Chapter 19: Evacuation

Fortunately, before the hospital spontaneously self-destructed, most of the patients, staff, and ‘guests’ within the building were evacuated to the ‘emergency shelter’. Rather than straight downward, the elevators in the basement were actually situated at a thirty-degree angle.

By the time that the building exploded, hundreds of people were inside of those dozens of elevators, which were already a mile away. They continued traveling eastwards, underground, but eventually emerged from the ocean floor and approached a colossal underwater structure.

It was shaped like a glass dome, but it was so far beneath the surface that no sunlight could ever reach the mysterious base. Within one of the many bullet-shaped submarines, Jane was carrying a bald-headed, deathly-pale little girl in her arms. There was an adorable bright-blue kitten curled up in a ball and sleeping on the child’s chest.

Carly’s dark-brown eyes scanned her surroundings nervously, as she whispered “Mom, what’s happening? Where are we? Is this like an amusement park ride?”

Of course, her mother was even more confused and amazed at what she was witnessing. She muttered “Hon, I’ve honestly got no clue what’s going on right now…”

At that moment, the bald-headed, extremely muscular, brown-skinned woman in the wheelchair to Jane’s left, started laughing hysterically. Her lower-legs had casts on them, so she couldn’t stand, even if she had wanted to. She yelled “Luke, you fuckin crazy-ass bastard! You were actually right!”

There was a legless, blonde-haired man in a wheelchair next to that surprisingly happy woman. He snickered, “I told you guys that Atlantis was real… but our situation isn’t very good right now; Lee and Iris had to take a different sub, though they still seem fine.”

Aside from Kelsey, Luke, Jane and her daughter, the rest of the people around them were either soldiers in black body-armor, or ‘doctors’ in white lab-coats who were anxiously pointing assault-rifles at them. They had to surrender their weapons in order to join the evacuation.

“Shut your filthy mouths you shitty blood-bags!” One of the armed women screamed as she glared at the Psycher and werewolf. Hearing that shrill voice, the adorable kitten lazily opened its glowing pink eyes and looked over at the angry, yet terrified vampire.

“Nyah~, so~ annoying~… Un~, that gun looks super-sweet though~. Hehehehe~, let JJ play with it~!” The cat was simply meowing cutely, but a little girl’s voice resounded in the minds of everyone within that fairly large ‘elevator’.

There was complete silence for a few moments, before the kitten furiously hissed and jumped towards the hispanic woman. However, the ‘doctor’ quickly came to her senses and fired a few rounds into the airborne feline’s fluffy body.

The armor piercing bullets passed through the cat’s body and entered one of the soldier’s motorcycle helmets, killing the man instantly. “Owwy~! I’m dying nyah~…” That childish voice faded as the tiny critter fell lifelessly onto the ground.

“Just kidding, nyahahaha~!” As it ‘meowed’ fiercely, the kitten exploded into thousands of small, blue, crystalline spikes. Those needles embedded themselves into anyone unlucky enough to be be on the left side of the submarine.

Miserable screams rang out, as the wounded ‘doctors’ dropped their guns against their will, while the soldiers quickly picked up the weapons. After a few seconds, those ‘vampires’ were transformed into horrified ice-sculptures.

Unfortunately, the rapid drop in temperature damaged the structural integrity of the bullet-shaped elevator, causing it to veer off course slightly. “Mom, I’m scared! What’s happening?!” Carly was terrified, but so was her mother, because water was suddenly starting to flood the room from several minuscule cracks in the ceiling and walls.

Kelsey yelled “Fucking bullshit! What the hell was that anyway?! Gah, we’re way too far from the surface, so it’s not like we can get out and swim! Luke, can’t you do something!?”

He grimaced, groaning and finally muttered “I… I think I can probably, but no… I’m not really ‘that’ kind of Psycher; my specialty is mainly just the manipulation of electromagnetic waves, so telekinesis is kind of… Why did it have to be remote controlled?”

“Nyahahahaha~! Don’t worry, the great and overpowered JJ will save you!” Those fifteen frozen corpses abruptly melted into puddles of liquid meat, blood and bone, polluting the water that was flooding the floor.

Some of the battle hardened veteran soldiers actually took off their helmets and started vomiting as well, so the condition within the submarine was rapidly deteriorating in many ways. Yet, there was faint ray of hope, since the mysterious and mystical kitten swiftly reformed into its previous shape.

She jumped into Kelsey’s muscular bosom and purred happily for a few seconds, before the woman asked “Well, what the fuck can you do aside from explode and kill us all faster?”

Everyone who wasn’t vomiting, was staring expectantly at the strange magical kitten… but within moments Jasmine just yawned and went to sleep. However, what they couldn’t see was the hot-pink wisp flying out of the cat’s mouth, soaring towards one of the other torpedo-like elevators in the distance.


“Nyah~, Mikey~, Ally~!” As Michael and Alice were casually laying on that beautiful white beach and staring up at the starry sky, an adorable cat-girl spontaneously appeared. Jasmine immediately dove into the bronze-skinned elf’s perky breasts and purred happily.

However, she swiftly recovered from her state of arousal and yelled “Meow~! I, I, JJ, we, umm~! Do the thing! The thing! We, we need to do the thingy or uh, people, the peoples are gonna die!”

The Nephilim sighed dramatically and asked “What the fuck can we even do right now? We’re a little… ya know? My body is trashed and I can’t wake up for some reason. My healing abilities are severely limited at the moment…”

Alice snickered and wondered “Well, ‘you’ might not be able to do anything at the moment, but what about you JJ? Do you have a body to inhabit out there somewhere?”

Jasmine grinned, nodding enthusiastically a few times, “Nyah~, my ‘Chilly Meow-Meow Exploder’ is a little awkward, but it’s still super-awesomesauce! But, but the peoples… Umm, Janey, Carly, Lukey and Kelly are all gonna die if I don’t go save them!”

Michael sighed dramatically, complaining “JJ, do you even know these assholes? Why do you care so much about them?”

She scowled, grumbling “Meow~, but I’m the amazing super-hero ‘Jasmine Jade’! It’s my duty to protect the world from evil and strife! I bring peace to the endless underground paradise of Braunschweiger and-”

“Stop, just please stop…” Alice shoved the little girl’s face into her bronze cleavage and turned towards the Nephilim, explaining “Regardless of the reason, it’d be interesting to do some… ‘experiments’, right? Heh-heh~, how about this? My inventory is basically loaded with tons of random potions and elixirs… Who knows, maybe they’ll also work in this world? If they’re in some kind of trouble, then give them some drugs and hope for the best!”

“How about no? Ally, that’s a horrible idea for so~ many reasons… but most importantly, if it’s some sort of emergency, pills aren’t gonna work. JJ, what’s the situation outside right now? Inside this place, time is a little iffy, so it’s hard to say whether a second is passing or an hour… Either way, you better hurry up and get specific, or your new friends definitely won’t survive.” Michael grabbed the frantic kitten and held her up by the shoulders, as if she were an actual helpless cat.

Jasmine stammered “We were umm, like, in a hospital~… Then there were uh~, some meanies shooting in the windows~… And then, and then, um~, meow~! The, we, they, she~… Oh, hmm, like, your big-boobie cousin was there! Her name was Jane! And, and like, nyah~! The, the bad guys were going boom~, boosh~! Kakakakaka~, meow meow, nyahahaha~!”

He glared at her, before hugging her tiny body tightly against his chest and gently caressing the smooth skin on her back. It didn’t take long before he was ‘massaging’ her genitals with his relatively large hands and eventually he just turned to Alice and asked “Can’t you just take over my body for a few seconds and solve whatever problem is happening out there? Since ‘I’ can’t seem to wake up, there might be some sort of limit on who can control my body… like, I might only be able to use it for a certain amount of time. I’ve heard Elly and Sarah every now and then, but I’m not sure if they’re ‘awake’ yet. As for Inari, I think she actually took over on a few occasions, though I wouldn’t count on her expertise being useful under these circumstances…”

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