Chapter 164: Angelic Massacre

“Commander Seraphiel, Level-29 Angel Guardian, Rank-D, Boss,” was a three-meter tall, extremely muscular woman, with a face that was similar to just about every other angel.

There were obviously small differences between everyone: slightly smaller or larger noses, eye spacing, ear sizes, teeth shape and color, cheekbones, eyebrows, etcetera. However, all ‘angelic’ beings of the Light Affinity, had golden irises, lips, tongues, and genitalia, plus silver hair and porcelain skin.

Thus, when he saw the giantess, along with all the others, Michael had a little bit of difficulty telling them apart. However, even as he was surrounded on three sides by potentially hostile, dove-winged, religious zealots, he still didn’t call out the rest of his Companions.

Seraphiel glared at him, while holding a huge silver scimitar in her right hand, with a massive golden tower-shield on the left. Her armor seemed to be made out of the same milky-white material as the Nephilim’s boots and greaves.

The people in Luxiana behind him were completely confused about what was happening. From their perspective, it appeared as if an army of ‘Human’ angels was threatening their town and a lone, courageous, ‘Feline’ Angel was trying to protect them: They were mostly Cat-Tribe after all.

Michael asked “So~, what’s up with you guys anyway? If ya came ta fight, there’s no way you can win. Hell, even if ya could kill us, it ain’t like we’d really die. Most of your people seem to be under level ten… and extremely squishy. Only about five-hundred in total, and even if you try to fly away at this point, it’s kinda hopeless, ya know? The moment that I bring out the rest of my Companions, it’d definitely turn into a bloodbath, so just tell me what you really want…”

David furiously yelled “How dare you act so impudently to an angelic commander! Perhaps if you surrender now, she may-gyah~?!” Suddenly, a massive scimitar slashed upwards, from his left waist, to his right shoulder and the man died almost instantly. Watching that scene, Elina gasped in shock, while Talia simply furrowed her brows and aimed her bow at the woman’s forehead.

“Hmph, who are you to decide what my orders may be?!” Seraphiel had effortlessly and unhesitantly slaughtered a Lesser Angel, but the rest of her battalion seemed to view it as a common occurrence. She sneered at the corpse, “Zachiel’s little chicks are far too noisy for their own good… They do not understand how the world really works.”

Finally, the giantess glared at Michael, “The Morning Star has sent me here to deliver a message to you, Heretic: ‘You and your Companions may be immortal, but their families and friends are not.’ All units, destroy this village, purge everyone!”

Elina screamed “No! Goddess of Light, grant me the power to vanquish these monsters: Solar Flare!” as she almost instantly fired a deadly beam out of her forehead. It burned a hole through seventeen relatively weak angelic Archers and Warriors, before being stopped by a Paladin’s silver targe.

At the same time, Talia fired her Arrow of Wind, towards Seraphiel’s face, but it was immediately blocked by her huge shield. Of course, even then, she was still pushed a meter or so backwards from the ridiculous power behind that explosion of air-pressure.

Michael muttered “Huh, guess I can’t put them into Companion-storage during combat, but I ‘can’ take them out~…” as the other four ‘girls’ appeared behind him. He slowly removed the giant Demonic Siegeblade of Chaos from his right palm and loudly sang “Hardcore OP-ness~! Killing angels~, cause they’re assholes~! Hardcore~, oh penis~!”

Jasmine shouted “Nyahahahaha~! JJ-Beam~! Die, die you shiny birdies~! Pew-pew-pew-pew-pew-meow~!” while she unhesitantly began running around and shooting randomly at the angelic Guardians, Paladins, and Warrior Clerics. Most of them tried to block the bullets, but their magical and physical defenses just weren’t strong enough.

Those ‘Sundering Beams’ would weaken their steel armor, then the ‘Blood Bullets’ would pierce through their chest-plates and explode into hundreds of pieces. They simply didn’t understand the concept of firearms, though Talia’s Enchanted Ironwood Arrows were even more terrifyingly destructive.

Although many of the Archers, Priests and Light-Mages were flying through the air and attempting to make evasive maneuvers, it was completely pointless. Those projectiles were far too fast and the slower ones were like guided missiles, tearing through three of four skulls, before finally running out of power.

Alice roared “I have no idea what’s going on, but stop fucking hitting me you bastards!” A group of three, level-five, rank-G, flail-wielding Warrior Clerics were viciously attacking the giant dragoness. Each blow was actually causing a bit of damage too, but a flaming kick easily obliterated one of their heads, another was immolated by her fiery breath, and the last had his neck broken by her whip-like tail.

Of course, compared to Sarah’s icy rampage, everyone else seemed like they were just playing around. With a few ‘Shadow-Steps’ and ‘Frost Novas’, sixty angels were swiftly frozen to death, without even understanding what killed them.

Anyone with less than one-hundred HP, who didn’t have some sort of magical-defenses, was easily massacred. Using her obsidian wakizashi, she was able to easily impale, decapitate or bisect even Elite and Super-Elite Tanks who were at level-twenty.

Elina didn’t even bother with healing, and kept firing off ‘Solar Flare’ at anyone who was attempting to fly over the three-meter high palisade and enter the town. She shouted “Defend yourselves! These are not the emissaries of Lux, but heretical fallen angels, sent to destroy you all! Fight against them, for the Goddess of Light!”

Michael muttered “I kinda feel like she’s taking this way~ too seriously… Well, whatever, time ta kill this bitch~.” as he briskly walked forward, towards the huge woman. With his ‘Lightening’ activated, the sword wasn’t actually that heavy in comparison to his overwhelming Strength.

Two Ultra-Elite three-meter tall Crusaders were standing to the sides of Seraphiel; they were some of her most powerful damage-dealers. However, she noticed something very strange about her enemies: No matter how much she tried to ‘Taunt’ them or pull their aggro towards herself, they just kept slaughtering her weaker soldiers.

The Nephilim on the other hand, roared “Oi, I’m over here ya flying fuckers~! Hahahahaha~, aw~, was that guy your friend~?! What’re ya gonna do about it pussies~?!” while he launched his Arcane Orb out randomly. Each hit would cause their mana-cores to explode, sending a wave of deadly mana outwards, slaughtering anyone who was within range.

In fact, his own ‘Taunts’ were actually overriding Seraphiel’s, because even his Companions were more annoyed by his behavior, than their enemies. Occasionally, some of the Archers and Mages within the town would ‘accidentally’ shoot him in the back, but the attacks were too weak for him to even notice.

Michael smirked at the enraged Crusaders; both of them were wielding huge golden greatswords and wearing light, silver chainmail over most of their bodies. Their heads were covered by full-helms, but for the most part, the two men had relatively weak Defense Rating.

They both sprinted towards the irritating Nephilim, completely ignoring their Commander’s orders, and swung down their blades upon that relatively small man. One of the claymores was blocked by a shield of light, but the other was parried by that huge ‘living’ siegeblade.

He yelled “Ouch~, motherfucking cuntbag, whore-bitch, die!” as he used both hands to slam the giant living weapon against the man on the right’s body. Those saw-like teeth vibrated rapidly, and tore through the greatsword he attempted to defend himself with; then it swiftly reached his chest and ‘chewed’ through his chainmail, skin, muscle, bones and chopped his entire body in half.

Golden blood and silver liquid splattered everywhere, then his fluffy wings exploded into a huge cloud of white-feathers. Seraphiel screamed “Attack me you monster!” as she sprinted and flew towards Michael, slashing her giant scimitar onto the top of his head.

Yet, even with all of her strength, she was only able to embed the edge of blade slightly into his skullcap. Of course, he still roared “Goddamn it, ow, shit, fuck, why the hell didn’t I buy a helmet?!” because the pain was excruciating.

At the same time, a large claymore slashed off his left wing and between the two attacks, he received over three-hundred damage. However, his Demonic Siegeblade of Chaos had a huge advantage over their weapons in such close-combat. All he needed to do was channel a bit of mana into it, and those saw-like teeth would constantly vibrate back and forth. Even though Seraphiel attempted to block his attack with that huge golden tower-shield, it was swiftly ripped apart and her right arm was cut off at the elbow.

The Guardian swiftly retreated while screaming in pain, and leaving her scimitar stuck in Michael’s skull. At that point, that defenseless Crusader was slowly sliced upwards, from the groin to the head, by a hysterically laughing Nephilim.

She murmured “He’s a monster… they all are…” while glancing around at her battalion of angels, which was rapidly being massacred by merely seven individuals. In fact, many of the most powerful soldiers under her command were effortlessly slaughtered by Sarah and Talia. However, a colossal and ferocious bright-green Quad-Tailed Nature-Fox was responsible for killing at least a dozen Elites, all by herself.

Finally, she roared “Retreat! All units, retreat, now!” The angelic giantess soared up into the sky, along with at least two-hundred of her surviving troops, before they all were enveloped in a huge sphere of light. That massive ball was suddenly fired towards the south at mach-seven.

Michael grumbled “Ugh, shit, I should have just one-shot her with a fucking Arcane Bolt… Damn it, am I turning into a super-villain? It feels like I might start creating incredibly complex and mildly dangerous traps to place my captured enemies in; then I’ll just leave them there and give them plenty of time to escape… Well, whatever, we did just kill a shit-ton of people…” He glanced around at the horrible battlefield, muttering “Somehow, it just doesn’t seem as gruesome, when the people bleed gold and silver juices…”

33 thoughts on “Chapter 164: Angelic Massacre

  1. Thanks for all your hard work, (I writed a longer review,…but I deleted it because it sounded too snobbish to me) it’s a good writing if you don mind all the obscenities, michael is worst than an drunk irish esquizofreniac tourette parient


  2. Gf:. . . . . Some how, I’m disappointed that he let those angels escaped.

    Me:. . . . . . Sometimes I think you’re scary.

    Gf:. . . . How so?
    Me: like I don’t know? maybe you just want the mc to massacre a whole bunch of angel?

    Gf: they’re asshole angels by the Way so I think it’s pretty justified.

    Me:.. . . . .

    Me: I’m going to make some fries.

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  3. Wouldn’t a level 29 rank D boss have too much health for the mc to ‘one shot’ with the orb? Not to mention a guardian class, so geared towards defense?

    He said “Ugh, shit, I should have just one-shot her with a fucking Arcane Orb”. His orb only hits double to triple digits, doesn’t it?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. yeah !

    I love how the stupid David got killed … “do not presume of what my orders will be” … at that moment you expect that the commander will make peace with Michael….

    and then the commander does exactly what he was asking for: provoking/attacking michael… hahaha

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lmao, yeah, I was originally going to have her extend some pleasant greetings from Helel or some shit like that… but then I decided that it would be more interesting to have a random angel fight lol

      Liked by 2 people

      • Oh yeah lol Well, that was kinda the joke at the end of the chapter 😛 I mean, we’re so used to seeing red blood and gore, and obviously being disgusted by it. But when it’s silver and gold, plus it doesn’t smell bad, it’s hard to have the same aversion to it, ya know? Goblins and orcs bleed green btw. There are also creatures that bleed black or white lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Why would it have to be an elemental? So far, chaotic beings are pretty bizarre, right? I could see Chaos making chaotic blood red one day, then blue, red and white candy stripe, rainbows… And the chaotic creatures probably wouldn’t find it odd… Except maybe J.J. I could easily imagine her trying to taste her own blood to see if the color made a difference.
        Wouldn’t that go well with the ‘element’ affiliated with the bipolar frea… I mean goddess?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Well, even in Chaos there is still a decent amount of order lol. Besides, it depends on how ‘Chaotic’ the creature really is. They might only have Level 1 chaos affinity, and be a completely normal cat or dog for the most part lol. Demons are typically pretty random, but not so random that their blood changes color on a daily basis lol. There probably are creatures that do change their skin, blood or eye color all the time… Hell, Michael’s blood changes color from red to gold when he uses “Lightening” so you don’t really ‘have’ to be chaotic to have weird colored blood lol.


  5. “it was swiftly ripped apart and her right army was cut off at the elbow.”

    army is supposed to be arm right? Awesome chapters as always, I can’t wait for the next battlefield chapter.

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  6. The duality of good an evil.
    One man’s hero is another man’s villain, one man’s good is another evil. Nice to see it implied in a story, it is rarely discussed.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. He is becoming a super villain that’s beyond awesome. Huh so this is the thought process a super villain like the joker might go through. Also your story is amazing and hilarious and epic.

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