TDD V1 Chapter 8, Part 9: The Kitchen

“Oh! Timothy’s here?! This is great! Katia, I’m sorry, but I need to go see my nephew…” Joanna was in the kitchen with a middle-aged chubby woman, who had pale skin, grey hair and blue eyes. When they first arrived, none of the rooms had any sort of furnishings or embellishments. However, there were some things that were built into the structure of the keep. Such as the fireplaces.

There was a large stone platform on the floor, near one of the walls which had a window. It was essentially a primitive stove. Firewood was burned underneath of it and the smoke would be guided out into the same chimney that the fireplace in the great hall used. The two rooms were right next to each other after all.

Aside from that, there was also a place for storing large amounts of food. It was a basically just a hole in the wall, but it would be simple to install several shelves. There was also plenty of space to set up cabinets and racks, to hold dishes, pans, pots and other kitchen tools. However, aside from a handful of basic essentials, the kitchen appeared extremely bare. Of course, it at least ‘looked’ like a kitchen now though.

“Sure, I can finish making the stew on my own anyway… If you get the chance, ask your nephew and niece if they can scrounge up some veggies, fruit and grains. It won’t be long before we run out of everything at this rate.”

They could normally rely on merchants to pass by, but without trading for staple foods, it would be difficult to survive long term on nothing but hunting. Especially when the population of animals was much lower than the outside world.


When the Joanna entered the bedroom and saw Azrael, she immediately rushed over and gave him a hug. He raised his arms and didn’t know how to react.

“Mom, you’re scaring the kid. If you keep this up, he might disappear again…” It wasn’t until Henry said something, that his mother realized how inappropriate her actions were.

She backed up and said “I’m sorry, I was just so excited to see you. Both you and your sister… You remind me of your mother so much.” She looked around the room and found the cowering little rat-girl and asked “Is this the child that you wanted me to keep out of trouble?”

Azra muttered “Umm, yeah… She’s actually an adult Ratkin though… They’re uh, like, humanoid rodents. Well, it’s fine if you just treat her like a puppy or kitten… Wait, do you know what puppies and kittens are? I, um, uh, anyway, that’s not important. We should hurry up… This shouldn’t take too long.”

When he quickly left the bedroom, Henry followed after him. Fortunately, the hallways and stairwells were all made so that even men as large as them were able to walk around comfortably. Otherwise, it would have been impossible to carry cabinets and beds up to the third floor.


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