Chapter 20: Entering Atlantis

Each of those submarines was shaped like a bullet on the outside, while the inside was closer to a very narrow but long elevator. However, rather than a fragile window, there were simply cameras on the outer hull, which had their displays projected onto the ceiling, walls and floor.

Unfortunately, in the case where there’s flooding, they would shut off and the people trapped inside would likely start panicking rather overdramatically. Of course, the underwater base that they were traveling towards, obviously experienced similar ‘problems’ on several occasions.

Those weren’t ‘single-use’ submarines after all, and aside from the hospital in Miami Beach, they could come and go from several other locations in the area. There was no way to get in contact with the passengers inside, and the out of control transport was swerving off course.

Even if they could destroy the incoming vessel with a torpedo, the ‘Atlanteans’ wouldn’t risk it. Thus, they send out several much larger submarines, which weren’t unmanned drones.

With little effort, dozens of thin robotic arms were used to capture and guide the ‘elevator’ into the underwater ‘harbor’, which was on the southwestern edge of the dome. They traveled through a hole in the seafloor and then the dozens of vessels began emerging from the surface of the ‘harbor’.

In the end, Alice’s ‘assistance’ wasn’t even necessary; at least not ‘yet’.


“Lower your fucking weapons! Do it now, blood-bags!” When the elevator doors opened up, a decent amount of water, gore and other unpleasant liquids flooded out onto the metallic floor. However, most of Luke’s soldiers were still holding their side-arms and assault rifles, which they attentatively pointed towards the men and women who were aiming guns at them.

In the spacious hallway, there were at least twenty ‘security officers’ who were wearing pure-white naval outfits. Each of them had pale skin, crimson eyes and ‘light’ hair, though some of them dyed it darker colors.

Kelsey wheeled herself out in front of the group, while holding a pistol in her left hand. The adorable blue kitten was casually licking its genitals on her lap and completely oblivious to the situation, so she didn’t expect to receive any help from it.

She yelled “You drop your goddamn weapons, assholes! How stupid do you think we are?!” Jane’s shoulder injury was getting worse, so she had to put her daughter down, but the two of them were standing near the center of the group.

Luke ordered “Move out slowly, if they’re crazy enough to attack, then open fire.” as he wheeled himself out into the hallway. Then the whole squad of at least fifteen men and five women, began exiting the elevator.

An eight-foot tall man with a huge scar across his throat, stepped out from the end of the hall and glared at the group of people. His face was clean-shaven, but he had extremely long white hair, and was wearing a crimson sweater, with black sweat-pants and red sneakers.

All of his muscles were bulging and those crimson irises seemed to be on fire as he asked “And just where exactly do you plan on going?” Even as several guns were aimed at his enormous body, he didn’t seem concerned.

Kelsey grumbled “You’ve gotta be kidding me… What the actual fuck is this dude? Some kinda ogre-monster?”

Luke wheeled out in front of the giant and smiled wryly, “Just return our comrades to us and we’ll be on our way… I’m sure that there should be plenty of subs around here, right?”

The terrifying man started chuckling in his deep and powerful voice, before abruptly stopping and making an irritated expression. Then he growled “You’re a Psycher; though ‘defective’, you’re still much more valuable to us than the rest of these blood-bags. The filthy half-breed werewolf is barely worth drinking, but she does seem to be a bit stronger than typical humans… Fine, take her to the breeding pits; perhaps she may give birth to some useful warriors.”

“Woah, wait a goddamn second, who the fuck do you think you are, bastard?!” Kelsey screamed at the ogre-like man, as she was about to lose her composure and put a few rounds through his face.

However, he just casually waved his huge left hand and all twenty of Luke’s soldiers immediately lost consciousness. Then he reached out and yanked the gun from her grasp, making it fly into his oversized palm.

“My name is Admiral Cain, and all of your lives now belong to the Atlantean Fleet. Whether you become food or slaves depends on how valuable you’re able to make yourselves.” The giant smirked, glancing over at Jane and Carly, before ordering “For now, strip them of their belongings and throw them into the ‘Garden of Eden’ with the rest of the livestock.”

“Luke, microwave these fuckers or somethin!” Kelsey screamed as two frail-looking women in white uniforms walked up behind her and jammed cattle-prods into her back. The blue kitten in her arms was woken up momentarily, but after yawning cutely, it casually wandered off.

Some of the vampires attempted to catch the frisky feline, but it quickly scampered down the hallway and seemed to vanish after turning a corner. Meanwhile, Jane and Carly were electrocuted until they lost consciousness as well. As for Luke, Admiral Cain used some sort of telepathic technique to seal his psychic abilities and then some of the ‘Atlanteans’ swiftly subdued him.


An old man with dark tan skin, a long fumanchu moustache and no hair on his head, was sitting in front of a huge desk. His lab coat was drenched in blood and there were several bullet wounds in his abdomen, but he was still zip-tied to a thick metal chair.

To his left was a ‘young’ asian woman, who had a broken nose, blood pouring from her mouth and multiple teeth missing. However, for the most part, she didn’t have any ‘life threatening’ injuries.

She was also wearing the attire of a doctor; a formerly white lab coat, with blue scrubs underneath. Aoi Takahashi spat out a decent amount of crimson phlegm onto the steel floor, before snarling at the gigantic man who was sitting behind that enormous desk.

Doctor Citrini sighed dramatically, asking “I’ve only been gone for a few decades… What the hell happened to the Patriarch? How’d Atlantis fall into ‘your’ filthy hands?”

Admiral Cain smirked, revealing “The Ancestor went into hibernation a few years ago… However, there was a ‘malfunction’ in his stasis chamber, heh-heh-heh~. Who knows? Perhaps in twenty or thirty years he may awaken?”

“Fucking bastard! Goddamn it Joseph, you can’t treat them this way! They’re humans, not cattle!” Aoi yelled as she tried to stand up, but her wrists and ankles were handcuffed to her chair.

The giant chuckled, “It is true that our species no longer requires human blood to survive, but you do have to admit that it’s a hard habit to kick. Besides, they’re still useful ‘tools’ for raising the actual livestock and with the way that things are going out there… It’s only a matter of time before humanity is gone. Anyway, I’m glad you managed to find some more Psychers to add to my collection. As for that abomination… Doctor Richards is performing a few ‘tests’ to make sure that ‘it’ isn’t dangerous or poisonous.”

She scowled, complaining “If you have Michael Cinagra, you basically obtained an endless spring of type-O, so why do you still need to drink from the others?”

Joseph snickered, answering “I don’t ‘need’ any of them… It’s just a matter of diversity. No one wants to drink the same beverage all the time. Don’t worry, I won’t put your ‘pet’ Isabelle with the other blood-bags; she is a Psycher after all. How about this: You agree to join our medical staff… and I’ll allow you to keep her in your own crew quarters. The alternative is that I throw you into the breeding pits and add her to my personal collection, hehehe~.”

“Joe, I swear to fuckin God, I will kill you!” As Aoi screamed at him, Admiral Cain just smiled and laughed.

Finally, he casually said “Good~, hahaha~, I will personally enjoy watching your performance tomorrow night… Don’t worry, for now you’ll be able to spend one last day with your precious little pet. Unfortunately, an old man like you wouldn’t even be suitable for the breeding pits.”

Doctor Citrini’s eyes started glowing red as he snarled at the giant man. Takahashi yelled “No! Joe, stop, please don’t do this!” as Joseph stood up and walked behind the old man.

However, he didn’t hesitate for a moment as his left palm slammed down and smacked into that bald head. There was a loud ‘thump’ and while the skull was completely unharmed, Dr. Citrini’s brain was essentially liquified and a bit of it squired out of his nostrils.

Aoi looked over in horror as she watched the grey goop pouring down that obnoxious fumanchu moustache. Instead of crying or screaming in grief, all she felt was pure rage. Glaring up at that monster, she growled “I… will… fucking butcher you! I don’t know how, but I definitely will kill you…”

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