he immediately grumbled “You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me! Goddammit Elly, you couldn’t be satisfied with your own cousin, but you needed to start dating mine?! I didn’t even know that Jane was a lesbian…”

“My mom isn’t gay! Hahaha~, back then-” Carly was about to tell the ‘embarrassing’ story, when Elina swiftly grabbed her and pulled her into their conjoined Soul Realm. However, almost immediately after the woman vanished, she reappeared on the top of that ziggurat.

Michael snickered, “Yeah, I think there’s probably some kinda weird rules about who or what we can suck into our souls… Ah, either that, or maybe… Oh, it might have something to do with mutual consent? Our Soul Realms are all connected now, so we could possibly need to ask the others if we wanna let someone inside, ya know? Hmmm~, or maybe… There might be some sorta ‘capacity’ limit. I’m just gonna put this out there, cause I thought it was a little weird, but where the fuck did all those animals and plants in our jungle come from? I’ve been to that ocean too, it’s like filled with loads of random fish and other animals. I’m gonna take a wild guess and assume that the weird tribe of crazy vampires wandering around or the hordes of zombies in the Necropolis, are probably taking up a lot of ‘space’ or whatever…”

Elina gasped, then she asked “If you knew something like that was going on, then why didn’t you do anything about it?!”

He shrugged, “I’m pretty sure that Sarah and Inari won’t be happy if we just decided to randomly throw out all of their useless ‘junk’. Anyway, if we can’t put her in the Soul Realm, then we should just get her outta here the old fashioned way.”

A colossal crimson snake slithered up the steps and devoured his ethereal spirit, before consuming the startled cat-girl. Then the beast reached the top of the ziggurat and swallowed Carly whole, completely ignoring her ‘tiny’ spear.

The serpent was so large that even though she was eaten, she was able to stand up and walk around inside of the creature’s esophagus. It wasn’t the most pleasant experience, but at least she wasn’t in any real danger.

As she was wandering around within the slimy ‘tunnel’, she could hear a deep and ominous gurgling noise. There were a few explosions outside and the ‘ground’ was constantly rumbling. On several occasions, she started falling or bouncing around in the elastic and gigantic throat of that enormous monster.

Inari also shapeshifted on several occasions, so the size and length of her throat changed. Every now and then, a torrent of blood, guts and living demonic beasts would flood down that passageway. Oddly enough, whenever that happened, Carly would be protected by a magical bubble of pink slime. There were also dozens of tentacles that kept her from being totally swallowed, by wrapping around her legs, arms, neck and waist. All of her Soulbound equipment was dissolved, so she was also totally naked in that gooey mess.

After thirty minutes of that awkward ‘ride’, she was finally vomited out into a pool of green water. It wasn’t acid or even toxic, just a small lake that was filled with Nature aura. As she struggled to wash the pink gunk out of her eyes, nose, ears and mouth, Carly screamed “Elly~! Where are you~?!”

By the time she could see again, she was laying on a jagged rocky shore, with green waves crashing around her. There was an adorable fennec fox ‘yipping’ and ‘barking’, while rubbing against her body.

She couldn’t help but smile, whispering “Aw~, hello there~…” The busty woman wrapped her arms around the vixen and brought her into a tight hug, while standing up. As she glanced around, her jaw dropped and she muttered “Where is this place? It’s like a magical fairy-garden…”

The ceiling was thousands of meters high and seemed to be made entirely out of gold, silver and other highly reflective ores. There dozens of giant floating rocks, which glowed like lightbulbs and drifted around in the ‘sky’.

At the center of the green lake was a colossal fig tree, which had roots that reached all the way to the rocky shore she was standing upon. There were tens of thousands of luminescent fruits hanging from the branches and hundreds of tiny pixies were flying around, nibbling on them or ‘mating’ in midair. Both males and females existed, though they both looked similar to miniature elves with butterfly-wings on their backs.

Carly asked “Little doggie, do you know where Elly went?” She was gently caressing the vixen’s neck and face, as it softly purred.


Meanwhile, inside of Minari’s Soul Realm, Michael and Elina were casually floating above the gigantic jungle. The Nephilim had four huge dove-like wings flapping around behind his back, and the angelic cat-girl didn’t appear any differently from her usual form.

“Elly, what really happened between you and Jane?” Regardless of her embarrassment, he couldn’t curb his curiosity.

Elina sighed dramatically, muttering “I was just… It was at least a few months after they entered my world. She was always crying and depressed because her husband had died not long before then… Considering what happened to the world, she figured that she also lost her mother, all her friends and everyone else that she had ever known. There were only the three of us and I spent most of my time with Carly, teaching her how to use magic and other stuff. I figured that she would feel better eventually… but then she jumped off of a cliff, trying to kill herself. As long as she was in my Soul Realm, I could easily keep her from getting hurt or dying… I just, didn’t want her to suffer like that anymore. So I got the idea from Carly to let her see an ‘illusion’ to maybe feel some closure…”

Michael interrupted “Wait, wait a second… Since when can you use illusion magic? That definitely wasn’t in your spellbook back in Arcana.”

She giggled, explaining “I read about it in ‘The Teachings of Lux’. It’s a good thing that I brought the book with me, or I would have been bored to death… Anyway, in my Soul Realm I could do pretty much anything I wanted, so even the hardest spells were really easy. So, for a few weeks, while I was playing with Carly, I also split off some of my spirit in order to keep her mother company… Except, it didn’t take long for her to figure out that it wasn’t real and break out of the illusion. Every now and then, she would ask me to let her meet with ‘Joey’, her deceased husband.”

The Nephilim smirked, “So let me guess… In those ‘illusions’, you were Joey? Hahahaha~, that’s kinda kinky though… Ah wait, I’m not supposed to say that! I should be angry that you cheated on my with my cousin, but well, I’m glad that you took care of her… Hahaha~!”

Elina frowned, complaining “Eventually though, she learned how to perform the spell on her own and also discovered my stash of umm… ‘toys’ that you and JJ gave me. Once she didn’t need me anymore, she just threw me away… but I don’t hate her or anything. I knew that our relationship was one-sided from the beginning. It still makes me irritated sometimes though… I remember you telling me about your first girlfriend doing something similar to you.”


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