HCL Chapter 108: Deus Ex Machinations

“I’m not evil~… Don’t cha know? I ain’t an angel, just for show~! I might be a little insane~… And I might have a demonic brain~… But I ain’t evil, don’t ya know? I’m not the Devil, just a hoe~! And every day~, my conscience seems to sway~…”

A beautiful and terrifying voice echoed throughout Mars’ chaotic atmosphere. There was a colossal draconic woman dancing around, as if she was in a trance. Each of her steps caused the ground to quake, while the air around her body was swirling around like an enormous maelstrom. Four dove-like pure-white wings moved around behind her back, blasting out storms every few steps.

“Hahahaha~! Dude~, we are so fucking high right now… I can’t believe we just smoked a planet! Or maybe the planet smoked us? Woah~, look at all the pretty lights… Urp, blagh~!”

The giant dragon-girl suddenly started vomiting out a gigantic stream of bronze-colored liquid, which sprayed all over the obsidian she was standing on. Since she was so massive, her excretions would obviously be of a similar scale.

“Holy fucking shitballs! Dude! Am I tripping or did I just throw up a bunch of copper coins?!”

They weren’t made out of actual copper, but highly condensed neutral mana. They had inadvertently unlocked the key to creating those magical coins, but the process was rather unrefined. A large portion of the mana was simply lost.

“Oh God, I’m so fucking horny right now!”

The massive dragoness suddenly laid down onto the obsidian ground and began curling her body up into a ball. That long tail suddenly split into seven golden serpentine heads, which each began licking her genitals. Since her neck and tongue were both snake-like as well, she was easily able to plunge her tongue into her own vaginal opening.

Each of the mouths let out loud moaning noises, along with deep ‘hissing’ sounds. As she was rolling around, the earth beneath her was cracking apart and eventually, she fell down into a deep crevice.

“Agh?! What the fuck!?”

Of course, even after she landed in a pool of molten lava, she didn’t lose her arousal. In fact, the heat only made her more voracious than before! As she breathed in those toxic fumes, they were swiftly broken down into Wind mana; the molten rock was transformed into Fire and Earth mana.

“This is so~ awesome!” She had totally lost her mind from binge-eating. As a consequence, the seven conjoined souls and bodies began to fuse even more dramatically than before. Whether it was Talia, Elina, Sarah, Michael, Jasmine, Inari or Alice, they all had one thing in common with each other: Gluttony.

Love and sex were the keys to melding multiple souls together, but as far as bodies were concerned, eating would always be the most important aspect of life. Even breathing was still a form of consumption!

The dragoness was constantly transforming in various ways. Her scales would turn pitch-black, then pure white, sometimes they would be grey. The eyes changed from serpentine pupils, to catlike ones, then they resembled Michael’s occasionally.

Minari Salina Jalicia was evolving into something else. Since she never truly had a stable form in the first place, there were times when she turned into a gelatinous blob of pink or purple slime. She also became a ‘he’, then a hermaphrodite, followed by a male bright-blue cat. As always, the seven souls were so drastically different that they were unable to decide on their true form.

In the end, the glue that truly held the six women together was Michael. Elina and Jasmine loved each other before they had ever even met the strange man, but Sarah and Talia weren’t nearly as attached to their Companions. Alice and Inari on the other hand, deeply cared for everyone that was in their strange little family.

However, that was only in the very beginning. When they had come over to Earth, from Arcana, they had only spent a few months together at most. Decades had passed since then. They stayed in their own separate Soul Realms most of the time, but they had certainly spent enough of their lives together for a much more stable bond to form.

As they continued morphing into different forms, attempting to find the one that perfectly fit them as a cohesive whole, Minari began sinking down deeper into the crust of Mars. It didn’t take long before they reached the mantle and were swept along by the ferocious magma currents. They consumed the molten ore, but the sheer amount of mass was far too much for their relatively small body to handle. Thus, they started growing larger.

Within several hours, the enormous black dragon-girl was over a kilometer from head to tail. Yet that was only the beginning. She turned into a five mile wide blob of putrid green slime, then a ten mile tall angelic cat-man with seven eyes and six pairs of pitch-black wings.

“No, this isn’t right either…”

At a certain point, they managed to start working together in order to create the perfect fusion that they all desired.

“It’s too damn big. The amount of energy required to move the body is way too much. We need to be a lot smaller.”

With every breath they took and every word they spoke, the monstrous being would cause massive tremors on the crust of the planet. Mars was still being bombarded with asteroids and meteors nonstop, so it wasn’t too noticeable. However, there were also copious amounts of mana, which escaped from their body uncontrollably. Hence, they needed to keep devouring more magma.

“This is too small… And the shape is wrong. Now it’s too big again. Beauty is irrelevant… Tits are fucking pointless. Don’t need a dick or a pussy to fight. They’re all just glaring weaknesses! Yeah, JJ’s underwear… Hmmm, bipedal locomotion is better for wielding weapons, while quadrupeds are faster. A centaur design would be interesting, but overly complicated. We have far more experience overall with bipedal movements and combat. If we’re too big, then we won’t be able to use any of our equipment. If we’re too small, then we won’t be able to fight effectively against absurdly large opponents. Shrinking and growing destabilizes our bodies far too much in this reality. Inari was assisted by the System in Arcana, while we have no one to rely on here but ourselves.”

Each of the seven Companions had their own special racial abilities and traits. Jasmine and Inari had the most malleable bodies, but in a sense, that also made them the weakest in their natural forms. However, it was because of them that Minari was able to mold her own ‘final’ form.

Jasmine’s brain was typically in a liquid state. Although this allowed her to become nearly immortal against many types of attacks, it obviously had negative repercussions on her mental state. Inari on the other hand, could grow hundreds of times larger within seconds if she wanted. It was also possible for her to shrink her body down to the size of a mouse, without losing any cognitive functions. Of course, one of the main problems with the slimy cat-girl, was that she had more than one ‘mind’. Thus, the amount of information that she needed to process was much greater.

The first thing that Minari did was break down into the form of a slime. That massive kilometer wide blob was floating around aimlessly through the magma currents, while entirely focusing on the life that was being created within its very center.

They started with a brain. It was similar to that of a human, but many times larger. There were plenty of wrinkles and lumps, which wriggled around. However, something else was there as well. It didn’t come from Arcana, but was picked up on Earth. A piece of technology designed by Azrael, in order to harness the power of mana. There were dozens of those silver chicken eggs floating around in the goopy mess. Along with thousands of tiny black beads, which resembled Michael’s original manacore.

Those silver eggs were extremely small even in comparison to the brain, but they were able to function as the control center for all the nanites that had been lurking in Minari’s body. As the other vital organs began forming, a few eggs would attach themselves to each of them.

The Rapture Nanites were quite possibly the most valuable Legacy that existed within that entire universe. They weren’t borne from Arcana’s power, but created through Azrael’s own inspirations and machinations. It was a tremendous advantage for Minari of course, yet it was also a trap, orchestrated by a being that was on par with Arcana in majesty and might.

Author’s Note

Deus Ex Machina


In case you didn’t understand the meaning of the title lol. Anyway, so ya know how I said chapter 120 would be the end? Well, it’s starting to look like there might be a few more chapters until I can end this lmao. Unless I wanna make chapter 120 like 3 or 5 times the length of normal chapters… Which would be meaningless lol.

Anyway, I’ll probably release the prologue to “OP-ness Returns” shortly after the epilogue of “Hardcore Legacies” :P.


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