Chapter 17: The Brain-Dead Immortal

“You’re certain he’s brain-dead?” An old man with wrinkles all over his face and dark-tan skin, was playing with his pure-white fumanchu moustache and staring at the beautiful doctor who was standing before him. He casually sat down upon his office chair and gazed out the window at the dark clouds in the sky. In Miami, thunderstorms were fairly common and could be easily disregarded, but hurricanes tended to be much more troublesome.

Takahashi revealed a sinister grin, as she explained “We’ve tested the blood a dozen times already and it’s completely ‘human’, without any deviation. That ‘thing’ seems to possess some sort of supernatural ability to generate blood at an absurd pace… The strangest part was that when we examined his bone marrow, it was ‘normal’, and the same can be said for all of his organs. We couldn’t call his death, because his body doesn’t seem to possess the ability to die… At least not without ‘extreme’ measures, but there’s no reason for us to ‘try’ to kill him. Sedatives and anesthesia have no effect on his steady BP and heart-rate. His left leg had to be amputated, but the bone, muscle and skin tissue have already begun to ‘heal’, as if the limb will actually be able to grow back. The right seems slightly slower for some strange reason, but regardless… I’m fairly certain that within a week, he may be able to walk again. As for the circulatory system; the regeneration is outrageously fast. After closing up the wounds, his flesh seems to heal itself within minutes. However, all the tests came back the same! He’s ‘human’!

“At first, the eyes appeared to be ‘strange’, but when we reviewed the footage later, the phenomena was undetectable. It’s likely that he may be a ‘Psycher’, though I’ve never heard of a Psycher who was powerful enough to influence the perception of a vampire. Doctor Krishna was unable to utilize her ‘technique’ in his presence, but that may have more to do with the massive mana-disturbance in Baltimore last night. His spine had been completely crushed and compressed, yet it’s already starting to ‘reform’ somehow. As for the bowels… they were ‘missing’. It’s as if his digestive system had only ever been a stomach and a rectum, while the small and large intestines were completely unnecessary. The liver was pulverized in whatever horrible accident caused his injuries, but once we removed half of it, the remainder started regenerating at a rapid pace. His sternum needed to be destroyed…”

It was at that point when the old man started cackling, and asked “How can such an odd creature possibly be human? I would feel more at ease if there was at least an indication that ‘it’ was some sort of ancient monster, but if it’s just ‘human’, then it simply makes no sense… More importantly, how was the taste-test?”

Takahashi smirked, thinking for a few moments, before proudly announcing “I give the blood a nine point five out of ten.”

Doctor Citrini laughed hysterically and shook his head while letting out a soft sigh, complaining “I remember the days when our kind could treat humans as cattle, but now we aren’t considered much more than serial killers and sociopaths… If it wasn’t for our little side business, then our race would have succumbed to their bestial natures and been revealed long ago. Anyway, drain as much blood as you can, but stop if you start to notice if the ‘well’ is drying up. Who knows, maybe he needs time to ‘charge up’, or there may be some other factors we don’t quite understand yet. Either way, in the meantime, make sure to keep his existence a secret. Although, it’s fine to extract organs when the need arises, as long as you aren’t too greedy. I have no idea ‘what’ Michael Cinagra really is, but if he’s considered ‘brain-dead’, then his body belongs to the hospital.”

The asian woman smiled wryly and solemnly said “Perhaps he’s the second coming or some kinda freak of nature; either way, he’ll certainly be able to ‘save’ plenty of lives… Assuming that his seemingly ‘magical’ abilities continue to persist.”

Right as she was about to leave the room, the old man warned “Those three Psychers and the werewolf that were admitted around the same time… Make sure that they don’t find out about Michael. I don’t want a war breaking out inside my hospital, but just in case, our ‘security staff’ should still be prepared for the worst. This one is pretty obvious, but don’t tell Miss Cinagra that her cousin’s some kind of monster… That conversation never ends well.”


“Jesus! He looks worse than my husband did after the accident!” The moment Jane entered the hospital room, she was horrified by her cousin’s appearance. He had a thin blanket covering his body, though he was also wearing the standard blue hospital gown as well. Both of the man’s arms had to be amputated at the shoulder, because the damage was far too extensive, the chest cavity was constantly expanding and contracting but there were no ribs or sternum; it was as if he was nothing but a boneless flesh-balloon, with only a torso and a head.

His jaw was split apart, his skull was cracked open on the back and his spine was a disaster. However, his heart and lungs were somehow fine and they were working perfectly well regardless of the situation.

Isabelle was standing across the bed from the large-breasted, heavily tattooed woman, who had a decent amount of piercings in her lips, nose, eyebrows and gauges in her earlobes. Jane’s most notable tattoo was the gigantic bloody heart that was accentuated by her enormous cleavage. She was still wearing nothing but sandals, jean-shorts and a black bikini.

Doctor Krishna sighed and checked Michael’s pupil response, noticing that his brown eyes didn’t seem to transform or even react at all. She stared at the EEG and said “I’ve seen a lot of strange things in my life so far… but this is definitely the weirdest. JC, I honestly can’t say for sure that he’s brain-dead, because there’s just too much we don’t understand about his ‘unique’ physiology.”

Jane frowned, staring at her cousin’s groin and complaining “How the hell can a brain-dead person get a boner?”

Hearing that, Isabelle giggled and shook her head, shrugging her shoulders as she admitted “A brain-dead person shouldn’t even be able to breathe or have a heart-beat… His medulla oblongata and most of his upper spine was literally just a bunch of sludge when I operated on him. Not only that, but I can’t find any way to ‘prove’ that his brain is actually functioning at all. Even my ‘gift’ doesn’t work on him, so for all we know, he should never be able to wake up again. Listen, this may seem cruel, but I think you should allow the hospital to ‘harvest’ some of his organs and… bone marrow.”

After that she picked up a clipboard off of a nearby table and handed it to Jane, who grumbled “This organ donation nonsense, you basically want me to hand him over to the hospital so you guys can do experiments on his body… You don’t even know if he’s really dead yet!”

Doctor Krishna scowled, whispering “JC, I know he’s your cousin, but think about it… I’ve already had the bone marrow tested and it’s a match for Carly. Even if he does somehow manage to wake up, do you honestly believe that he’ll be happy living like this? His pelvis and right thigh still have enough viable marrow to use… Ultimately though, are you really willing to give up a chance to save your daughter, just so that your cousin can continue suffering like this for the rest of what would most likely be a short and horribly painful life?”

Right when the busty tattooed woman was about to agree, Michael suddenly started gagging loudly. His eyes were still closed, but his mouth was wide open and a tiny blue paw was poking out of it.

“What the fuck is that?!” Jane jumped off of her chair and fell backwards, rolling on the floor before smacking her back against the pure-white wall.

On the other hand, Isabelle gasped and muttered “How is that possible? We were just operating on his chest, stomach, we checked his lungs, where the hell did that thing even come from?” By the time she reacted, the strange creature had already emerged from his throat and was casually ‘mewing’ as it stretched its tiny body.

The bright-blue kitten purred and ‘meowed’ incessantly, while occasionally saying “Nyah~!” Regardless of the absurd circumstances, it was still incredibly adorable and when it curled up into a ball, the critter was only around the size of the neurosurgeon’s right fist.

It turned towards Jane and jumped into her cleavage, before purring contently. Oddly enough, the tiny animal was completely dry, and didn’t have the slightest bit of saliva or mucus on its fur.
She smiled wryly, looking up at Isabelle, “I’ve seen plenty of pussies being eaten, but I’ve never watched one crawl outta someone’s throat…”

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