Chapter 269: Expanding Luxiana

“Oh for fuck’s sake, the rank-E mana-cores have to be from level-twenty or higher assholes?! Ugh, damn it… Well, whatever, even if I can’t upgrade the house, there are still plenty of other things to spend gold on, right?” It was the middle of the night, but considering that there was a giant glowing cathedral at the center of Northern Luxiana, the town never truly became ‘dark’.

Even ‘Dongton’ had the ‘Tower of Light’ and the palace at the center, next to the luminescent spring of water. However, even if it wasn’t illuminated, Michael’s wisp had unreasonably powerful vision.

Gazing down at the relatively crowded and small city, he began a ridiculous amount of expansion. He complained “Ugh, if those cuntmonekeys were willing to send giant angry dragons, hordes of angelic douchebags and even Storm Bitches to Nekoshire, then it’s only a matter of time before they start attacking us here. Actually, I’m amazed that they haven’t sent anyone over yet, but I doubt that our ‘Luck’ will hold out for very much longer.”

The power he had was truly astounding, though he just treated it as some sort of miscellaneous, magical ‘System’ assistance mechanism. With a single thought, and a few copper, he actually moved all of the fields seven miles away from where they had been before.

Fortunately, there weren’t any people manning the walls, because he casually ‘recycled’ all of them into gold coins. Then he spent a whole white jade, to create three separate walls, out of stone that was reinforced with iron on the inside. The farthest out was seventy-meters high and surrounded everything, for a total of thirty miles in every direction from the Grand Luxiana Cathedral.

Michael muttered “Hmmm, maybe I could hide gigantic humanoid monsters within the walls to save on building costs… Or~, I could just instantly create everything with magic? Yeah, magic is super-OP. Even a titanic dickless demon wouldn’t be able to break through this shit, unless they were like, level-forty, cause then they could probably do it really easily.”

Fifteen miles away from the largest wall, he materialized another one, which was one-hundred meters high and surrounded everything as well. Both of them actually reached pretty far into Ariel’s Meadow, but that was intentional; the land there was technically more valuable than in Michelle’s Prairie, because it generated more mana.

After hearing about the way that The Dwarven Republic’s underground cities managed to harness massive amounts of mana, he was certain that the most important thing was ‘owning’ as much ‘territory’ as possible. At least, it was a key feature to the ‘game’ that he was ‘playing’.

“If my intuition is right, then sooner or later, ‘they’ are gonna start showing up… Arcana told me there wouldn’t be any new Players for a hundred years, but she also told me that she ‘created’ artificial souls. Sure, it’s possible, I suppose, just not very likely, hehehe~. Anyway, this third wall was a bad idea…” Michael sighed as he had to ‘recycle’ the two-hundred meter tall wall, which was meant to surround the innermost parts of Luxiana. Unfortunately, the structural integrity wasn’t very good; not only did it ‘look’ like it was about to fall over, but even the HP and Defense Rating were much lower than the others.

He quickly replaced it with a new one, three miles away from the Grand Cathedral, and also encompassing all of Dongton, plus the entire Holy Mountain. It was ‘only’ one-hundred meters tall, but anything that was capable of getting past it, would either fly or be outrageously large anyway.

Buying the walls was actually the ‘cheap’ part, everything else was much more expensive. He purchased a total of seven fairly large gothic castles within the ‘middle layer’. Then there were fourteen fortresses, within the outermost layer. Each of the twenty-one fortifications had a small townscape built within, which could house at least a few thousand ‘normal-sized’ humanoids.

The total price was three white jade coins, but he noticed something rather intriguing: “Hmmm~, it seems like the amount of mana required to fabricate matter in the outside world is much higher than within the Player-Home. Unless… heh-heh~, so that’s how it works, huh? The ‘System’ probably doesn’t actually ‘need’ to use barely any of the mana being spent; it’s most likely the same as the ‘Crafting’ nonsense. The problem is that I have no fucking clue how to magically create a gigantic building in a few seconds, so I might as well ‘pay’ the System to do it for me. It’s still way cheaper than hiring people and finding the materials… Anyway, this is definitely more fun when you’re absurdly rich and don’t have to give a shit about wasting money, hahaha~!”

Within the innermost layer, there was an enormous amount of space that was completely empty and unused. Michael wanted to give people the option to create things on their own, so he didn’t simply fill it up with tons of houses. However, he did decide to build a few dozen mansions, along with three thousand houses, but spread them out to a ridiculous degree. Then he connected everything by concrete roads; there were even highways, which led through the gates, all the way to the outside and continued on for a dozen miles outside of the outermost walls.

Finally, all that remained was the most ridiculously expensive part; he used the eighteen remaining High-Elven Storm Witch mana-cores, along with eighteen white jade coins, to create some of the most powerful defenses he could afford. Even after he bought them, they still didn’t ‘appear’, since they were typically in their ‘neutral’ state.

[Target Information

Name: Heavenly Sentinel of Luxiana
Level: 20
Age: World Boss
Race: Storm Golem
Rank: F
Class: Archmage of Thunder
Specialization: Ranged Damage Dealer
Profession: Outer Wall Defender]


Health: 1,750/1,750
Mana: 10,500/10,500
Stamina: 875/875
Mana Regen per minute: 21,000
Health Regen per hour: 1,750

Strength: 10
Vitality: 25
Endurance: 25
Dexterity: 150
Agility: 200
Intelligence: 300
Wisdom: 300
Perception: 500
Charisma: 50

Willpower: 100
Luck: 10
Aura: 2000

Attack Rating: 350
Defense Rating: 87.5]


They were essentially just miscellaneous, tiny and fluffy, white clouds that floated around in the sky, but once they became ‘active’, they would transform into gigantic pitch black cumulonimbus. Then they would simply bombard the enemies with copious amounts of lightning and be too far away to be attacked. Of course, most people would just assume that it was some sort of spell, so it was unlikely for the relatively ‘squishy’ sentinels to ever be targeted during a battle.

Not only were they stealthy, but the Storm Golems were incredibly fast and could grow up to at least fifteen-miles in diameter. Thus, it was possible for eighteen of them to completely cover all of Luxiana and even far beyond the outer walls.

As for the previous ‘Stoneguard’, at least half of them evolved and obtained souls, so they were no longer mindless drones. Instead, they became ‘Citizens’ of Luxiana and were given homes along with just about everyone else that decided to move from The Luxian Warbeast Theocracy.

However, there was an unintended side-effect from Michael’s ‘expansion’ of the town; to the north, thousands of magical beasts were ‘trapped’ within the outer layer, to the east, he actually grabbed the entire forest and even some of the land beyond that, seventeen miles to the south of Dongton were a few Dog-Tribe villages, and twenty miles to the west was a Human town called ‘Towson’.

It wasn’t as if they just magically became part of his territory; in fact, it was quite the opposite. Most of them were too far away from the walls to even realize that they were there, but a bandit group managed to discover one of the empty castle-towns in the southwest, subsequently taking it over. The northernmost fortresses were either infested with magical beasts, or found and captured by nocturnal, anthropomorphic tiger, bear, or lizard people.

As he was flying around and scanning everything in his wisp-form, Michael muttered “Maybe I should have taken it ‘slowly’… Well, none of them seem strong enough to pose a threat, and this could actually be a good thing. It’s not like these fuckers are gonna scale a hundred-meter tall wall and try to attack the ‘inner sanctum’. Oh wait, didn’t I put short-range teleportation devices in all of the fortresses and castles? Ah, nevermind, I set it so that only Citizens and Residents can activate them, so it should be fine~.”

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