TDD V1 Chapter 8, Part 8: Without You

“Azra, you will be required to train your social skills eventually… I believe it is best if you learn to interact with other humans now. Otherwise, you may face hardships if I’m not there to assist you.”

“Please don’t say something so fucking ominous… If you die, then why would I even bother living anymore?”

[There are other fragments of Azrael’s and Uriel’s souls nearby… If either of you fail this test and perish, then I will simply select one of them to replace you. They will likely absorb your soul fragment and you will cease to exist.]

“That is absolutely horrifying… Thanks for the heads up!” Azra’s sarcastic remark was totally ignored by DC.


“You’re a monster, but so am I~… You’re a demon, I can’t deny~… And every time I see you falling~, I can’t help holding on~! Because without you~, I’m nothing~, without you~, I’m alone~… I know that every life, is different~! I know that every time~, is not the same~! But I love you and I hate you~! So don’t you die, without me~! Don’t you cry~, when I say goodbye~! Because I~, am~, always~, gonna be there~, with you~…”

A soft and high-pitched falsetto was echoing throughout the huge bedroom in the Silver Keep. However, aside from ten giggling and babbling baby Goblins, the only other person was a huge bearded man with short hair.

The two windows had been boarded up and the temperature was incredibly warm. There was a large fireplace, with a decent amount of wood crackling inside, illuminating the bedroom in a dim, flickering light.

Aside from himself, only Joanna and a few other women were allowed to enter the room. There were a total of five small beds spread out in the corners, while the middle area was for the cribs. It was tradition in Salmon Creek to pass around cribs, toys and other important child care items to the people who needed them. Since there were only a few dozen people left in the village, it wasn’t strange for a bunch of extra ‘junk’ to be left behind by those who either died or fled. Thus, the Goblins were each allowed their own individual cribs to sleep in.

“Geez, you kids really do grow fast…” After Henry finished singing to the babies, he held a leather flask with a small nipple on the end and began feeding them goat milk. He also had cow milk and even human breast milk. Some of the Goblins were picky and didn’t like certain kinds, the biggest one already had teeth and was the size of a normal human infant. She would only eat meat or fish, anything else would be thrown up or spit out.

Henry suddenly felt like a door was opened, except instead of a cold gust of wind, it was a sweltering heat that billowed within the room. All ten of the babies immediately stopped babbling and giggling as well. The Goblins innately sensed a familiar presence appearing in the vicinity, so they all crawled up to the edges of their cribs. They were looking not towards the large silver cylinder, but the mysterious mirror that was obscured behind it.

“Uh, umm… Hi…” Azra left Ailyn behind and came through the portal while carrying a squeaking pink mouse-girl in his arms. He was wearing his winter coat, so the moment he entered the room he was shocked at how hot it was.

“Little Cousin! Ah, you scared me a bit… It seems like you’ve brought something weird again, huh?” It hadn’t been that long since they last saw each other.

As the gateway closed behind his back, Azra let go of the crying Ratkin and she hurriedly tried to escape from the two giant ‘monsters’. She was only a few hours old and had no idea what was going on, so her fear and confusion weren’t that strange.

“Umm, yeah… I kind of, I need to ask you for a favor again. No, like… A few favors, I guess…” He walked towards the man who was not only six inches taller than him, but also far heavier and muttered “So anyway, I’m going to start staying here from now on… Not all the time, just, to make stuff. Ask some people to, you know, uh, carry over some stuff. The grand hall will become a smithy from now on. I’ll replace the fireplace with a forge and umm, the room upstairs will become a workshop. The storage room should be filled with supplies… We’re going to need a lot of space to store everything…”

“Is there a rush?” Henry frowned, explaining “There’s a pretty bad blizzard outside at the moment. It would be hard to gather enough people to take apart and carry a forge… Then there’s the anvil. By workshop, do you mean carpentry?”

Azra nodded and said “Don’t worry… I’ll go with you. I should be able to umm, put everything in a spacial pocket. The problem is that I can’t teleport over there. I wanted you to come with me, so I don’t have to talk to anyone else. Also, ask your mother to watch after the brats. And that stupid Ratkin.”

“Alright, wait here, I’ll go find Mom.” The giant man went over to a wooden cabinet near his bed and took out some brown leather pants and a thick fur coat. He had been wearing nothing but trousers and a cotton undershirt, since it was so warm in the room.

“Umm, okay then…”

Henry quickly opened and closed the door, because the temperature outside of the room was a lot colder. Aside from the bedroom, there was actually a hallway, with two smaller rooms on each side. They were originally meant to house servants who tended to the lord and lady of the keep. Currently though, they were empty. In fact, although Joanna wanted to have more people living in the keep to take care of the place, it had only been a few days. Only Yolanda and Katia had agreed so far.


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