3,000,000 Site Views

Chapters 16-22 will be posted tonight, in about… 8 or so hours.  Anyway, I was just checking the site views and noticed it finally reached 3 million, yay~!

Also, I wanted to update people on the schedule, because there kind of is one, maybe?  Every Sunday, I should be posting about half of an Arc.  I say ‘about’, because they’re 15 chapters long.  So this Sunday, I’ll be posting 7 and next Sunday I’ll be posting 8.

I’ve been pretty screwed up with my hours, so every ‘day’ for me has actually been more like a day and a half… Ugh, I’ve been losing so much time lately.  Anyway, the point is that my writing speed has been screwed up ever since last week or whenever it was that I had a whole week where I didn’t really sleep, couldn’t write, went to the hospital, then went to the doctors later on.  Before that, my computer died, so I needed to replace it with my brother’s old computer… which didn’t work at first, but now it ‘kinda’ works.

Oh yeah, I totally forgot that before I had that horrible week, there was a whole week before I went to the hospital where I was in agony and couldn’t concentrate on writing properly.  So, now that I’m done with my excuses and complaining, let’s talk about “The Vanilla God“.

I’m currently writing chapter 6… The speed it pretty slow because I’m ‘trying’ to focus mainly on “Hardcore OP-ness“.  However, every day I usually have a few moments where I have inspiration or whatever for “The Vanilla God” and write it down.

I feel like, this same thing happened to me a year ago.  In the summer and autumn I was writing at an absurd pace and then during the winter I was super burnt out and my speed dropped down really low.  Maybe it’s the lack of vitamin D from the sun?  Maybe it’s the fact that I need to constantly burn myself with a tiny space heater to keep from freezing to death?  Or maybe it’s because I wrote so much in the summer/autumn and just fried my brain for the winter and spring roflmao.  It’s a mystery…

By the way, I have this whole “Shameless Advertisement” page and barely anyone has asked me to shamelessly advertise their blog… Seriously, you just have to link me the site and tell me what to write as your description(Otherwise I’ll have to make something up myself, or I just won’t add a description lol.) so yeah, I know there are a lot of you guys and girls out there who have a site, just started out or have been around for a while.

Also, another interesting tid-bit of information… I placed my “The Vanilla God” folder inside of the “Hardcore OP-ness” folder, so if you ‘Donate‘, you can get access to both and read chapters before they’re edited and posted.  I haven’t really done a ‘Donation‘ post in a long time, because I’ve been either on a pseudo break or sick, but oh well.

Anyway, I might post chapter 4-6 of “The Vanilla God” like, Wednesday-ish, because I’m still trying to build up a decent stockpile and my writing speed is pretty slow atm.

27 thoughts on “3,000,000 Site Views

  1. I don’t know why but Mike you have a suggestion folder in ur Google doc since it’s my 1st time using Google docs I don’t know how 2 suggest some stuff but I think my suggestion is fucking awesome.
    I don’t want 2 post it here since it might have a slight spoiler.

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  2. I like Vanilla god more than Hardcore Opness so far.

    I like them both but for different reasons. HCOP is a great parody of “otherworld transfer” stories that is very light hearted.I like reading it very much but it isn’t something I wait for everyday to get more of.

    Vanilla god is actually a really interesting concept that I haven’t seen done as of yet and despite it only being a few chapters so far, I am getting into it.

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    • The biggest difference for ‘me’ between HCOP and TVG is the fact that, in 295 chapters of book 1, only about a month or so passed. However, in the first 6 chapters of TVG, about 200 years has already gone by roflmao.

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