Chapter 41: A Haircut

As Michael was walking out of the bathroom, wearing nothing but a towel, he turned to his right and saw Linda sitting on a huge king-sized bed. She asked “How’d it go in there? I heard ya talkin ta someone, en I saw a weird kitty scamperin out the door…”

The Nephilim sighed, wondering “Hey, do you think you could cut my hair? It doesn’t have to be all fancy, just… I don’t know, normal-ish to a certain degree. I can’t really do it myself…”

All around the bedroom were a wide variety of firearms hanging from the walls, or being stored on shelves. It was easy to tell judging from the amount of guns in the goat-girl’s house alone, that the cul-de-sac as a whole, was essentially an enormous treasure-trove for bandits or even other communities in the area. However, it still wasn’t enough for people to be willing to sacrifice dozens of helicopters and tanks, in order to simply destroy the place; yet, Michael didn’t even seem to be concerned about any of that.

Linda smiled wryly, stood up and walked towards him while nodding. After the two of them entered the bathroom together, he sat down on the edge of a rather large tub. She swiftly opened one of the mirror-cabinets and found some scissors, approaching the mostly naked man from behind. “So umm, what’re yer plans? Like, do ya wanna stay here with us, er did ya wanna leave? With that weird birdy an yer ‘powers’, ya can probly make it jus about anywhere… It’s kinda safe here, but as ya saw earlier, we have a few problems with the neighbors, heh~.”

Michael muttered “I’ve never really had any ‘plans’ in my life, but I think most people are like that. The ones that ‘do’, usually spend all their time planning and forget how to actually enjoy their lives. It’s always nice to have a base of operations… a ‘home’ to come back to. Regardless of where I go from here, I’ll probably come back frequently, assuming that you guys manage to survive without me. Hmmm, well, I mean, there’s no reason for me to ‘leave’ either. You have food, guns, ammo, shelter, the climate seems pretty damn good, and even if I wander around… what’s the point?”

She giggled, steadily clipping his hair as the two of them were looking out the bathroom-window. It was tinted on the outside, so the two of them were able to see a huge tan tank, dragging a dozen giant bullet-ridden pigs into the cul-de-sac. There was also a green Humvee that swiftly entered their driveway on the right side of the house, while that colossal armored tortoise lazily settled down on the lawn across the street. The people on board didn’t need a ladder to get down, because there was an elevated platform built next to Goliath’s ‘grazing’ area.

As she gazed over at the horrified faces that were permanently attached to those trees jutting out of that enormous mansion, Linda asked “Mike, I need ta know somethin… Do yer powers include healin? Like, can ya possibly… ‘fix’ my mama?”

Hearing that, he turned around and stared into the goat-girl’s rectangular pupils for a moment; then he frowned, “Maybe… it probably depends on what the problem is. I mean, if it’s an injury, my blood might be able to cure it. On the other hand, she could turn into a giant crab-monster for all I fucking know, hehehe~. Well, I might know someone who could ‘help’ her, depending on what’s actually wrong with your mother.”

The goat-girl grinned, as tears slightly welled up in the corners of her eyes and she sniffled quietly. Then she grabbed his head and forced it to face forward, grumbling “Ya idgit, dun get my hopes up like this! Dun-cha know I’ll be cryin later if it turns out ya can’t really do anythin?” as she continued to cut his hair in very practiced manner.


Meanwhile, in the bedroom not far away from them, an adorable blue kitten was excitedly hopping around. No matter where she went, there were just too many different types of guns and her tiny brain was unable to concentrate on a single item.

“Nyah~, so pretty~! How does it work~?! Meow~! Stupid kitty paws! Can’t~, pick~, it~ up~!” She finally stopped on top of a computer desk, which also doubled as a place to create bullets. There was an AK-47 casually resting upon the left side, which was chrome-plated and had a drum magazine.

As she was growing increasingly frustrated, she finally leaped off of the counter and landed onto the fluffy green comforter, which smelled of rosemary and thyme. She rolled around a few times, before her body abruptly exploded; however, rather than turning into icicle fragments, the cat had transformed into a creamy-pink blob of gunk.

The slime-ball gurgled a few times, gyrating violently and eventually transformed into a pale-skinned, one-meter tall, large-breasted girl. Instead of pink, her feline eyes were golden; her hair was long, wavy and pitch-black. She also had fluffy ebony fur covering her ears and tail, which wiggled around as she stretched her newly formed muscles and joints out properly.

After yawning emphatically, she looked down at her cleavage and grabbed her bosoms happily. Jasmine massaged them roughly and even rubbed her tiny nipples, purring loudly and yelling “Mikey~! Mikey~! Nyah~, Mikey~!” obnoxiously.

A few seconds passed and one of the doors to the bedroom slowly creaked open, but it wasn’t the one which led to the bathroom. There was a bald-headed, deathly skinny woman, with green skin and dark-brown irises; staring at the little girl for a moment, she wanted to speak but her voice was totally gone.

Delilah Day normally didn’t even have the presence of mind to understand what was happening around her, but when gazing into those golden, cat-like eyes, it was as if she had finally become lucid. Of course, that also meant that she was conscious enough to realize a child was laying on her bed and furiously masturbating.

“Nyah?! Mikey~ save me from the scary monster~! JJ beam~!” She pointed her right finger towards the woman and a dense aura of Light, swiftly gathered on the tip. However, rather than a deadly attack, it just glowed for an instant and gave the woman a mild headache.

Within the center of Delilah’s root-riddled brain, a light-green pearl had suddenly formed. It radiated both Light and Nature mana, while pulsating rapidly.

The bathroom door opened, and Linda immediately gazed into her mother’s dark-brown eyes. Within moments, they gained a slightly golden hue, and thin, straight, silver hair abruptly burst from her scalp.

Not only that, but the green skin all over her body had started lightening up, until it was totally pure-white. Yet, the veins and arteries in her face, neck, chest, arms and legs had retained their viridian luster.

Michael had black trimmings all over his chest, face, back and shoulders as he witnessed the strange woman’s sudden transformation. He snickered, commenting “Ah, yep, she definitely evolved; you can tell because of the instant make-over and her tits even got perkier.”

Linda was finished cutting his hair, so she had already returned the scissors to the cabinet. Thus, she was able to hurriedly rush over to her mother, yelling “Mama! Are ya okay?! What in the world happened ta ya?!”

Delilah blinked a few times and noticed that the strange goat-like creature had a face and voice that was eerily reminiscent of her daughter, so she asked “L-Lin, is that you? What happened to me? The real question is what in the hell happened to you?! There’s horns growing outta your head, you’ve got hooves and you’re all furry!”

The two of them didn’t even seem to notice as the naked cat-girl had jumped off of the bed and leaped into Michael’s arms. Jasmine was crying loudly, while rubbing her face on his chest and neck, causing black hairs to get stuck all over her body.

He grumbled “Seriously JJ, ugh, whatever, I need to take a shower anyway, so I might as well do it with you…” After closing the door and locking it, he smirked, carrying the kitten into the large shower to his right.

One of the corners had a convenient ‘stool’, which was the perfect height for him to sit on comfortably. Then he reached out and turned the knob on both sides, making scalding hot water spray out of the shower-head.

Jasmine screamed “Nyah~, no~, Mikey~, I’m melting~, I’m melting~?!” when her humanoid form began deteriorating. She eventually turned into a blob of pink goop, but it somehow managed to maintain its cohesion and refrain from falling off of his lap.

Michael sighed dramatically, muttering “This seems really goddamn familiar for some reason… Oh well, I’ve always wanted to have shower-sex with a slime-girl, but I’ll settle for just using your weird gooey body as lube.”

35 thoughts on “Chapter 41: A Haircut

  1. Her age and initial title as The Virgin is also what makes her later antics so unbelievable. It’s because she is initially portrayed as the more sensible character and sometimes maintains that appearance that makes moments of her say, being flying in a skirt with (both with and without underwear) so incredible, making you do a double take.

    However, her transformation is still no where as incredible as Alice’s transformation. It’s almost as if Alice herself read earlier sex scenes with Sarah and was like, “Yo, whatever I got to do to get more scenes in this novel.” Then you have Inari every so often like, “I think I might be ready for more scenes?”

    It’s strange that in a novel that almost reads like a CoC playthrough at times that some of my favorite scenes from the latterhalf of HCOP was watching Rachel grow up for all of those three or four days. I’m going to be pretty conflicted when she starts asking for more scenes though.

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    • Roflmao, well, it’s more like… When you first meet someone, you don’t usually display your ‘true nature’ right away(At least most people are like that rofl). Michael is a pretty ‘open’ character… in the sense that he’s practically incapable of lying. All of his secrets are more like forgotten memories, rather than things that he’s purposefully keeping hidden lol. Sarah doesn’t really give a fuck either, and it’s kinda obvious but Michael is practically like a role-model for her in a lot of ways… Age-wise, if she were human, she would probably be a child(At least before going to the other world). Of course, mentally and physically, she is an ‘adult’… But hell, I know people in their 20’s who I have a hard time considering ‘adults’ rofl. Anyway, Talia has a lot of experience doing various things, like different professions, etcetera. Yet, in a lot of ways Jasmine had one of the highest levels of understanding compared to everyone else, simply because she lived in a ‘1st world country’ in a lot of ways. Whereas, even Talia was in a 2nd world country, Alice had past-life experiences that we don’t entirely know about, but she spent most of her current life in a fucking cave with her crazy giant anthropomorphic t-rex parents lol. Elina traveled the continent a bit, though she did it on foot as an adventurer and didn’t really go very far. Sarah lived in a medieval city once, but spend the majority of her short life in a dirty goblin village lol. Inari is super young, but she’s a fox, not a humanoid. Even if she can take humanoid form, it’s just not the same. Her true nature is that of a magical-beast and Michael never really ‘trained’ her… Ya know, like how you teach a child or animal “No, bad doggy, you can’t eat babies, it’s wrong.” she wouldn’t really understand that lol.


      • So you would say that many of the characters actions are predestined to happen (being within their true nature) and a lot of their development is artificial in a way (I guess just for the old souls [lol that phrase has a literal meaning in your fiction] such as Alice and Talia). However, for the four remaining younger souls they still gleam a few formative moments from Mike.

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  2. It’s okay to let Talia calm down, because after all she’s a high elf. She is supposed to be demeaning and cold and snooty. She has some semblance of dignity and pretense or at least she did until the latter half of HCOP and who am I kidding the home girl might as well be Anita from West Side Story at this point even if she’s been a bit more prim and proper as of late. I’m not going to forget her transformation from the first book any time soon.

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    • Yeah, well, the main thing about Talia is that she’s a lot older than everyone else too(At least as far as we know lol). So, it makes sense that she’s a lot more ‘mature’ compared to most of the others. Well, I don’t wanna give spoilers, but let’s just say that she’s had a lot more time to ‘calm down’ than the others.


  3. Is Linda speaking in a Scottish or Irish accent or is it that weird Mid-Western Accent that isn’t quite southern? I don’t know if I’ve been playing too much Skyirm and my brain is defaulting to European accents or if I’m actually reading the enunciation correctly (probably not).

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    • It’s kinda like someone from Maryland who moved to Kansas, at least that’s how I imagined it roflmao. There is a ‘Baltimore’ accent, which I don’t actually speak in, but my parents do. However, for whatever reason, I usually write Michael and Sarah in a ‘Baltimore’ accent… Anyway, I’m horrible at accents lulz. I wish I knew how to write in accents better, cause I would probably give Talia a British accent :P. Even though her other language is Spanish, I just feel like High Elves would speak ‘proper’ English. Idk about the others…


      • For a person who is supposed to speak with King’s English, she really does act and use the vocabulary of an Angry Puerto Rican. I mean, it’s not like I hear Talia pronouncing her y’s like j’s but she’s getting more Latina all the time.

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      • Idk, she hasn’t really cursed in Spanish for a while… I might need to fix that lol. Well, I guess it’s more like, she hasn’t had much dialogue in this book compared to the last one :P.


  4. When JJ instantly formed a Mana-core and forcefully evolved the mom… I couldn’t hold in my laughter! I kept going “How? HOW? HOW THE HELL!?! How in the fuck does JJ even know how to do anything none violent!?! How!?!” I was losing my shit dude. JJ’s too much of a goof to ever not play around (Also insane) and take literal “Slime Girl” form right? JJ’s the Hero we don’t really want but have use for, but probably need.

    Thanks for the chapter~ The memory issue is gone too. I should learn programming just to figure out these problems sometime…

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      • I would like to take to time to point out that it says that you posted this comment at 1:27 Am… And I meant Before, since I go to sleep at like 2-4AM PST.

        I feel really tired, but I’m like “Just 1 more chapter…” 50 chapters later… I did read the entirety of Chaotic Sword God to the current translations in like 2-4 days (It was a grey area) that’s like 400 chapters right there!

        I have a problem… And not a masturbation one (I do have one though) either! I mean a reading one! If it’s something like Anime I can just turn it off since I literally have to read the subtitles to understand it, but somehow if it’s reading 100% words, I’m hooked in! Problems! I have them!

        How in the fuck did I rant into that from a single line? Must be the hunger from not eating anything but Sour Key candy all day and smelling Dinner cooking…

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      • Lmfao, btw, check this out… it’s “Martial World” and I think it’s pretty good so far. Made by the same guy who writes “True Martial World”, though I’m 99% sure that it’s a different ‘world’ from what I’ve read. Idk, maybe the MC will eventually end up in the same world as the MC from the other story, idk, there’s only like 69 chapters so far.

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      • I was just about to read TMW and was like “What the shit?” when you said MW… That author does not have very… Unique(?) names at all… I really tend to like characters that are like “Your an asshole? I’m an even bigger asshole!” just for the shits’n’giggles ya know?

        It’s telling me that asshole isn’t a word… I beg to differ. If fuck is a word, so is asshole.

        “Arrogance besets hubris” or something like that? I love when undeserved arrogance just gets beat down to the ground… So basically, I love most Xianxia tropes are played… They hooked me man, they hooked me hard!

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      • Yeah, I like the MCs in TMW and MW because they aren’t very douchey lol. Like, relatively speaking, they’re both pretty nice compared to other xianxia MCs :P.

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      • A non-douche? What is this? WHAT IS THIS!? Lies! ALL LIES!

        As long as it’s got Ranking systems (I am obsessed with flow-charts, that’s what they’re called right?) or stat systems, I’m golden!

        Oh shit, can’t forget Romance! I am obsessed with romance for some reason. It’s just so good! You don’t need a Harem (You did it pretty good IMHO) and if it’s just tacked on, it ruins it completely (you know what I mean). But when they get it right, it enhances the experience really well! You need to add depth to a character, a back story in the very least! No shallow characters if it’s going to be a Main, at the very least a side story. An arc is expected if it’s a major character that will be there the rest of the story though. That’s my opinion, but I ain’t no

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      • That’s where the 2nd half of my comment covers why I like CSG, cause the latest chapter involves this asshat getting his ass kicked with a single chopstick (Maybe 2) being thrown into his arm… It was beautiful.


      • Well fuck, Ctrl + Enter = Send? I can’t delete/edit it so here’s the rest of my super comment!

        That’s my opinion, but I ain’t no author myself so I can’t really comment heavily on the subject since I don’t have much experience besides reading a metric shit-ton of novels at this point…

        I really heavily enjoy character interactions (sometimes more then action) is what it all boils down to. I like conflicting personalities and consequences to their actions also. I really heavily dislike Tragedies though! I don’t need no Onion ninja’s!

        That must be the reason I love Xianxia though. Because when some arrogant asshat goes all high and mighty and tries to steal the girl/injury your friend/family and they just get destroyed for that mid-gloating/threat… IT FEELS SO GOOD!

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      • It’s called ‘Drama’ lol. You enjoy ‘drama’… Most people do though, so it’s not some weird thing :P. Why do you think that shows like “The Walking Dead” do so well? It’s all fucking drama.

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      • I enjoy drama, but I dislike Drama queens for some reason… I dislike people that start drama for no reason, but I enjoy reading and watching drama… Ain’t I a hypocrite?

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