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As a few of you may have noticed, I changed my theme lol.  The reason is mainly ads.  Okay, so for a while in January(At least half of the month) I was using one of these special ‘wordad themes’, which allow you to have like 1 or 2 extra ads on the page.

Since you don’t get the any sort of feedback until like 2 months later, you literally have no way to find out how much revenue or ad impressions you’re getting at the time that you’re getting them.

Now it’s statistics time, yay~… I had like 240k views in January, but only 100k ad impressions.  I thought “Oh hey, I guess only like half the people didn’t have ad-block on?” and didn’t really think too much about it after that.  100,000 ad impressions was worth 114.44 dollars.  It didn’t really seem like a lot, but it was better than nothing.  So~, I decided to try and get more views the next two months in order to get more ad impressions.

For the entire month of February, I was back to my old theme, which only allowed 1 ad thingy, so I figured it might not get as many impressions, but it shouldn’t be too bad, right?  Yeah, I was wrong lol.  225k views only gave me 15k ad impressions and here’s the funniest part, those 15k impressions were only worth 81 cents.  Not even a single dollar QQ.

Now I know that depending on the ads and where the person viewing it is from, there is supposedly a ‘slight’ difference in what they’re worth but still… I figure it has to be the theme.  That’s the biggest variable imo.  So~, I’m pretty sure March is already doomed to be worth less than a dollar… Ugh, I just wish the stupid wordads would tell me before 2 months had already gone by.

Anyway, this is why ‘Donations‘ and Patreon are so important to me lol.  Apparently, wordads are totally unreliable rofl.

In further news, today is actually Break Day, I think?  Even if it isn’t, it’s Break Day now cause I’m fucking depressed… Well, I’m not actually depressed, but I am pretty pissed off.  I’m still writing/editing etcetera, but chapter 52 will be posted in like idk, 24 hours?

BTW, I’m currently editing chapter 6 of “Immortal Soul”, so hopefully I’ll be able to finish editing the first book in April?  Maybe I’ll be able to publish “Black Mithril” on Amazon during May?  It’s been like a year and a half since I wrote this first volume or book of “Immortal Soul”, so everything is so messy… QQ.

8 thoughts on “New Theme

  1. Mike, the same thing happened to me with WordAds. It’s an error on their side. Send the support team a message regarding your problem, making a comparison to the previous month and explaining the stats of your current month. You should have it fixed in 2-3 working days. 🙂

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