TDD V1 Chapter 8, Part 10: Looting

A powerful wind was swirling around the entire king territory, like an enormous snowy tornado. However, it wasn’t much stronger than a ‘normal’ blizzard, so the two men were able to make to the village within a few minutes without much trouble.

Henry led the way, while Azra mindlessly followed behind. He was thankful for the white noise, since it meant that the two of them couldn’t talk to each other. When they went inside of the smithy, the whole building was rumbling, as if it was going to fall apart.

“What do you want to bring first? The Anvil weighs over two-hundred pounds… If the two of us carry it together, it won’t be that-What?”

Azra didn’t waste any time and began opening portals rapidly. He was able to move them around and spawn them wherever he wanted, so it only took a moment for him to grab every single piece of equipment within the smithy. The forge wasn’t much more than a fancy fireplace, so he didn’t bother ripping it out of the wall. Instead, he took all the timber that would normally be used as fuel.

After looking around for a bit, he grumbled “Such archaic technology… Well, it’ll have to do for now.” Then he turned towards his cousin and said “Let’s go.”

The two of them went over to the house of a carpenter who had died, looting the place. Azra didn’t stop at carpentry and blacksmithing equipment. He took literally anything and everything that wasn’t crucial to the structure of the building. Including lots of stuff that Henry considered ‘junk’. Of course, since he didn’t have to carry it, he didn’t complain.

“Hey, how much can that magic hold?” As Azra was about to teleport away, he was suddenly stopped by a question.

He nervously glanced around and murmured “Uh, well, it isn’t endless… But there’s still a decent amount of room left… Why?”

Henry chuckled and patted him on the left shoulder, suggesting “Why don’t we go around to the other houses and buildings? There are a lot of places that are vacant right now… I’m pretty sure that they haven’t been cleared out yet. If we don’t take it first, then won’t someone else just claim it? The Silver Keep is almost totally empty right now…”

Azra sighed, instantly succumbing to the peer pressure as he nodded his head. The first house they went to was actually Henry’s. Joanna and her son wanted to permanently move into the keep, so they had decided to totally abandon their own property. Their log cabin was missing two beds and some dressers, along with various other items. However, there was still plenty of stuff that they hadn’t been able to move yet.

Fortunately, the storage space was fairly large. The most important thing was that he didn’t need to worry about gravity. Almost every cubic inch could be utilized.


8 thoughts on “TDD V1 Chapter 8, Part 10: Looting

  1. nice chapters thanks. But you know it slowly gets really confusing to read you stuff. I mean all those references and i have little to no idea how they connect

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s kinda like how Batman, The Green Arrow, The Flash, Superman and other DC comics are all intricately connected… Even though they usually stay within their own little city or whatever, they all live on the same planet and in the same Universe.

      Marvel does the same thing… And Stephen King. Actually, it’s a pretty standard practice among authors to have all their stories be interconnected lol.

      Even though there are loads of connections, unless it’s to the degree of “Hardcore OP-ness” and “Hardcore Legacies”, they usually aren’t so intimately connected that you would need to read one before the other. Plus, many of them take place simultaneously(Like TDD, CC, TDoE and TDoDK.)


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