Chapter 18: Miami Mayhem

The supposedly ‘brain dead’ man suddenly muttered “Ally… how can such a gigantic dragoness, have such a tight pussy?”

“Okay, I might not be a fucking neurosurgeon, but Izzy, he definitely isn’t a vegetable!” Jane glared at her friend, while gently caressing the adorable kitten that was snuggled in her cleavage.

Isabelle sighed, complaining “I obviously know that now, but it’s still just too weird… Well, this whole situation is strange on so many levels, that I honestly have no idea what to do. It’s out of the realm of science, and I really don’t want to say this… but it probably has to do with ‘magic’.”

A tall, bald doctor entered the room and asked “Did you really just say the ‘M’ word? Holy mother of God! What the hell is that!? Oh, it’s just a blue kitten… That scared the shit out of me! Wait, who let you bring that thing into the hospital?”

Dr. Krishna grumbled “Stein, we can’t do the bone-marrow extraction… He just spoke a few seconds ago, and even if our instruments aren’t working, he’s definitely still alive.”

He smiled wryly, “Isabelle, I’m not here about the patient… I’m here to say ‘Goodbye’. The outbreak started in Baltimore City, but it’s already spread past the county… All of Maryland has been put under quarantine in less than a day, so by the end of the week, the whole fucking east coast will be screwed. I know it’s probably pointless, but I’m not ready to die or deal with some kind of apocalypse… I’m going to head over to Australia first; no idea where I may end up though.”

Jane frowned, wondering “Wait, what the hell are you talking about Baldie?” There were suddenly a series of loud gunshots and screaming coming from outside.

Stein yelled “Oh god no! Why?! Why didn’t I just leave last night?!” as he looked out the window and saw the ocean. However, there was an enormous hurricane heading toward Miami Beach in the distance. Of course, the more immediate threat was the huge firefight that was happening in the hospital parking lot.

“Code red, code red! All staff and patients are to be moved immediately! All security personnel are authorized to use deadly force on any intruders! I repeat, this is a code red emergency situation people!” An old man’s voice was blasted throughout every hallway, as doctor Takahashi swiftly rushed into the room.

Her normally brown irises were crimson and her lab coat was drenched in blood. There weren’t any wounds on her body, so it definitely wasn’t ‘hers’.

The short asian woman shouted “What the fuck are you bastards standing around for?! We need to get the blood-bag down to the underground bunker, now!”

Stein let out a shrill and terrified yelp, but it was almost instantly cut off when his head exploded. At the same moment, another stray bullet zipped through Isabelle’s lower abdomen and struck Jane in the right shoulder.

As the two injured women were screaming in agony, the adorable blue kitten made a strange, high-pitched, “Nyahahaha~!” sound, before quickly covering its mouth with its tiny paws. It glanced up at Doctor Takahashi’s crimson irises, and noticed that she was glaring fiercely.

The cat seemed to ‘shrug’ its shoulders and ‘grin’; however, the vampiric girl didn’t have time to worry about the weird little creature. She yelled “Isabelle, get on the bed, Miss Cinagra, I suggest that you stop being a pussy and follow us too!”

Jane stared at the shattered glass and the headless man who was laying on the ground, then let go of her bloody shoulder. She finally remembered something incredibly important: “Oh my god, I’m sorry Izzy and… Mike, but I gotta go! I need to find Carly!”

Dr. Krishna was in too much pain to grieve the death of her friend and colleague, so she simply followed Aoi Takahashi’s orders and jumped onto the bed. Fortunately, compared to what was left of Michael’s body, there was still plenty of room for her to lay there.

“Whatever, if you’re gonna go, then fuck off! When you find your kid, take her to the nearest elevator and press the red ‘E’ button! Hurry up though, the goddamn government really wants this bastard! You have about seven minutes before the power will cut off and then three minutes after that… Just make sure you make it into the bunker before then!” The blood-soaked woman yelled at Jane, as she pushed the bed out the door.


“Alice, you seriously have a perfect asshole…” Inside of Michael’s ‘mind’, he was squeezing a thin, bronze, serpentine tail in his right hand and using his left to hold a relatively small hip. He was constantly thrusting, while staring at that shiny, gaping, circular sphincter.

The elven woman was on all fours and moaning loudly; the two of them were on a beautiful pure-white, sandy beach, surrounded by an endless ocean of crystal-clear water. That tiny island wasn’t much larger than a king-sized bed.

“Mike, I’ve missed you so much lately… Anh~! Did the fusion~, go through okay?” Alice couldn’t remember anything after taking that pill.

Michael asked “What ‘fusion’? You mean like the thing in my dream? Who knows? I’m pretty sure that I’m dead right now anyway…”

She grimaced and complained “Ow~, Mike, it hurts… What the hell did you do to ‘our’ body while I was sleeping?! Actually, where are we? Did we make it to ‘your’ world or not?”

The Nephilim stopped thrusting inside of the Earth Fairy and flipped her over onto her back. After gazing into those crimson, serpentine eyes, he muttered “You’re right… I’m in a shitload of pain… This, where is this place really at? I was hit by a truck, but that doesn’t mean I’m definitely dead. I’m probably still on the brink of death, so what the fuck am I doing having sex at a time like this? But, how do I wake up?”

Alice groaned, “Future… and/or past ‘Us’ told me that when we came to Earth, our power would be sealed. However, they did mention a few pretty important points. First, to generate mana, we need to either eat, drink, or breathe… Unfortunately, respiration isn’t quite as efficient as the other two. We do have a way to ‘cheat’ though; whether it’s copper, silver, gold, white jade or obsidian coins, we can use them if there’s an emergency. Although, I wouldn’t recommend it, because well… there could be ‘complications’. Anyway, ‘this’ should be an illusory world that our souls constructed, but I honestly don’t know enough about that kind of stuff to explain how it works… Oh yeah, somewhere around here should be a way to access my Soulbound items and my inventory space. I can’t remember exactly, but I’m pretty sure that I told you and the others to totally fill your bags with useful stuff.”

Michael smirked, “I’ll take your word for it. Hopefully, ‘I’ was the only one who suffered from such severe memory loss… I don’t think I’d ever be able to forget you, Tali, JJ, Elly, Sarah, or Inari… I just can’t remember a lot of the specifics. Hell, I’ll probably get amnesia when I wake up, cause there’s no way that I don’t have severe brain-damage at the moment.”


Outside of the hospital, it was a literal battlefield. Huge tanks and armored personnel carriers were surrounding the parking lot and holding fire, but aiming their weapons towards the massive building.

Meanwhile, there were a decent amount of soldiers using humvee-mounted .50 cal machine guns. However, strangely enough, a few of the ambulances came out from behind the hospital, which had large miniguns or twenty-millimeter gatling guns.

Those black-clothed men and women who worked for Luke’s organization as mercenaries, were having a deadly firefight with the hundreds of people in what looked like desert camo. They were all using parked cars as cover, but there wasn’t much movement.

When the ambulances appeared, the APCs and tanks finally had permission to engage and began opening fire on the hospital and parking lot. As several black helicopters arrived, one of them was quickly shot down with an RPG, and it fell directly onto the west wing of the giant building.

It was a chaotic bloodbath, but at least it could still be considered as ‘normal’ up until that point. Dozens of bright lights lit up the western sky, as meteors streaked across the sky and began bombarding Miami Beach.

At first, the damage was minimal, and a few random houses were destroyed. However, the intensity started increasing dramatically; thousands of small rocks were falling and each one contained the kinetic force of a brick of C-4.

Some of the tanks were able to withstand a single hit, but it was as if the meteorites were aimed at the hospital specifically. After a few minutes, the building abruptly exploded and everything within a ten block radius that wasn’t already wrecked by the hail of meteors, was wiped out by the fiery hellstorm that ensued.

All that remained was an enormous crater, a colossal mushroom cloud and lethal amounts of nuclear radiation.

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