HCOP Book 2,Chapter 84: Uncontrollable

“No, absolutely not! With your outrageous temperament, any battle will likely transform into a genocide!” Talia put away her sword and removed the bow from her inventory. Then she charged three ‘Arrows of Wind’ at the same time, firing them up at the distant jets.

However, each of those projectiles exploded into colossal tornadoes, which not only destroyed the squadron of fighters, but also wreaked havoc for dozens of miles. There weren’t many houses, since it was mostly orchards and vineyards in the area, so the death-count was ‘low’.

Watching that catastrophic scene, Michael yelled “Oh for fuck’s sake! You’re actually worse than Sarah! At least she killed those people on purpose! Tali, you’ve probably committed about fifty to a hundred thousand fucking cases of manslaughter today! Our little psychotic girlfriend probably only murdered a few dozen at most!”

A group of soldiers wearing three-meter tall, silver exoskeletal suits jumped up twenty feet from the ground and landed on the roof. There were five of them in total, each wielding what appeared to be SMGs, but they were the size of a normal heavy machine-gun. They didn’t even bother saying anything other than “Kill this crazy bitch!”

Talia was surrounded, yet she didn’t even cast any magic, just pulled out an ‘Ironwood Arrow’ and nocked it onto her bow. Her body seemed to defy the laws of physics, as she directly dodged all of the supersonic bullets that were whizzing through her after-images. Instead of flying, she appeared to ‘dance’ around in between those five enemies.

When the first arrow flew out, it instantly pierced through the southernmost robot’s head, causing a huge explosion. The whole top half of the exoskeletal suit was blown to pieces, revealing a gory mess, which was drenched in oil.

A fifty-caliber incendiary round grazed her left arm and burned a hole in her jacket-sleeve, but the material repaired itself almost instantaneously. There were no ‘levels’ in that world, so her clothing obviously wasn’t impervious to bullets. Even in Arcana, her gear didn’t have that much Defense Rating.

With a flutter of those wasp-wings, the seven-foot tall woman practically teleported forward a dozen meters. She arrived in front of a robot that was much larger than herself, and threw out a palm-strike onto the center of its abdomen. A pressure-wave easily passed through the thick metal and an icy aura directly froze the chest of the woman inside.

Even though her target was incapacitated and thoroughly dead, she still sent out a heavy kick, which sent the exosuit soaring off of the roof. Then she nocked three Ironwood Arrows at the same time, firing each of them at an entirely different enemy.

The gunshots obviously stopped immediately after that, but it was still incredibly noisy. There were dozens of huge five-meter tall ‘Mechs’ stomping through the orchard, carrying everything from swords to missile-launchers, not to mention the myriad of weapons on their heavy frames.

At that point, Michael complained “Okay, enough, these things look really fucking expensive and important! If you wreck em all, then this country is probably going to get destroyed by magical-beasts or some such bullshit. Just go, fly over to Rei-Rei’s jail-cell and grab her without massacring anymore people…”

Talia muttered “Miguel, I seem to be experiencing a strange and nearly uncontrollable urge… This body is quite peculiar. It feels as if my blood is boiling and my mind is constantly being subjected to all sorts of extremely disturbing imagery… There is a deep rage, but also something else, far more ‘primal’.”

He snickered, “Yeah, welcome to my life, hehehe~! All of our Passives are there, so that’s probably your pussy having trouble deciding whether it wants to be wet, dry or transform into a tentacle-cock and fuck a sexy robo-girl in the gearbox! Speaking of which, we should definitely go buy some sci-fi sex-toys… Ya know, after we go save what’s-her-face? Now go~, go-go-go-go-go~! Hurry up, before the super-horny-angry nonsense starts getting worse~!”

When her left foot ‘gently’ tapped the ground, she was sent soaring half a kilometer into the air and the wind coiled around her body. Hundreds of tiny rockets were launched up at her, which spread out and exploded like colorful fireworks in the sky. Yet, she was totally unfazed and didn’t even bother retaliating.

Those wings were truly far too powerful to be used by someone who possessed such unnatural buoyancy. There was also the fact that she was absurdly aerodynamic, considering that she could manipulate the atmosphere around her and remove any resistance that would normally hinder her speed.

Within seconds, she had reached mach-three and then started to rapidly decelerate. When she fell from the sky this time, she managed to land on the roof of the proper building. With a furious stomp of her right foot, the concrete was easily turned to dust and the entire structure started to collapse.

Michael yelled “Oi! What the fuck are you doing?! We’re trying to rescue her, remember?!” However, he immediately noticed that there was something seriously wrong with Talia’s mind, when his wisp entered back inside of her brain.

“Destroy everything! Devour it all! Consume, consume, consume~! So~ hungry~! Eat them! Kill them and eat them~!” Behind those goggles, were two bright-blue eyes with vertically slit pupils. Those wasp-wings were dyed pitch-black, then they twisted around and warped into a much more ‘angelic’ shape. The raven-wings were each over three meters long and as they flapped, everything around them was annihilated.

All of the rubble vanished, the air was sucked away, and even the nanites were absorbed. Within moments, the entire building was obliterated and everyone inside of it was killed… Aside from the person that they were searching for.

That unconscious, mostly-robotic woman was floating a few meters above the disintegrating white-tile floor. Not only was there a vacuum, but even gravity in the area was temporarily suspended.

Talia reached out her left hand and sucked Rachael into her Soul Realm, but immediately afterwards, she roared “Sal de mi maldita cabeza! Miguel, I cannot control this body any longer! You must take over now!”

There was an enormous explosion, not quite on the scale of a nuclear bomb, though it was at least a single kiloton. The blast only lasted for a second, before there was nothing but a crater and a tiny mushroom cloud of smoke.


Seven thousand miles to the northwest of Antarctica, in what was once a lush jungle, there was a seemingly bottomless abyss. Chaotic mana constantly spewed from that hole and the surrounding desert was transformed, from yellow to hot-pink. Purple smog filled the skies and prevented even the mightiest of magical-beasts from approaching.

It had been one of Arcana’s ‘dungeons’, but no one ever attempted to enter the pit and test their luck. However, on one fateful day, the same moment that Minari vanished from New Tokyo, something began stirring within that terrifying void.

Within the deepest and darkest depths of that abysmal wasteland, there was an enormous ziggurat. Upon the sacrificial altar, a beautiful, busty, totally naked woman was laying there. She had porcelain skin, long silver hair and every part of her flesh that would normally be ‘pink’ was a shiny metallic gold.

There were plenty of ‘angelic’ beings in the world, and they all had very similar generic appearances. Of course, their facial features and body-structure were always subtly or dramatically varied.

It was rather difficult to tell how old this particular girl was, but she bore a striking resemblance to Michael. Yet, it was clear that she was at most only a cousin or an even more distant relative.

There were thousands of mutated humans kneeling and praying towards the naked glowing woman. All of those people were originally from various parts of Africa and the Middle East, whom Arcana abducted and casually ‘released’ into the hellish underground wasteland. Their original appearances had been radically disfigured in various ways over the years and some of them had either grown into giant monstrosities or shrunk into gremlins and goblins. However, they all remained humanoid and didn’t turn into ‘Warbeasts’.

Slithering across the cavernous walls, there were thousands of blue or black serpents. There were also colossal locusts, wasps and other sorts of magical-beasts lurking in the tunnels, but they weren’t allowed to approach that ziggurat.


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