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‘You’ need to write or copy/paste a synopsis or general description in the comments yourself: Assuming that you’re a person who wants to shamelessly advertise your story on this page.



Wuxiaworld Reader’s Group: A Facebook group that I use a lot.

Tapas: A site that hosts comics and novels. It’s mainly a mobile app.

Novelle Leggere: An Italian Translation Site.

IMPACT!: A comic that my friend Max makes :).

Kaylah The Makeup Addict: A friend of mine who started making youtube videos. Personally, I think she’s hilarious.

The Onion Junktion: A website with originals and translated novels.

Max Manga: An awesome artist who draws stuff! Facebook, Deviant Art, Twitter, Google+  “Max Manga, a young manga artist who’s trying his hardest to go pro, join him in his journey 😃!”

Lies and Letters: Letters from the Border, Reviews from the Border, The Lies We Love.

ButteredFruit: Offensive and hilarious movie reviews.  “We watch terrible movies so you don’t have to.”

Archives of Orion: The Monster Inside the Army of Heroes

The Demonic Method

Empyrean Ascent: “A xianxia story about a certain soul who dreams of a new life filled with exciting events and lots of romance. I don’t know how this story will go on but surely I’ll do my best to make this story as interesting as possible.”


Pun’s Reading List

Tales of the Forgotten Slayer

Short Stories for Kids

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