Chapter 72: Fun

A beautiful woman with obsidian skin and seemingly superhuman facial features, was casually sitting on a fairly large stool, in front of a sushi-bar. She was drinking a crimson liquid from a wine glass, which nearly spilled from the corners of her azure lips, as she guzzled it down unnecessarily quickly.

However, the reason she was receiving strange glares had nothing to do with her atrocious manners. It was because of the fact that her long elven ears were easily visible, since she decided to remove her veiled hood in order to eat. She didn’t unequip it, so there was no magic involved, but with her physical appearance being so ‘alien’, it was obvious why many of the other customers were offended.

In fact, there was even a sign on the door of the restaurant which read “No Cyborgs or Mutants Allowed!” There were plenty of people with ‘disabilities’ or ‘illnesses’ that made them deformed, and they were typically still considered humans for the most part. Unfortunately, there were certain parts of New Tokyo that were fairly dangerous for them to enter.

Without the mystical influence of the Charisma stat, Sarah seemed more like a hideous monster than a flawless goddess. At least, that was the case in regards to xenophobic humans.

The bartender and sushi chef was a middle-aged Japanese man, who had short black hair, brown irises and wore the typical totally white outfit that went along with his profession. He frowned as he handed over a bowl of salt water, which contained three living octopi.

Those small creatures were slowly squirming around, but they were already resigned to their pitiable fate. A devilish grin appeared on Sarah’s face, as she used a pair of obsidian chopsticks to pick one of them up.

Her icy breath caused the octopus’ senses to become totally dull and it couldn’t put up any resistance as she sucked it into her tiny mouth. After chewing thoroughly, Michael asked “Seriously, this was the ‘fun’ you had planned? By the way, we don’t have any umm, yen or whatever the fuck kinda currency they use here, so what’s the plan?”

That middle-aged man suddenly mentioned “Miss… I don’t mean to be rude, but perhaps you didn’t notice the sign on the door? It’s not ‘my’ policy, just… it’s probably best if you finish your meal and leave quickly, before someone tries to cause trouble.”

The other customers were spread out around the room and Sarah was the only one sitting at the bar, so she stood out even more dramatically. After being warned, she sneered and picked up another octopus with her chopsticks, slurping it up, then guzzled some of the crimson liquid. Rather than wine, it was actually a Bloody Mary, which had spicy tuna mixed into it.

As she was just about to eat the third octopus, ‘trouble’ had finally arrived. It came in the form of a massive explosion across the street; the ground to rumble and the glass windows shattered.

The little girl only stopped for a moment, before continuing her meal and grumbling “Ugh, so fucking noisy!” That bartender held his throat, as massive amounts of blood sprayed out the left side of his neck. Many of the customers started screaming and falling to the ground, as stray bullets or shrapnel dismembered and eviscerated them.

Ten people were lucky and managed to avoid being injured or killed; they rapidly fled through the back exit of the building, though some of them either stayed with their dying family or friends and others tried to help the injured escape. However, Sarah just casually devoured her last remaining octopus and drank the rest of her Bloody Mary.

That sushi bar was on the outskirts of New Tokyo’s southeastern side, which was considered a fairly ‘dangerous’ part of town. There were only so many sentry drones in the entire city and most of them were allocated to the more densely populated regions.

Of course, while nanites could be used as weapons by Azriel-Tech or the military, they wouldn’t bother using it to prevent crimes or stop them. Thus, there was a decent amount of chaos every now and then.

Across the street from the miscellaneous sushi bar, there were a myriad of generic restaurants. Most of them were owned by ‘pure’ humans, but one of them wasn’t. Not only that, but the owner of that establishment was also an ‘Arcanist’. She worshipped Arcana as a Goddess and even believed that when she died, she would be taken to another world and be reborn as an immortal. Ironically, because of Sarah’s close proximity to the building when it exploded, the woman’s wish did come true; her soul was immediately sucked into the little girl’s back and vanished.

A group of ‘Atheists’ were the ones responsible for the bombing and afterwards, had engaged in a firefight with the singular sentry drone that was attempting to execute them for murder. It was one of the older K-9 models and essentially looked like a gigantic, robotic, car-sized german shepherd, which could exhale tear-gas from its mouth. When it barked, it could launch a directed sound-wave attack, capable of shattering glass and destroying the target’s ear-drums. Most importantly, it was covered in thin, flexible and incredibly durable silver dragon-like scales.

On the left side of the road, there were two terrorists, wearing bright-red exoskeletal suits. They were three-meters tall and designed to fight against demonic beasts outside the walls, but once the new models come out, the old ones are either recycled or stored. In order to make some extra money, the companies sometimes sell a few of them on the black market every now and then. There are also many cases of the suits getting stolen as well.

The two giants had huge single-shot rifles and the impact of each round was similar to an incendiary mortar exploding, blasting apart vehicles that were parked on the side of the road. However, the huge sentry drone leapt back and forth, agilely avoiding the attacks by predicting where they were going to land, based on where the barrels were pointing.

As for the seven other radical Atheists, they were just wearing basic body armor. A bullet-proof vest, combat helmet, goggles, gas mask, some shin, knee and elbow protectors, plus heavy boots. All of their clothing and gear was bright-red or black, because that was their color scheme.

Sarah casually hopped out of the broken window and landed on the roof of a bullet-ridden brown car. She glanced over at the robotic dog and muttered “The hell is that thing?” It was firing mana-powered industrial lasers out of its eyes and accidentally bisected a random woman who was trying to flee the scene. Unfortunately, the artificial intelligence of the older K-9 units was never quite up to par with an actual person. That’s why they were meant to be given a police officer companion, who could use them more efficiently.

The little girl started laughing hysterically as she watched the ‘comical’ scene, of humans dying. Yet, it only took her a few seconds to get bored and yell “Time to have some motherfucking fun!”

That pair of obsidian chopsticks in her right hand transformed into a meter-long wakizashi. Then she pulled the veiled hood over her head and all of her equipment started transforming rapidly. Those nine terrorists and the sentry drone were completely oblivious to her arrival, so they weren’t even aware that a far more dangerous enemy had appeared.

Her face was covered with a skull-mask, there were six shadowy tendrils whipping around behind her head, those long elven ears were exposed on the sides of her head, black-leather armor covered her entire body and there was even a strange tail behind her buttocks. The nanites that surrounded her, were constantly consuming that Darkness mana that wafted off of her, so that she wouldn’t be noticed by the sensors around the block. They were also able to prevent her necrotic breath from turning the whole town into a city of death.

“Ah~, my leg~! Shit, my fucking leg’s gone!” One of the red-clothed men who didn’t have an exo-suit to protect them, was hit by the giant robotic dog’s blue-laser eyes. Everything below his left thigh was totally burned off, and he was screaming on the ground for help.

However, before his allies could get to him, a throwing star smacked into his chest and his entire body flash-froze. Only a few seconds passed, when he shattered into a thousand tiny fragments and the obsidian shuriken flew over, landing in Sarah’s left hand.

After that, she leapt off of the car, soaring through the air at several hundred miles per hour, and used her blade to decapitate one of the giants. The heavily armored head fell onto the ground, but instead of a bloody fountain, there were only sparks and a bit of fire. Even though the person inside was still alive, the suit itself had become totally inoperable from the damage.

The other person wasn’t quite so lucky, because when she stabbed the blade into the center of the extremely wide back, she managed to hit the woman straight through her neck. One of the six remaining terrorists shouted “What the fuck is that monster?! It looks like a demon! How did one of those freaks get inside the city?!”

He aimed his shotgun at Sarah and fired repeatedly, but she was so fast that she could actually dodge the myriad of tiny projectiles. There were others aiming assault rifles and pistols at her, yet nothing managed to strike her body.

“Hahahaha~! Now this! This shit is ‘fun’!” Her high-pitched voice was even louder than the gunshots and explosions, as she soared towards the K-9 sentinel drone. It immediately saw her as a threat and barked repeatedly, yet the little elf managed to instantly Shadow-Step over to the robot and land onto its back. Then her wakizashi transformed into a short and slightly wider gladius, which allowed her to penetrate those thick scales. Every time she stabbed downwards, a slew of sparks and flames burst from the mechanical beast’s neck, until it eventually fell down and stopped moving completely.

As for the last few remaining ‘Atheists’, they had already started to flee. Some of them got inside of a black van and began driving away from Sarah, while the remaining two split up: one went down the alley on the right, and the other went into the one across the street.

Michael complained “Oi, are ya really gonna let those cuntmonkeys get away like that?” The little girl reached down and sucked the giant robotic dog into her inventory, then teleported over to the two exo-suits. One of them still had a living human stuck inside of it, but she was still able to pull them both into her ‘bag’ space.

Then she watched as the van went left at the distant intersection, heading away from the street. She whispered “These kinds of fuckers… I wonder if I should follow them back and massacre the rest of them now, or just wait until later? Heh-heh~, isn’t ‘hunting’ way more fun when your prey has time to be terrified of you? If I just killed em all right away, it’d be over way too fast…”

31 thoughts on “Chapter 72: Fun

      • Dude I’ve been binging from hardcore op-ness to this point and beyond in last two days and I was just wandering about why is something so meaningless as another slaughter fest of Sarah written down? I mean her character didn’t have any sort of development and everything that happened didn’t need brains to deduct. It felt like it was a filler that could have been spend better with some character bonding rather than descripting enemies that will never show up again. I mean later on the story Sarah actually has interesting moral confrontation with herself because of some baby that got killed in almost identical situation to this one but without any fights with obvious outcome. Basically you can do better than this and I really like the world’s you create and the characters in it and I want to see some development with them rather than see them becoming stereotypes of themselves. I hope this doesn’t sound patronizing to you but this is my grain of salt.


      • To be totally honest, I can’t even remember what the chapter was about. I wrote it… Idk, 3 years ago? Maybe longer? I’ll take a guess and say that I was probably describing the setting, illustrating how overbearing and sometimes silly an authoritarian state can be, maybe/possibly ‘showing instead of telling’ or some such bullshit?

        Honestly, I was getting pretty burnt out around that time. But even so, I do like writing slaughterfests every now and then. Just because Sarah is ‘growing’, doesn’t mean she can completely change her entire character lol.

        My memory is fuzzy, but I could’ve sworn she fights like… Some robots or something? Then the police try to arrest or kill her, so she kills them, and then they just decide to keep sending people after her, so she decides to end things by killing their ‘leader’ lmao.

        Aside from that, while Darkness can be chaotic or orderly(Natural), Sarah definitely leans way more towards Chaos than Order lol. A lot of people hate her and when I was writing HCOP and HCL, I can’t remember how many times people complained both her and Jasmine, wanting me to just kill them off. However, there are just as many people or more, who love the two characters.

        Personally, I wouldn’t write a main character that I didn’t like. Also, why am I still rambling on? I gotta go back to writing that new story that I didn’t announce yet lmao. I know I should be writing either OPR or Immortal Soul(The only story making me money atm), but I’m also kinda afraid that if I don’t write down at least part of this new story, I’ll forget about it and it’ll disappear into the abyss for eternity… Or worse, someone else will write it, and I’ll lose my chance rofl.

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  1. way way better than those lame luke+other-fucks-who-i-dont-care-to-remember chapters without m-i-s-e-t-a-j in the beginning of this book. should get these on amazon asap so peoples (I) can buy them. also hopefully edited out that luke side plot shit in the beginning of this book. this falls under a ‘niche’ pick for peoples. crazy good fantasy fucked up romance/harem comedy and stuff.

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      • but to be fair after you get crazy porn orgies between 6 people and broadcast to the whole world and battling parody xianxia sects (longdong i had me a solid laugh) its not as exciting reading about them

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      • Well, ya gotta remember that both HCOP and HCL are kinda-sorta… You can basically read Hardcore Legacies first if you wanted to, and it wouldn’t spoil too much shit in HCOP until the later chapters. Like, chapters 1-30 of HCL is the first book. 31-60 is the second book. 61-90 is the third book and the rest is the forth book.

        You can read the first few books without have any spoilers for the rest of HCOP lol. While you can read all of HCOP and not have any spoilers for HCL.

        The moral of the story is that while you might not like those Luke and Iris chapters, other people do and I do, so I’m not gonna fucking edit them out ffs roflmao.


      • I mean, I hate the ‘Church’ chapters of “Release that Witch”, but I also know that they’re important to the plot and I can’t totally skip them, because then I won’t know wtf is happening later on in the story lol.

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  2. there goes one of the greatest characters the dog that shot lasers out of its eyes and barked teargas you will be missed

    the only way it would have been better if he barked and bees shot out of his mouth

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