Chapter 271: Sarah’s Domain

A naked, obsidian-skinned, petite and lithe elven girl was sitting cross-legged upon a strange, pitch-black cloud. The mysterious ephemeral object was created entirely out of thick and gaseous Darkness mana.

Below that was a small hill of frozen crimson liquid, which had been offered to the mysterious ‘Goddess’ by her followers. Of course, it was actually just sap from a certain gigantic maple-tree, but it still required a decent amount of effort for them to acquire it.

She grumbled “Everything in this fuckin world is made outta mana, so anything can be broken down into mana and used ta do other shit. That’s just the basics, you annoying ugly bitches… Each uh ya were lucky enough ta skip the boring meditation and training, directly being given mana-cores by me! So why the hell do ya wanna waste yer time ‘learning’ now? Ugh, whatever, just sit cross-legged, and concentrate on feelin the Darkness-mana all around ya. It’s way easier ta do it in here, than outside… especially cause it’s always nighttime.”

Sarah was apparently teaching a dozen undead Warbeasts how to practice magic, among other things. Meanwhile, she was also constantly channeling her aura into the hundreds of magical-beast corpses that surrounded them on all sides.

Suddenly, she groaned and clenched her teeth, as the cloud she was sitting upon was devoured by her slimy worm-like tail. Then the entire hill of frozen crimson sap, turned pitch-black and exploded into pure Darkness mana, which was then manipulated by the floating Death-Elf. After the obsidian gas swirled around for a few moments, it was channeled into hundreds of monstrous carcasses.

“Intermediate Necromancy Level 1: Capable of swiftly creating simple rank-G skeletons, zombies, ghouls, wraiths, and aberrations. Capable of slowly creating rank-F skeletons, zombies, ghouls, wraiths, and aberrations. Able to utilize 100% of their Aura stat every second, in order to form a mana-core. The Necromancer must be more than five levels above the remains, and the original mana-core must first be removed. Able to resurrect those of the Darkness Affinity with their mana-core intact and without altering their Race. Able to resurrect those without the Darkness Affinity, while allowing them to maintain their Race, but they will obtain the Darkness Affinity in the process.”

Rather than creating new mana-cores for each of the magical-beasts, she merely infused them with enough power to ‘reanimate’ their own bodies. Obviously, she also abused that maple-tree’s outrageously potent healing properties and simply ‘corrupted’ the sap a little bit.

Many of the creatures had been Chaotic or demonic monsters before then, so it wouldn’t have taken much to resurrect them either way. Their natural regenerative abilities were fairly powerful by themselves, but adding onto it the consumption of copious amounts of ‘Nature-mana’, there wasn’t much else that Sarah needed to do.

However, when she brought them back to life, something strange occurred: A bridge opened up between the Necropolis and the Arcane Prison. The angels who had been trapped within, were teleported into that horrible environment, along with a few hundred eager souls. At the same moment, thousands of the miscellaneous wisps were also pumped into Inari’s ‘room’.

Those mostly ‘invisible’ souls seemed to be conscious, as they flew around freely and searched for bodies to inhabit. Fortunately, all of the ‘Undead Mikes’ were being stored in Sarah’s bedroom, so they couldn’t be ‘stolen’ by the wandering spirits.

As for the ten angelic mass-murderers who were ‘released’ from their prison-cell, they found themselves within the throne room of one of the many gothic palaces that were scattered across the Necropolis. Their ‘leader’ “Barbiel the Watcher, Level­-31 Angel Archmage of Light, Boss,” still had her ‘Robe of Light’, but it wouldn’t even glow in such a terrible place. The silver armor and weapons swiftly tarnished and some of the lower-grade equipment deteriorated until they were falling apart.

Each of their golden irises turned dull and grey, while their perfect porcelain skin became dry and began wrinkling or breaking out with boils, rashes, and brown patches. The beautiful silver hair fell out or turned white and they all seemed to have great difficulties breathing the literally toxic atmosphere.

‘Fortunately’, they were all above level twenty-five and were relatively powerful before arriving in that nightmarish land of death, or they wouldn’t have even been able to survive. However, under such unfavorable conditions, their normal stats were reduced by at least ninety-percent.

Assuming that they could somehow find one of the many teleportation devices to leave, they would then need to gain permission from Michael or one of his Companions if they wanted to leave. Of course, they had no way of knowing that, so they assumed that it was merely nighttime in whatever horrible land they had been transported into. The last thing that happened to their appearance was actually the most terrible from their perspectives: All the pure-white feathers on their beautiful angelic wings had simply burst into flames, and in the end, even the bones turned to dust.


Sarah glanced around at the hundreds of confused or enraged Demonic Boars, Cattle, Giant Three-Headed Vultures, Legless Hydras and Dark-Rhinoceroses. They were either trying to kill and devour each-other, or heading towards the incredibly weak, level-1, rank-G Warbeast Ghouls.

“Fuck off, ya stupid cunts! You’re too damn noisy!” After releasing that furious scream, she surprisingly didn’t receive an ‘Intimidation’ spell, but her dreadful aura was still enough to scare the beasts away.

Then the ‘Death-Elf’ equipped all of her gear and appeared as if she were wearing a skull-mask, tight black leather and cloth, plus there were six two-meter long, shadowy-tendrils squirming around behind her head. An obsidian wakizashi was sheathed across her back, while an ominous serpent was coiled around her left wrist.

She had barely obtained anything new since her first battleground, but all of her level-ten Epics were equivalent or similar to level-thirty Rares in stats; that was why she wasn’t too concerned about everyone else obtaining so many new things. However, when she received the ‘invitation’ from Inari, the little girl decided that she should at least go outside and get some ‘fresh air’.

“Oi, you fuckers are way too weak! If ya really wanna be my ‘disciples’, ya gotta at least be strong enough ta survive in this place! There’s lots uh places around here where ya can train, live, fight, whatever… Do what ya want, but I’m gonna be gone for a while! So ya shouldn’t stick around here, where you’re so exposed… Didn’t ya see all those weird-ass giant birds? Yeah, they’ll definitely try ta kill ya’ll… Good luck, hahaha~!” Sarah gave a short speech before disappearing into the shadows and heading towards the nearest ‘exit’.

A five-foot tall, completely naked, brown-skinned girl, with long, curly black hair, fluffy green fox-ears and seven tails, was standing outside of a large cavern. There was a collar around her neck, covered with miscellaneous fangs, and playing with her left ear, was an adorable baby Lamia.

When Sarah saw the two of them, she complained “Ugh, seriously? When ya said ‘Hun-ting’, I figured it’d be just ‘us’… Wait a fuckin second! Since when could you talk?! Heh-heh~, have ya been hidin this from Mike, just ta piss em off? Cause that’s actually pretty hilarious…”

Inari grinned, barking a few times, before muttering “Still… learning…” The skull-faced elf snickered, before opening up her zone map, so that all three of them could see.

“What the hell? This seems a little different than I remember… Damn it, Mike changed some shit around! Hmmm, where should we go? It looks like there’s a ton of assholes invading ‘our’ territory, but I’ve got no idea if they’re strong enough ta give us any Exp or gear…” Sarah didn’t care who they fought or killed, so she wasn’t very picky about their ‘hunting’ targets.

However, the smiling fox-girl preferred to make allies than enemies, though even among her jungle friends, many of them would literally devour each-other when she wasn’t there. In fact, both inside of her ‘room’ and around the mountain, most of the magical-beasts were predators or prey.

The extremely strong ones would travel far away to gather food, while the weaker creatures would need to survive against their neighbors. That ‘family’ of giant gorillas would be able to live rather comfortably, but aside from Inari’s ‘pack’, there was constant conflict.

It was a general rule the Seven-Tailed Fox had laid down, for the strong to not bother the weak. Thus, even the levelless Cat-Tribe who lived in her home and were building farms, were able to stay safe and live in peace. ‘Normal’ animals obviously weren’t able to understand her commands very well, so they would occasionally attack the humanoids, but they weren’t much of a threat.

After thinking for a few minutes, Inari pointed towards the huge forest, which was completely enclosed within the eastern side of the outer-layer walls. She gently caressed the ‘Angelic Lamia Fairy’ on her head and whispered “Training… I want our child, to be… OP.”

Sarah sighed, grumbling “What about us, huh? Yer still naked, and I wanna get ta level-thirty tonight. Whatever, let’s just go and get this shit over with… It’ll be funny ta watch the little brat kill some shit either way, hahaha~!”

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    • Well, fan art doesn’t have to be professional quality :P. Besides, all skills start from level-0 lol. Also, art is subjective, so what you think is bad, others might actually like :). Either that, or they might not care about quality either way rofl. I really liked One Punch Man, even though the original art was awful; it still got the point across for the most part.


      • Lmao, yeah, I used to be pretty good at drawing when I was younger… like 8 years ago. It’s just been way too long since I haven’t done it, and I was never that great in the first place.


      • Once a week isn’t really much though. Like, when I was learning to play guitar, I played for 4-6 hours a day, at the very least. Within 6 months I was pretty good, at the 1 year mark, I was really good, after 3 years, I basically reached the point where I couldn’t get any better and got bored lol. For Keyboards, I haven’t been nearly as serious about learning to play; maybe 6 hours a week in total, over the course of a year, I’ve only reached the 5/10 point(10 being the max). For writing… I have no idea how many goddamn hours I’ve spent writing in the past year and a half. However, in the past 6 months, I’ve probably spent more time writing than in my entire life before then.


      • I’ve been playing piano since 2002, guitar 2004, saxophone 2005, singing 2005 and Ive sold $2000 worth of instrumental CDs in the last year and a half. And my friends want to know when I’m opening up a bakery so they can buy my cakes and shit

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      • Is the bakery going to be called “Cakes and Shit”? lmfao. Ugh, in 2002 I was 10 and had absolutely no interested in music :(. Didn’t start playing guitar until…2006? I was 14; then I didn’t start singing until I was 18. I’ve only ever made like… 75 dollars playing a gig; I did play a few times, but only made money that one time :*(. I’ve never baked anything before and I don’t like cake; I’m pretty good at generic cooking though.


      • When I was a senior in high school, 2013, I won the baking contest with a candy bar cake that was just like a huge ass snickers bar with 3 musketeers filling and it looked like a rectangular block of feces

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