Immortal Soul?

Oh wow, I just realized how absurdly slow my reading speed is… It took me like 2 hours to read/edit this chapter.  6400 words is about 4.3 chapters of “Hardcore OP-ness” or “The Vanilla God”.  Seriously, “The Forest of Corruption” was like 16,200 words long… How the hell did I do that and why?  Ugh, when I eventually go back and edit “Immortal Soul” into actual books, I’m going to have to break a lot of the more ridiculously long chapters into smaller chapters lol.

I mean, I actually do have loads of ‘breaks’ within the chapter where I could have just been like “Yup, next chapter~!” but I didn’t.  The reason was probably because I felt like… guilt?  I thought that since I was taking so long to write the chapters, I should make them longer, which took more time, so it was pretty counter productive.

The moral of the story kids, is that when you’re writing, you shouldn’t let your leechers pressure you into doing things.  People weren’t even donating to me or anything, I was just trying to get ephemeral and immaterial ‘ratings’ on Royalroad, which never really amounted to anything either way.

You should write a story that you love and enjoy.  The more pressure, the harder it is to be creative :(.  Anyway, hopefully this little speech will help some of you writers out there…

So yeah, time to finally post “Chapter 11: Envy“… There’s no link cause I’ve still gotta post it lol.  It’ll take a few mins, but yeah, don’t expect “Chapter 12” any time soon :P.

(There actually is a link now roflmao.)


4 thoughts on “Immortal Soul?

  1. Oh shit, Immortal Soul is getting more chapters?! That means I should go start reading it where I stopped… Thank God for bookmarks amiright? I stopped because I was like “Oh shit, I should wait till it restarts till I continue reading!” now I have no excuse.


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