Volume 1: Noob Days

Okay, so I know a lot of you guys have been waiting for this for a really long time lol.  However, I never really understood what an ‘EPUB’ or ‘PDF’ was :P.  Fortunately, ‘Gatreh’ did.  It’s also fortunate that he put for a tremendous amount of time and effort to make this Volume 1 EPUB and PDF thingy.

Anyway, I’m using volumes for this because even though it’s basically the same meaning as ‘books’, it is slightly different.  Basically, “Book 1: A Taste of OP-ness“, may or may not be the official first book that I’ll publish eventually.  That doesn’t really matter though, because all the stuff on the site so far are webnovel versions.  When I actually publish “Immortal Soul” and “Hardcore OP-ness” on Amazon, the books will obviously be different from the webnovels in a variety of ways.

This post however, is in order to let you know about the first volume that Gatreh managed to transform into something you can either download or view on a portable device… or whatever the fuck PDFs and EPUBS are used for?

Since these are links that lead away from the site, I decided to use AdFly to get a little bit of ad revenue out of them.  Who knows?  Maybe if I actually make a bit of revenue, I can actually pay Gatreh for their hard work?  Probably not though, cause I highly doubt that there will be enough downloads and views to make more than a dollar or two every month.

This is the EPUB link: “Volume 1: Noob Days

This is the PDF link: “Volume 1: Noob Days

7 thoughts on “Volume 1: Noob Days

  1. Hi Mike!
    I downloaded your epub!
    the file is great! good job!
    if you want to, can i add your adfly link to my blog! so you can get some views!
    thanks , seeya!

    Liked by 1 person

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