HCOP Book 2, Chapter 98: Rated PG

Author’s Note

Yeah, this chapter is most certainly not rated PG… Just need to clarify that lmao. Anyway, it’s been a while since I edited and posted a chapter of “Hardcore Legacies”. There’s still like 8 more chapters left before the posted chapters get caught up with the written ones. Although that will change once I get back to writing the new chapters.


When Michael opened his eyes, he was in a beautiful hellscape. Volcanoes were erupting in every direction, dark-black stormclouds were mixing with ash and raining purple lightning down upon the ground. Meanwhile, thousands of meteors were falling from the skies, most of which exploded in the atmosphere.

As the naked Nephilim struggled to stand upright, there was an enormous earthquake. The obsidian cliff he was located on, suddenly began crumbling apart. Since he was still disoriented, he helplessly fell into the giant river of molten lava that was flowing by at a surprisingly rapid pace.

His humanoid body received some severe burns, as he rapidly transformed into the shape of a gigantic crimson serpent. It was at least three-hundred meters long and easily slithered across the molten rocks as if it was moving across sand.

Those bright-blue eyes glanced around and it hissed loudly, while a high-pitched little girl’s voice asked “Nyah~, Mikey~! What’s a Rapture? Does it taste yummy?”

Michael sighed, explaining “Nope~, it’s a feeling of hardcore pleasure or joy, like an orgasm I guess? Well, it’s also a term regarding the apocalypse… Basically, when the world is about to start ending, all of the Christians were supposed to get instantly teleported away without having to face any of the generic suffering that everyone else would have to deal with. Of course, I kinda doubt that it actually happened. Although, if you think about it… Arcana did kill off all the most religious people first, hehehe~. So who knows? Maybe there is something more to that whole Rapture thing?”

Inari was piloting their snaky body, so everyone else was currently located within a pure-white room. Alice was constantly concocting strange potions, Talia was playing the violin, Elina was snoring loudly with her face laying on a glowing white book, Sarah was practicing her swordsmanship and the other two were sitting next to each other.

Jasmine was holding a tiny crystalline controller in her hands and staring at a holographic screen. As she mashed the buttons and wiggled the joy sticks, she muttered “Meow~, no~, I meant like… The thing… The umm, you know… You know what I’m talkin bout Mikey~. Nyah~! No fair~! You always do the super-duper crazy-awesome overpowered demonic dragon-rank combo attacks~!”

He was in the form of a small naked angelic boy, so he was the proper size to be able to fully utilize the minuscule Arcana-Sphere controller properly. Michael snickered, reached over with his left hand and casually grabbed the little girl’s disproportionately large right breast. As she giggled loudly, he told her “Oh, yeah, I’m pretty sure that Iris was talking about this story I wrote a long~, long time ago…

“I’m not gonna get into the details, cause I know you don’t give a shit and won’t remember either way, so I’ll just give ya the short version. There was this guy, and he did some stuff, then he gets like, injected or infected with these weird nanites. Anyway, they were called the Rapture Virus or some such nonsense. There were a bunch of iterations before that one though. So the last and best version was number seven-hundred and seventy-seven, because I like that number and I can do whatever the fuck I want goddamn it, I’m the author! So~, the point is that… I don’t know anymore, I just wanna have sex. This stupid game always makes me too horny! Why do all the characters have to be anthropomorphic animal-people and why are all the finishing moves so sexual? Isn’t this rated PG?! My centaur dude totally just anally raped your harpy-bitch to death!”

The little girl giggled, “Nyah~, PG stands for Pussy Games. And, and this game was totally banned in most of the DR, but, but, but Nekoshire was like, nah~ man~, we don’t need no censorship! Censorship’s fo bitches! We ain’t no bitches! Fuck you Daddy! I can play whatever awesome video games I want!”

Talia stopped playing her violin and suggested “Miguel, perhaps you should allow me to deal with the next battle we face… Your ‘style’ of combat is far too dangerous. Although your tolerance for pain is abnormally high, Elina lost consciousness three times during that short skirmish. Jasmine was crying and Inari was constantly whining, even after everything was finally over.”

Michael sighed, grumbling “It’s not my fault that they’re such pussies! Well, whatever, I guess it wouldn’t be fair if I hogged all the action. Besides that, I used up a lot of my soul’s mana killing this bitch!” He put the controller down and picked the ruby marble up off of the ground.

It was far larger than any mana-core that he had ever seen, and whenever he touched it, he would hear “You fucking cunt! Let me outta here Goddamn it! Rapture! I’m gonna fucking kill you!”

After hearing that, he frowned, pitching the marble as hard as he could against the pure-white wall. It bounced off, hit the ceiling, then flew down and landed in Alice’s cauldron. The dragon-girl casually shoved her giant claw-like fingers into the boiling water and pulled out the strange gem. Then she bit down on it and yelled “Ow! Shit, nope, can’t use this to make drugs! What the hell did you just call me?! Dude, this bitch is really annoying… Are you sure you wanna keep her around? What are we supposed to do with these useless ‘Seeds’ or ‘Fruits’ or whatever Arcana called them?”

Jasmine’s yellow irises suddenly turned crimson and her cheerful facial expression had also become somber. She glanced down at her breast and sneered, “Rapture, I know we’re close, but get your fucking hand off my tit. Can’t you pull your shit together for once and start acting seriously? This is the endgame…”

Michael frowned, asking “Are you Little Chao-Chao? Can you please stay the fuck away from my pussy?”

The little girl glared at him, forcefully removing the hand from her breast and sighing dramatically. She telekinetically pulled the ruby marble into her left palm and held it up for everyone to see.

Then she revealed “This is a Soul-Cage… A tool used to trap souls and harness the mana inside. Obviously, it isn’t infallible, nothing is. In fact, as you have already figured out, those wisps aren’t ‘true’ souls. However, they’re as close as you’re going to get to a physical manifestation of the real thing. They store everything from data, to entire worlds, depending on how powerful they are. There are other Greater Realities, where the rules are far different, but that’s completely irrelevant for the lot of you. Rapture… Arcana’s Avatar has left for now, so I’m your new liaison or ‘guide’. You should still be able to utilize your Legendary cloak, but it will need to take a while to recharge.”

Talia shouted “Enough! If you are not our Companion, then leave her body this instant!”

Jasmine snickered, “My name is… No, it’s probably better if I don’t tell you idiots that. Especially that one over there! Stop recording this! Now!”

Alice put away her camera-phone and grumbled “So lame… You were boring anyway! I was originally just going to take a short video of JJ and Mike fucking, but whatever dude, don’t have to be such an asshole about it…”

Little Chao-Chao grimaced, “Can any of you morons please be serious for five fucking seconds?! I won’t be able to come out and tell you this shit whenever you want me to! The most important piece of information that I have for you at the moment, is how to use these Soul-Cages. Now be quiet for a moment and let me finish speaking. There are nine of these things, right? If you think about Arcana as a giant amoeba and this universe as being a tiny algae. In order for her to devour it, she just sucks it inside of her body and slowly devours it. Of course, from your perspective, this would take trillions of years. I’m assuming that you don’t wanna just wait around for that to happen, right? Also, all of the souls in this universe would eventually just leave. It’d be a huge waste. Basically, your purpose in coming here is to capture as many souls as you possibly can and then use the power from those nine magical marbles… In order to create a gateway back to Arcana. Do you get it now? While time is a bit different between Arcana and this universe, that’s all relative.”

Michael sighed, muttering “Yeah yeah~, we get the fucking point. Alright, now give me back my JJ, cause I’m really horny and this is super-awkward…”


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