TDD V1 Chapter 9, Part 1: A Misunderstanding

Author’s Note

Don’t you just love when a site you’ve used for a while suddenly decides to change things? Like, why? Why did they decide that “Oh, you know what, let’s switch it to the other side! I’m sure people will love it!” Seriously, wordpress changes it up every time I finally get used to the ‘new’ way…

Whatever, I just finished editing chapter 9 and the epilogue… So I’ve basically finished editing volume 1 lol. Honestly, I didn’t think it was going to end so fast, because I remember stuff that happened in volume 2… In my brain the stuff that happens in the beginning-ish(Like chapter 2-4) happened at the end of volume 1, so while I was getting to the end of chapter 9 I totally thought that I misplaced a chapter somewhere rofl.

Anyway, my head and eyes hurt, so I’ll post the other stuff tomorrow and maybe the day after? This last chapter was originally 12 parts, but I condensed it down into 6. Ugh, I’m gonna go to sleep now. Goodnight :).


“Humans are innately cruel and disgusting creatures… No, I guess it isn’t just humanity. I’ve heard that Dwarves, Gnomes and Giants are similar.” As Henry sat down in a comfortable rocking chair within a log cabin, he grumbled “This isn’t the first time that I’ve had to ‘deal’ with troublemakers in Salmon Creek, and it probably won’t be the last.”

There was a broken kitchen table, several destroyed wooden cabinets and several countertops that were totally covered in blood, severed limbs and pieces of bone. He looked down at the two men who were groveling at his feet and sneered, “Did you think that just because you helped defend the village, you would be able to do whatever the fuck you wanted?!”

A brown-skinned woman was cowering behind the rocking chair, next to a tall man with an irritated expression on his face. Yolanda Solaria was actually the same height as Azra, but she was buckled over in pain and couldn’t even stand properly. She was covered in bruises, cuts and missing some fingers on her left hand, along with the fact that her clothing was ripped up. However, she was still wearing her trousers and a light leather jacket at least.

“P-Please spare us! Henry! We’re friends, right?! We’ve known each other since we were kids! Please be reasonable!” The tanned and muscular man was kneeling on the ground, begging for his life.

Next to him, there was a chubby teenager who was only a little bit younger and had dark-brown skin. He yelled “Yeah, we didn’t even do anything! We just wanted to borrow some firewood and that bitch went crazy! It’s not our fault that we defended ourselves! Henry! We risked our lives defending this town how many times now?! Yet you side with that freeloader over your own friends?!”

Yolanda suddenly stood up and muttered “I-I’m fine Henry… It was just, a misunderstanding… I, I just panicked and-”

“Stop.” The huge man stood up and looked around at the two mutilated corpses that were decorating the room. Then he asked “Maybe I was mistaken when I heard you shout earlier?… I think it was ‘Hah~, there’s only two of them and four of us! Whoever kills that giant yellow bastard gets to fuck the bitch first!’ Or maybe I might have misunderstood?”


“Hah~, there’s only two of them and four of us! Hahahaha~, whoever kills that giant yellow bastard gets to fuck the bitch first!” The brown-skinned man was holding a machete and standing next to three others, as Yolanda was hiding behind Henry’s back.

Azra sighed, grumbling “Who the hell started that ‘yellow’ shit anyway? Are you colorblind? He’s darker than you are, for fuck’s sake. Pretty much all humans have beige skin, just different tones. Maybe you backwards savages haven’t even seen a color wheel before?” His social anxiety disappeared as soon as felt that the situation was slightly dangerous.

Unfortunately, Henry left his greatsword, bow and even his hunting knife back in the keep. However, Azra swiftly opened up a portal in front of them and pulled out a broadsword. After handing it to the giant, he also took out a forging hammer and held it firmly in his right hand.

“Magic?! What the fuck?!”

“Is he a witch?!”

“You dumbass! Witches are bitches! He ain’t no bitch!”

“He does look kinda pretty though…”

“Well, you can fuck his corpse if you kill him!”

While the four men were talking to each other, Henry took a step forward and whispered “Little Cousin, take Yolanda and get out of here… These idiots aren’t as weak as they look. Besides, if something happens to you, then my mother would never forgive me.”

Azra shrugged and muttered “Fine with me. Not like these losers would be able to do anything to me though…” One of the men fired an arrow at him and a three-meter square portal suddenly appeared, totally protecting all three of them at the same time.

After witnessing that ridiculous scene, Henry sighed and complained “Magic is cheating.” Then he rushed forward and unhesitantly bisected the man who fired the arrow.

A beefy pale-skinned, balding middle-aged man immediately tried to use his spear to impale the giant. However, it was first deflected and then Henry chopped the man’s arms and legs off, before decapitating him in less than five seconds.

The other two hurriedly surrendered and started begging for forgiveness. It was an extremely anticlimactic battle.


“It was peer pressure! Carl and Rory forced us to come here! We didn’t know what they wanted to do with Yolanda! It’s not our fault!”

Henry glared down at the brown-skinned man and growled “Little Cousin… You decide what I should do with them. They’re good archers. We have so few people left… If we really do execute them, then there aren’t many in the village who would be able to help us defend the keep in the future… I assume that we will need to fight eventually, correct?”

Azra was staring at a large screen that popped up in front of his face and muttered “Neat… Then what do you think we should do Sis? We have over thirty…”

A cold voice carried over from the other side, murmuring “Interesting, then we do not necessarily need to keep the villagers alive. Those humans aren’t worthy of becoming slaves. If they are uncontrollable, then they would be more useful as currency. Ask our cousin for a list of every person within the village. Have him give a general description of their appearances… Henry and Joanna will decide who survives and who perishes. Reaper will take care of the rest.”

Once she finished speaking, the screen disappeared and Azra walked forward with the forging hammer in his right hand. Then he snickered, swinging the blunt instrument down onto the back of the tan young man’s head. His skull burst open and brain matter splattered all over his friend’s face. However, before he even had a chance to scream, an iron broadsword plunged into the brown-skinned man’s chest.


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  2. Jeez, as soon as you take away fear of god then people have nothing holding them back in a position of power but their own conscience. If a higher power that is supposed to punish you for your ‘sins’ no matter what you do to avoid it isn’t there then the only thing you need to do is leave no witnesses or be strong enough to deny the law.

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