Chapter 51: Ally

“Gah~, do I push it through or pull it out?! Fucking cuntsauce! Goddamn it! My dick is totally gone, but it’ll probably grow back… Ow-ow~! Argh~! Okay, okay~, it’s fine, totally cool~! I can just send it into my magical storage space… right? Nope~, not working…” Michael was lucky that the back of the harpoon wasn’t attached to a wire, so it was fairly ‘easy’ to grab behind the hook-like head and pull it through his groin.

After that, his underwear, t-shirt, shoes and pants were transformed into tattoos, which blended into his flesh and disappeared within moments. He stared down at the gaping hole in his pelvic area and complained “Welp, any~ day now… I’m gonna be super pissed if I can’t regenerate this shit! Oh wow, holy titty-nipples, that’s a pretty Hardcore OP-ness, hehehe~… Ugh, it still hurts though.”

As his genitals, bladder, prostate, rectum, bones and flesh swiftly returned to their ‘original’ condition, he let out a long and relieved sigh. It wasn’t until everyone in the room was dead, that he noticed that black smog which was billowing around the ceiling.

“What the hell is that shit? Smoke? Is the place on fire?” It appeared so thick and corporeal that he didn’t realize that it was actually ‘Darkness’ mana. With every breath, he inhaled a decent amount of it, but it didn’t feel particularly strange.

“Hmmm~, interesting…” The blood that was covering his naked body seemed to be absorbed back into his skin and filled him with what felt like a surge of adrenaline. However, all of ‘his’ fluids that had spilled all over the ground, turned from crimson, to purple; then it ‘consumed’ everything it touched, bubbling and squirming across the floor-boards.

When the corpses came into contact with the viscous liquid, they were invaded and transformed. Most of them putrefied and were dissolved, but a handful, including the headless Jessie, were reanimated as zombies. The volatile smog made it so that they didn’t feel the typical ‘hunger’, but they didn’t have souls, so they lacked the willpower to do anything on their own.

Ignoring the disgusting undead monstrosities, Michael went around the room picking up the crossbow, fifty-caliber machine-gun, twelve-gauge, harpoon-launcher and several revolvers, before his ‘sentient’ blood was able to ruin them. He placed everything into his inventory and murmured “Just how much shit can I fit inside my special happy-place? Well, whatever, I just hope that I don’t start vomiting out guns any time soon…”

Considering that he had access to a decent amount of extremely overpowered magical items, the Nephilim didn’t think that he would ever actually use the ‘conventional’ weapons. Although, that didn’t mean he couldn’t barter with them, or simply ‘gift’ the firearms to ‘friends’ or acquaintances in the future.

The three zombies began shambling around, heading into the hallway and towards the ‘scent’ of living humans. Michael muttered “Seems like these bastards aren’t interested in eating me anymore? Well, I did kinda~ ‘make’ them, or maybe it’s cause I’m not releasing my ‘aura’ at the moment?”

“Oh hey, Mike, was wondering when you would call me out, heh-heh~…” A crimson, flaming serpent suddenly appeared out of his right palm, slithered around his wrist and climbed up around his shoulders.

“Ally? Are you ‘real’, or am I just hallucinating right now? Do I have super fire-resistance or something?” Michael smiled at the flickering snake, which coiled around his left arm and then ‘jumped’ off of his left hand.

While slowly floating around the room, she snickered, revealing “Well, I’m actually just chilling in your mind and telepathically communicating with you… but I’m also controlling this little flame.” His left pupil was vertically slit and extremely narrow, although both of his irises were still bright-red.

The Nephilim’s left hand was constantly following the serpent and his fingers moved as if he was manipulating a puppet. The entire left side of his body felt numb, as if it wasn’t even attached to the right.

After a few seconds, the fiery snake began ‘swallowing’ the billowing clouds of frigid ‘Darkness’ mana, and rapidly growing in size. Then it also started transforming into the shape of an ‘Eastern Dragon’, amidst the screams, cries and gunshots that were happening throughout the building.

As the lanterns around the room were swiftly devoured by that expanding blaze, the beast seemed to manifest in a more ‘physical’ form. A bolt of lightning abruptly struck, right outside of the window behind Michael’s back, followed by a deafening thunder.

“Oops…” Alice’s attention was broken for an instant and the casually created infernal monster, let out a loud ‘hissing’ noise. It wiggled around and detonated like a fuel-air bomb; in less than a second, the entire house exploded.


Thirty miles to the south, a huge tan tank was crushing an already wrecked blue sports-car. As it drove down the road very slowly, it had to occasionally weave between giant tree-trunks; each of them had the anguished faces of the ‘people’ whom they grew from.

Kelsey was inside of the tank and staring at a small flat-screen monitor, complaining “Damn~, this is some fucked-up horror-movie shit… Why the hell couldn’t it just be a ‘normal’ zombie apocalypse? Ah~! Ugh~, so disgusting!”

Lee screamed “No-no-no-no-no~! Go away!” as a gigantic mosquito the size of a dog, swooped down and tried to impale him. Fortunately, Luke was able to shoot it down with the fifty-caliber machine gun rather easily.

Beatrix whispered “Multiple humanoids, fifteen-hundred meters to the south… They don’t seem ‘feral’… I can see a lot of mana radiating from their bodies. Definitely Psychers…” She was laying prone across the top of the tank, next to the two mounted weapons.

While looking through the scope of her sniper-rifle, she pulled out a small cellphone and murmured “It appears to be ‘Blademaster’, ‘Knife-Girl’ and umm… ‘Hammer-Guy’. They’re currently battling against a group of green tigers… and losing.”

Luke asked “So what’s the plan? Help, ignore or eliminate? They aren’t particularly impressive, but if we could recruit them, it’d still be better than nothing, right?”

Kelsey snickered, keeping the cannon trained on that group of Psychers and magical-beasts, even as the tank moved back and forth to avoid trees. She suggested “Why don’t you just let me blast em? Even if we do help the bastards, there’s a seventy-percent chance that they’ll back-stab us later on.”

Blademaster was a two-meter tall, former professional basketball player, who was famous for landing impossibly long shots every few games. His current appearance was that of a seven-foot tall, dark-brown skinned man, with long dreadlocks, and glowing blue irises. He was wearing his old white jersey, loose gym shorts and expensive athletic shoes that were meant for jumping and running. There were some flashy rings on his fingers and he was holding a huge, six-foot long machete with both hands.

Knife-Girl was a twelve year old Hispanic kid, who lived in Kansas City before the apocalypse. She wasn’t particularly famous or powerful, but after mutating, her ears became long and pointed, irises turned green and her curly brown hair was magically dyed blonde. The five-foot tall ‘child’ dressed as a ninja, in all black and mainly used throwing stars, needles, knives and had a replica katana.

Then there was ‘Hammer-Dude’; he was essentially a three-meter tall, pale-skinned Minotaur, who had brown eyes, with obsidian fur covering his lower-body and a bull-like head. There was a sledgehammer in each hand, and he was furiously beating down the tigers that were pouncing at him.

The little girl flung out dozens of blades, which she controlled with telekinesis and used them to stab into the eyes and ears of the beasts that were attacking her. Blademaster jumped five meters into the air and grabbed hold of a tree-branch with his left hand and used the right to throw his machete into the mouth of a green tigress, that was twice the size of the others.

However, regardless of how many the three of them killed, there were always more. After all, they weren’t actually ‘tigers’, but just regular cats that had been exposed to mana for a month or so.

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  1. Is Luke’s deck of cards gonna help the “Trio of redundant names” right? I need a better smart-ass comment for their… names? At least Hardcore-OPness is a dick joke! At least it has a underlying childish humour to it! These 3… Their names… I really want Mike (if these guys survive and meet him) to just make some long ass rant about their names. This bothers me.

    Thanks for the chapter~ My eyes are on fire! Maybe Ally is playing tricks on me?

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    • I’ll have you know, I am so sleep deprived and I have like 2 hours till school starts also, that I stared at the “Post Comment” button for a solid 5 minutes before clicking it. That’s how much I zoned out.

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        Just checked Gravity Tales, what the fuck. Where’s my updates?! I should enable email alerts…

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      • The chaos of DoW was what I lived for when I played it like a decade ago (Sometimes I play it now also)! Waves upon waves of Orks just getting slaughtered! Imperial Guardsmen trying to kill Space Marines! The literal Chaos just fucking everyone’s day up! Squad based DoW2 makes for better story, but I disliked it personally. Base builder all the way!

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      • Aw sheit… I don’t got DC or SS anymore (Had them on disc quite some time ago). SS I played purely for the SOB that… really like fire. and DC I played mainly Necron’s and Tau since robots are justice right? Tau and their fucking stealth bots! Everywhere you go! Necron’s though… You have to early rush them or risk a death by swarm since those guys are stupid strong.

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      • Yeah, anyway, you should buy the humble bundle lol. It’s literally only a dollar for all of Dawn of War 1 :P. I mean, there are other games to, but idfc about them. It’s still a fun game, even if it’s 10 years old… Well, the expansions aren’t quite as old, so it doesn’t ‘feel’ like a 10 year old game. Hell, when it came out, it actually had amazing graphics for the time :P.

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