Chapter 71: Taking Turns

After three hours of surprisingly serious work, Jasmine managed to totally transform the previously mundane AK-47. The wooden parts had changed from reddish-orange, to light-gold and the dark-grey steel had become as reflective as chrome plating.

Of course, the most extreme changes weren’t just a simple color-scheme alteration. The materials themselves had gone through a magical tempering and on the inside, there were thousands of mana-imbued symbols. She had also created a few dozen boxes of ‘blood bullets’, which didn’t even make sense to Hiro.

He had watched her chomp down onto her right wrist, with those tiny cat-like fangs. As copious amounts of volatile pink blood oozed out, it coagulated into the form of entire containers of projectiles specifically designed for the AK-47 she was working on.

It wasn’t until she finally finished engraving a picture of two naked cat-girls wrestling on each side of the stock, that Hiro asked “Um, what does all of that nonsense actually do, anyway?”

Jasmine was wiping a thick coating of demonic poisonous frog slime all over the weapon, as she casually explained “Nyah~, I enchanted the wood, so it’d be harder to break. Then I doodled some mana-crystal arrays inside the metal bits… Meow~, it was super-duper hard to work with such crappy matts, but at least the pieces were already made. Since I didn’t need to do any forging, I just scribbled some stuff so that when mana goes inside, the thingy doesn’t just kaplode? Like, this one time, I-I, un~, I don’t remember…”

As he sat down across the table from the tiny cat-girl, she was busy shoving bright-pink ammunition into the shiny silver magazine. It could only fit around thirty bullets, before it was totally filled. Then she placed it into the hole, locking it in place and immediately pulling back on the slide.

Hiro frowned, quickly telling her “Please don’t shoot that thing on my property, okay?! Actually, most magical items won’t even work within the barrier… You’d probably need to-”

Completely ignoring his warning, Jasmine jumped up and yelled “Nyahahahaha~! Not so tough now, are you!? Die~!” as she turned around. The recoil was so powerful that her entire body was launched backwards through the air, smacking into the living room window. There were plenty of cracks, but it didn’t quite shatter from the impact.

It sounded like a cannon went off and the cyborgs right ear was nearly deafened; the hearing aid on his left, was designed to ignore sounds past a certain safety parameter. Only a single bullet was actually fired, but when it hit the pool, there was an enormous explosion.

Fortunately, the damage was minimal and most of the water had evaporated or was splashed out of the pool, into the yard. As for the potentially deadly, poisonous and corrosive remains of that pink projectile, it transformed into mana and was absorbed by the nanites in the atmosphere.

Hiro quickly jumped up and grabbed the assault rifle out of the little girl’s hands, scolding “Why would you do that?! Anyway, if you’re really going to stay in my house, then you need to wear some fucking clothes! Also, don’t blow anything up or shoot guns on my property!”

“Wah~, meanie~! I don’t wanna~! JJ hates stupid clothes the most! Nyah~?!” As Jasmine was about to throw a cataclysmic temper tantrum, her expression instantly became blank. Then her face started to transmogrify, making her features sharper and her eyes far larger. The sclera turned purple and the irises became radiant blue. Those feline ears on the top of her head, moved down to the sides and settled with a much more humanoid shape; at that point, they grew longer, curving outwards a bit, with pointy ends. The fur that covered her tail and ears, along with the hair on her head, instantly fell out onto the wooden planks.

All of the skin on her tiny body began tanning, until it was totally obsidian. Even the temperature around her flesh was rapidly dropping, to the point where the window behind her back was covered in a layer of frost.

The cyborg jumped backwards and bumped his waist onto the white chair that he had been sitting on, almost falling to the ground. Then the little girl smirked, while also glaring at him. Those sinister eyes seemed to be capable of freezing the entire world in an instant, to the terrified man.

She whispered “Why do you seem so afraid of me, hmmm~? Fucking pussy…” as her breasts shrank down until they were mostly lithe muscle. Her ‘flat’ stomach, developed thin, rippling abdominal muscles and what little fat that existed on her buttocks, legs and arms, swiftly vanished. Of course, she also grew an entire foot taller, though her height was still incredibly small compared to a typical human adult.

From her bald pitch-black head, beautiful bluish-silver locks appeared. They only grew down to her shoulders, before immediately stopping. That hair was incredibly straight and naturally parted closer to the right side, than the left. Her eyelashes were fairly long and thick, as if she was wearing mascara, but the reason that they stood out, was because they were shiny and metallic.

The last and most significant change, was when that hairless cat-tail became slick and slimy. It grew from a few feet, until it was nearly two meters long. Then the end was covered in tiny barbs, as it opened up and shot out from behind her, aiming directly at Hiro’s unprotected throat.

Without hesitation, he leapt backwards over the glass table and aimed the magically enhanced AK-47 at her head. He was about to pull the trigger, when she vanished in a puff of smoke. Before his feet could even touch the ground, a flexible and rubbery obsidian tentacle wrapped around his neck.

He was flipped up, had the gun taken from his hands, and sent soaring down into the half-empty pool. His body crashed against the water’s surface so hard, that he was directly knocked unconscious.

Sarah snickered, making the assault rifle disappear, along with Jasmine’s other items. Then she slowly floated down to the ground, sneering at the drowning cyborg. However, at the moment when she was planning to leave him to die, two pure-white, fluffy dove-like wings erupted from her back.

She screamed out in agony, as her body also started growing again. Once she was about six feet tall, a vertical golden eye opened up on her forehead. Then a nearly transparent, but brightly glowing white gown appeared upon her obsidian skin. Of course, it didn’t actually cover anything, so it was easy to see the rapidly expanding breasts. Sarah yelled “You fuckin cunt! We agreed that it would be ‘my’ turn!”

Using their ‘shared’ mouth, Elina grumbled “If you want to have control, then you can’t just kill people for no reason!” She quickly took over and walked into the pool, reaching down with both hands, picking up Hiro and gently carrying him out of the water.

After placing him onto the cement, she lightly pressed down onto his solar-plexus and caused him to cough up a lot of water. When he was ‘safe’, Sarah regained control and shrunk her body down to a ‘comfortable’ size. Those wings and the eye were sucked back inside of her flesh, and the gown turned into a tattoo, before vanishing.

While she didn’t have a problem with nudity, the little Death-Elf preferred to be covered in priceless and amazing magical equipment when in ‘public’. A black veil, hood and cloak, along with leather boots, an asymmetric skirt and thin belt all appeared in rapid succession. Then there was a corset, which had light-blue frilly cloth covering her nearly nonexistent breasts and connecting to the mantle at her shoulders. Azure lacy gloves surrounded the obsidian flesh of both arms. Her groin was eventually obscured by a thin layer of black cloth as well, though her panties were still fairly revealing.

Once she cracked her neck and stretched out her arms, that slimy tail was completely hidden within her skirt. Then she slowly ‘grew’ a few inches taller, until she was around a typical height for a human female.

Elina’s voice rang out within her mind, asking “Sarah… what are you planning? What did you want to do so badly anyway?”

With her flawless elven face almost entirely concealed, the little girl casually replied “What do ya think I’m gonna do? Obviously… I’m going to go have some ‘fun’, hehehe~.”

Michael complained “If ya wanna go ‘dogging’, I’m seriously going to stop you…” Inari barked excitedly and he sighed dramatically, muttering “Ugh, not… no, I don’t even know what you thought the word meant, but it means having sex with a bunch of random strangers in a public area. At least, I think that’s what it means?”

Sarah grumbled “Why the fuck to ya always think I’m gonna go sluttin around for?! Every damn time, ya really think I’m some kinda whore!? Grah~! Fun! Ya know?! My all time favorite thing ta do! This is the last city with real ‘humans’ left on this shitty planet, so I need ta go out en have ‘fun’ while I still can!”

Talia interjected “It still sounds as if you are referring to fornication…”

Finally, the little girl screamed “All of you assholes just need ta shut your fucking cunt-holes and leave me alone! Yer all gonna be there too, so be quiet and just let me have ‘fun’, while ya watch!”

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