Chapter 23: Undead Eden

Captain Cummings was a slightly overweight, six-foot tall man with a buzz-cut and slightly muscular arms. He wasn’t a particularly ‘bad’ person, but like many of the other vampiric naval officers, he was terrified of Admiral Cain and his supernatural abilities.

The so-called ‘breeding ceremony’ wasn’t very popular or necessary. In fact, it was more like a tribal ritual, where people would head into ‘The Garden of Eden’ totally naked and fight for their lives against wild animals.

Through the primal nature of the whole experience, men and women would eventually form small groups with those who they were close to before then. Then their bonds would deepen and eventually, by the end of the week, they would enter one of the ‘breeding pits’ to ‘reproduce’.

However, vampires did have a few ‘slight’ differences from humans. Rather than becoming pregnant and giving birth after nine months, they were more like fish. The ‘pits’ were pools of water, where several females would lay their eggs, then the males would ejaculate onto them to complete the fertilization process.

Sometimes there was sexual interactions between the members of the groups, but the standard procedure was to have attractive women and men ‘perform’, while the vampires took turns depositing their ‘seeds’ into a puddle. Admiral Cain ‘perverted’ it by adding his own preferences into the mix and wanted to turn it into a game, where they would hunt down and play with the human prisoners they recently obtained.

As Captain Cummings rode the elevator upwards, he whispered “Lexi, at this rate, it’s only a matter of time before that crazy bastard kills us off too… “

The deathly skinny woman with sunken eyes and short, spiky, dyed black hair muttered “It’s not like I wanna follow his orders either, but what can the two of us do against him? Most of the younger vamps have been indoctrinated and all the older ones have been slowly ‘reaching the end of their lifespans’. Fuck, I’m only a Commander because of seniority, but that just means that it’s more likely for me to suffer from some sort of convenient ‘training accident’.”

That chubby man grumbled “Shit! Now that you mention it, this is probably a death sentence! What the hell does he need to ‘rest up’ for?! He’s just afraid of that weird monster and is using us to test out its capabilities! He probably hopes that we’ll get mind-controlled… No, even if we aren’t, he’s just going to say that we were and kill us!”

Commander Smith scolded “Calm down! If you keep yelling like that, someone might hear you and we’ll both be executed outright for treason!” However, at that moment, the elevator door finally opened and what they witnessed caused both of them to be thoroughly horrified.


Shortly after the lights went out in the clearing, several of the most sickly and severely wounded people that had died, came back to life. Their veins and blood became pitch-black, as their pupils and irises turned pure-white. As they moaned and groaned, the literal zombies began devouring whatever ‘living’ creatures they could get their hands on.

Most of the doctors and hospital staff were the first to be consumed, but their corpses were then ‘infected’ with the Darkness mana, causing them to resurrect. Luke shouted “Everyone, form a phalanx formation! Pick up sticks, rocks or whatever you can find, but even if you have to use your bare hands, destroy their heads! That’s the generic, cliche, zombie-killing tactic that always seems to work!”

Kelsey was a foot taller than Philip, but he was still somehow able to help her stand. She was leaning her right arm on his shoulder and using the left to viciously punch an elderly man in the face.

Lee complained “For some reason my telekinesis doesn’t seem to be working on them!” as he focused all of his attention on assisting the giant woman.

She immediately rebuked “It doesn’t work on anyone! All you can do is bend spoons and move pencils! Just help me walk and I’ll do all the fighting, hyah~!” as she punched the old zombie-man in the face again.

“Mom~! I can’t see anything! Where are you?!” Carly was frantically looking around, when the cute kitten in her arms started glowing bright-blue and illuminating everything in a five meter radius. “No~, stay away from her!” The sickly little girl ran over and tackled a leg-less dark-skinned woman, knocking her off of her unconscious mother’s body.

Unfortunately, it was already too late; the large-breasted, heavily tattooed girl had her abdomen torn open and there were mangled intestines hanging out. Luke yelled “Kid, look out!” as he watched a short, naked and extremely overweight middle-aged man hobbling towards the child.

While still sitting on the ground, since he couldn’t stand at all, the legless man raised his right hand and shouted “This is going to suck!” A flash of blinding light erupted from his palm, burning his own skin, but more importantly, the zombie’s head exploded into a fountain of gore.

Blood began pouring out of both of Luke’s nostrils and he nearly passed out from the exertion, so Kelsey reprimanded “You really need to stop doing that kinda shit! Damn it, are we really the only ones still alive?!”

The dozens of handicapable mercenaries that worked with them had been either eaten by the zombies or transformed into undead already. Thus, the only people in ‘The Garden of Eden’ who were still ‘alive’, were all located within that bright-blue light.

“Izzy! Don’t you dare die on me! Fuck! Wake up! It’s just a tiny, really horrible internal bleeding… Shit in my cunt! You aren’t allow to die, you lazy bitch!” Isabelle was completely unconscious and Aoi was frantically trying to fight off the hungry monsters that surrounded them.

However, just as the group of naked survivors were about to be overrun by nude zombies, a high-pitched little-girl’s voice yelled “Alright you ugly motherfuckers, that’s enough! Now, get yer filthy asses over here!”

Hearing that command, all of the soulless undead moaned, groaned and growled in affirmation, before sluggishly hobbling, crawling or limping towards the eastern edge of the clearing. It wasn’t long before they all disappeared into the jungle, leaving only a handful of corpses that were mutilated beyond recognition.

“Someone can actually control them?” Lee was the first to speak, but the others were thinking the same thing. Of course, Carly was just crying incessantly and trying to wake up her mother.

Luke wondered “Is this good or bad? Why did she call them off when we were the last ones left?”

A few seconds passed, when a deep and ominous ‘thump’ rang out; it was followed by another, and then it sounded as if numerous trees were falling. The only person who could see anything a few hundred meters away was the crimson-eyed Japanese vampiress.

Aoi screamed “Nope, no fucking way! That ‘thing’ can’t be real! It’s just too goddamn much! This has to be some kinda horror movie nightmare!”

Suddenly, the dirt a few meters behind them began lifting up and a large rectangular elevator popped up behind them. At that moment, the lights abruptly flashed back on and all six ‘people’ who had eyes, were able to clearly witness that terrifying creature’s appearance.

Everyone was totally silent for at least ten seconds, before the beast roared, screamed, howled, growled, moaned, groaned and shouted with hundreds of different mouths at the same time. It was a twenty-meter tall monstrosity, which seemed to be ‘constructed’ from human corpses, and carcasses of parrots, bears, jaguars, tigers, leopards, lemurs, lizards and just about everything else that the jungle had to offer.

It was accompanied by plenty of ‘loose’ zombified animals, but that abomination was certainly the most ridiculous and colossal undead creature among the line-up. That little girl’s voice rang out again: “Dafuck are you bastards waitin for?! Go kill em all! Hell, murder everything! Hahahaha~! Ya dumb-ass cuntwhores think ya can hold ‘Us’ in this shitty underwater prison?!”

Captain Cummings yelled “Hurry up and get in here! Lexi, help them out! If we wanna escape Atlantis, we’re going to need them!” as he started using his assault rifle to shoot at a two-headed undead tiger-monster.

The enormous monstrosity didn’t run forward, but began stomping and pounding onto the dirt with its six fists and two feet. It wasn’t shaped like a humanoid, but closer to a gorilla; its left ‘hands’ were made out of pandas and the rights were grizzly bears.

Commander Smith quickly ran out and grabbed the little girl, who cried “No~! Don’t leave Mom behind!” At that moment, the adorable blue kitten jumped out of Carly’s arms and plunged into the gaping hole in Jane’s abdomen.

That seemingly ‘dead’ woman, opened her bright-pink eyes and violently coughed a few times. Then she casually shoved her mangled intestines back inside of her torso, which miraculously sealed itself closed, leaving a horrible scar behind. The bullet wound in her shoulder and the zombie bite remained the same, but her complexion improved dramatically.

“Nyah~, this body feels icky~… Un~, it’s hero-time! JJ~, to the rescue~!” She grabbed Luke’s left wrist and threw Iris over her right shoulder, as she sprinted towards the elevator. Meanwhile, Aoi was carrying Isabelle and Lee was helping Kelsey walk, but they all managed to make it into that steel box before the horde of zombie beasts arrived.

Once it was all over, Jane gagged a few times and finally vomited out a bright-blue kitten. After that, she immediately lost consciousness and fell down onto the floor.

As Iris hit the ground, she complained “Will someone please tell me what the fuck is even happening right now?!”

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