Chapter 270: Marriage?

By the time that Michael was finished ‘expanding’ Luxiana, Jasmine had already eaten and gone upstairs to sleep with Elina. Talia however, had chopped up an enormous fruit salad to share with her ‘husband’. She also created some frozen applesauce, cherry pie, croissants, seven tacos, and a gallon of rice pudding: which she ate while waiting for him.

“Are you gonna be okay?” The Nephilim frowned as he watched the beautiful High-Elf devouring the majority of the food that they were supposed to be ‘sharing’.

She quickly stabbed a huge spoon into the bowl and asked “Why are you staring at me in such a way?”

Michael snickered, muttering “No, it’s just that, I’m not really a fan of pastries, or candy… Well, back when I was Human, I was allergic to chocolate, and sugary things made my teeth hurt, but I guess I could probably eat just about anything without getting sick now.”

Talia sighed, shaking her head and complaining “One of the greatest consequences of growing more powerful, is that the qualities and quantities of nutrients that our bodies require are far more extravagant. Unfortunately, even if you develop the capability to transform mana directly into sustenance, you will still ‘desire’ physical nourishment. The seven of us possess extraordinary immune systems, so we are able to avoid becoming ‘ill’ unless the enemies are infected with extremely powerful pathogens. However, we ‘can’ and ‘will’ likely experience a great deal of suffering regardless of our advantages…”

He smirked, reaching over and wrapping his right arm around her waist; then he rested his cheek on her left shoulder, murmuring “You’re still naked by the way~…” After blushing unconsciously, the irritated elf continued stuffing her face with diced apples, peaches, oranges and pears. “There’s only two days left, until ‘something’ happens. I honestly don’t know ‘what’, but I do have a few unpleasant scenarios that I keep worrying about. Although~, according to what I’ve heard from Alice, the seven of us should be doing it together… and by that I don’t mean an orgy, unless you wanna.”

Hearing that, Talia stopped eating for a moment and gazed down into his crimson eyes. She smiled warmly, whispering “Miguel, te amo… I love you; whatever may happen, we shall deal with it together. I have even grown fond of the others as well, so it would be reassuring if the five of them accompanied us on this unknown mission. However, I refuse to indulge in such an excessive and depraved sexual escapade… At most, I would be willing to perform another felatio with Elina.”

“Holy shitballs, I almost completely forgot! When JJ and I were ‘shopping’ in Neko-Neko Mall, I picked up a ton of awesome instruments for you! Well, they’re for both of us, but I figured we’d be playing them together, ya know? Hehehe~, there’s a huge~ drum set, which I don’t know how to use, plus a bunch of other stuff that looked interesting… I mean, I’m pretty confidant in my ability to operate anything with strings or keys, though it might take me a few hours to figure out how to use a violin.” Michael suddenly teleported into Elina’s room, ignored the two kissing cat-girls, yelped as the adorable baby Lamia smacked into his face, and removed all of the musical equipment from the magical cube.

He immediately ‘Astral Stepped’ back into the kitchen, with Rachael still attached to his head, and asked “Should we keep using the living room to store all this stuff, or should we move it into one of the many unused spaces throughout this enormous house?”

“Gagago arah~! Na~! Hihihi~!” They had been apart for only a single day, but considering that she was born a few days prior, it wasn’t surprising that the little girl missed her father.

Michael snickered, carefully removing his daughter from his right cheek and smiled at her. “Aw~, I’m sorry Rei-Rei~… Daddy was busy, making money? Geez, you look kinda, bigger than before? Have you just been eating and drinking milk nonstop?”

When Talia noticed how bloated the Infant had gotten, she gasped, quickly grabbing her from his right hand and carefully examining her body. Eventually, the huntress sighed, muttering “Thank Aeris, I thought she might have contracted some strange disease… but she’s just fat.”

The Nephilim ‘Identified’ her, and grumbled “Ugh, I figured that Elly would be a bit more responsible… If Rachael’s metabolism wasn’t so outrageously efficient, she probably would have eaten herself to death! Well, we could have resurrected her, or fixed it in some other way, but that’s beside the point! Hmmm, is three days too young for a Lamia to start working out and stuff? I seriously have no idea how her physiology works…”

“Miguel, normally I would tell you to refrain from allowing your infant daughter to perform any strenuous and potentially dangerous activities… However, considering her unnaturally high Strength, Endurance, Vitality and Agility, it’s unlikely that she would even be able to ‘exercise’ enough to hurt herself. In fact, it is likely that her specific Race was meant to survive in extremely harsh environments from the moment that they’re born. It’s also possible that you and Alice accidentally or intentionally created a little monster… a very cute little monster.” Talia sighed as she gently caressed the tiny girl’s porcelain skin and golden scales, while gazing into those blinking scarlet eyes.

Michael stood up and Rachael instinctively leaped off of the Huntress’ palm, landing onto her father’s right shoulder and hugging his neck tightly. Then the naked High-Elf followed him, as he collected the acoustic guitar, doomsday piano, and angelic harp.

After that, he walked down the hallway and entered the first room on the left, which was completely empty and lacked any sort of ridiculous extra-dimensional space inside. There were windows and a few relatively normal magical ‘illumination devices’: light bulbs.

Near the northeastern corner, he placed the giant crystalline grand piano, while he placed the harp in the southwest. As for the keyboard, guitars, fiddle, violin, cello, upright acoustic bass, electric bass, ukulele and banjo, they were spread out around the room. Fortunately, he decided to buy plenty of stands at the store, and he purchased several generic wooden chairs from the Player-House.

The drums required a decent amount of time to set up, but Talia was able to help him, since she actually knew how to play them. When she began testing them out a bit, Rachael giggled loudly and jumped onto the hi-hat. Then she fell off and landed on the snare, nearly being hit by the High-Elf’s drumstick.

“Be careful child!” However, in response to the avoided ‘attack’, the adorable Lamia growled and grabbed onto the brown piece of ironwood and chomped down on it. Her tiny fangs seemed to crack a bit, but then the end of the drumstick was swiftly gnawed off.

Michael snickered, telekinetically pulling his daughter into the palm of his right hand and using his left index finger to gently poke her forehead. “Daw~, isn’t it awesome how strong her baby-teeth are? Actually, if she was Human, she wouldn’t even have any teeth yet! Hahaha~, aw~, I feel like she takes after Sarah more than her drago-mommy… Hmmm, Alice said that wherever we’re going, Rachael won’t be able to come with us. We probably won’t be able to see any of our-er, your, relatives for a really long time… Meh~, it should be fine as long as we come back though. I mean, if we go back in time, then for ‘them’ it would be like we never left.”

Talia sighed, staring at the giggling little girl and muttering “Miguel, these instruments are wonderful, but it is nearly midnight… We should go to bed now, together. You need to find someone to look after her while we rest; she does not appear to have lost any Stamina at all…”

At that moment, a huge, three-meter tall, green-scaled Lamia slithered into the room. She had bright-blue, serpentine eyes, light-brown skin, fluffy fox-ears and fairly large breasts. Inari softly hissed a few times and the tiny Lamia leaped into her gigantic arms, murmuring “Nana jajaja~…”

“Umm, yeah, so Inari is on babysitting duty, have fun~… Try not to get Rei-Rei killed, okay?” Michael snickered as he watched the snake-woman excitedly slither out of the room.

The gorgeous blonde-haired Huntress turned to him and complained “You are an incredibly irresponsible parent…”

He retorted “She’s your daughter too, kinda? Anyway, sleepytimes~! But first, we should probably have sex… Who knows, maybe you’ll get preggers this time?” Talia glared at him for a moment, before pouting and grabbing his hand, leading the naked Nephilim towards her bedroom.


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