Chapter 16: Hospitalization

Isabelle Krishna wasn’t the best neurosurgeon in the world, but she was certainly very close. However, she had an ‘unfair’ advantage over normal humans, because she was a Psycher.

Her abilities were actually extremely mundane compared to Luke, Iris and Lee, but it was enough for her to simply be better at her job. Being able to ‘feel’ inside of someone’s body, without needing any instruments, was obviously a very useful skill for any medical doctor to possess. Her most profound technique involved the brain specifically.

Assuming that she was able to have a direct physical interface, Isabelle could reach into a person’s mind and perform all sorts of incredible ‘miracles’. There were several cases of her treating or preventing paralysis, bringing someone out of a coma, removing tumors that seemed inoperable, and she even created a totally ridiculous electrical therapy to ‘fix’ braindeath.

Regardless of her amazing track record, she also faced a considerable amount of scrutiny because of her more ‘unscientific’ and dangerous methods. Fortunately, she eventually ended up in a hospital that was a little ‘abnormal’.

Miami Beach Urgent Care was run by an extremely superstitious old man named Doctor Citrini. He didn’t exclusively hire people based on their religions or unorthodox beliefs, but he did have a tendency towards poaching the most unusual doctors, nurses, orderlies and even janitors.

Even though it had a dubious reputation, it was actually considered the best hospital in the state. It was a place that many went to out of desperation, searching for the slim hope of a cure for whatever terrible ailments they were suffering from.

Of course, there were plenty of other hospitals in Miami, but when paramedics find a person who seems like they need a ‘miracle’ to survive or had extremely ‘strange’ injuries, that’s where they would rush them to.


The beautiful brown-skinned neurosurgeon, with curly black hair and turquoise eyes, was wearing green scrubs, while standing in the break room. She took a sip of coffee and stared with rapt attention at the fairly large plasma television.

Isabelle let out a long sigh and muttered “Thank God I decided to leave Hopkins last year…” Her previous residence was actually in Baltimore City, not far from Patterson Park. However, all of her family lived in either India or New Jersey, so Maryland transforming into an apocalyptic warzone didn’t really bother her too much.

On the other hand, a few of the other doctors and nurses in the room started sobbing loudly. A fairly tall and robust bald-headed, pale-skinned man, yelled “Contained!? How is that supposed to be ‘contained’?! Even if they nuked the city, it’d still be too late for something like that to be stopped! Shit, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m taking my family and getting the hell away from North America… Maybe Australia or Norway? Either way, it’s only a matter of time before the U.S. turns into a literal living hell.”

Suddenly, a fairly young asian woman with long black hair, brown eyes, and a white lab coat ran in and shouted “Stein, quit your bullshit! We need a cardiac, ortho, neuro… Goddamn it, just get your asses into OR three! We’ve got a really bad and ‘weird’ one this time…”

Isabelle, the bald man in green scrubs and one of the crying girls quickly left the break room and followed after ‘Doctor Takahashi’. It took them less than five minutes to reach the operating room and ‘scrub in’, before entering.

“Holy mother of god! How is this guy even alive?!” Dr. Stein had a mask over his mouth and a pair of safety glasses covering his eyes, as he began examining the many exposed, broken or shatter bones. He was an orthopedic surgeon, while Takahashi specialized in cardiology, and the short, chubby, hispanic woman who still seemed a bit shaken-up, was an anesthesiologist.

Doctor Krishna swiftly walked over and checked the man’s eyes, but she immediately gasped and asked “How is that possible? Hey, are you guys seeing this too?”

“What would cause something like that? It’s like he’s possessed!” Stein was obviously extremely freaked out when he saw the irises and sclera alternating colors, along with the pupils contracting, expanding and sometimes turning into vertical slits or releasing sporadic bursts of golden light.

Takahashi grumbled “Fuck the eyes, I’m more concerned about this blood… He’s lost over ten liters already, but his BP is still ‘normal’ somehow! No, more importantly, how could anyone have that much blood?”

Isabelle checked the back of his head and felt the skull, murmuring “Hang in there kid… Jesus, that’s not good at all…” Where the base met the spine, it was completely crushed and the cord was totally obliterated. When she attempted to use her special ‘abilities’, she groaned in pain, yelling “You’ve gotta be kidding me!”

Doctor Stein was examining the man’s lower body, and sighed obnoxiously. He felt the left thigh and shook his head, announcing “There’s nothing I can do to save the leg at this point! Assuming that this ‘thing’ is human, then I need to amputate immediately… Who knows, maybe he’ll grow it back, hahaha~!” After that he checked the ribs and felt the metal embedded in the sternum, complaining “Give me the bonesaw! The only way we’ll be able to remove that shrapnel is by destroying the sternum…”

It was at that same moment, that Takahashi started to remove the huge knife from the side of the abdomen. The instant it came out, at least a pint of crimson liquid sprayed all over her face and one of the residents who was assisting actually passed out, while a male nurse screamed in shock.

The blood-covered cardiac surgeon growled “Shut the fuck up and get that bitch out of my OR, now!” Then she yelled “You, the ginger that I don’t recognize! Just begin stapling the severed arteries and veins, or we’ll literally start drowning soon!” The sad thing was that she wasn’t exaggerating by much; at his current rate of bleeding, it would become impossible for them to stay in the room soon.


While his body was being operated upon, Michael’s ‘soul’ was within a strange, enormous, pure-white cube. The pitch-black wisp abruptly transformed into a six-foot tall man, with long hair and bulging muscles; it was essentially his ‘Nephilim’ form, that he was most comfortable with.

He glanced around and muttered “What the fuck is this bullshit? Did I really die from getting hit by a truck? So cliche~ and lame… Woah~, holy kitty-titties, that’s a lotta money!” In front of his illusory crimson eyes, he saw a pile of nearly seven-thousand golden coins. They radiated an oppressive aura, but it was nothing compared to the tiny piece of ‘obsidian’ that was laying on the floor next to it. Even more ridiculous, was the sixty-three ‘White Jade Doubloons’ by his feet, that was worth more than all of the rest.

There were a few hundred copper and silver as well, but they seemed so minuscule in comparison to the others. However, within that enormous space, the piles of metal were obviously very small.

Within moments, Michael was already bored, so he decided to ‘explore’ a bit. On the roof were two dots, the floor had five that were in the shape of an ‘X’, and each of the four walls had the corresponding black markings that made him wonder “Is my heaven literally a giant magical ‘die’? Hahaha~, die… Ugh, puns are hilarious, but laughing by myself always feels awkward. Am I really alone in this strange world?”

As he closed his eyes, his body transformed into a spherical wisp and traveled downwards, straight through the ground. In an instant, he appeared in the air above an enormous inactive volcano, that was the size of ‘Olympus Mons’ and similarly desolate.

All around for what seemed like thousands of miles, there was an ocean of lava. Yet, within that caldera was a huge pool of boiling water, and in the sky was a tumultuous, roiling cumulonimbus cloud.

Purple and crimson lightning bolts were constantly raining down around Michael’s soul, but it wasn’t able to harm him in the slightest. Thus, he casually floated down into the scalding lake and continued to descend until he reached the very bottom.

It was there that he encountered a colossal serpentine dragon, which was several hundred meters long, and had lustrous orange scales. The beast had a face that was somewhere between a snake and a velociraptor, with bronze irises, and no horns on its head.

Michael felt an incredibly powerful connection to that giant monster, and asked “Have we met before?” Then he expanded and created a humanoid form that was gigantic enough to compare to the mysterious creature.

Even though the dragon couldn’t speak verbally for whatever reason, it still expressed itself with ‘body language’. As the enormous red serpentine tongue wrapped around the illusory man’s genitals, he smirked.

“Well, they do say that ‘heaven’ is a place where you get to experience everything your heart ‘desires’. I have to admit that I’ve always had a pretty strong dragon-fetish, so even if this just turns out to be a dream… I’m definitely gonna have some fun in it, hehehe~!” Whenever Michael and Alice got together, ‘mating’ was always their first order of business.

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