Chapter 163: Trash-Mobs Have Feelings Too…

When the cat-girl entered the kitchen, Elina yelled “JJ, you went back to your original appearance?” Jasmine’s height had returned to a single meter, even her hair and fur returned to black.

Michael turned to look at the tiny kitten and noticed that her ‘Body of Slime’ increased to level-four. It allowed her to expand and contract her entire body to a certain extent; though it didn’t specify how long the process required, or how much she could alter her size.

“Really nyah~? Un, very mysterious~!” Unlike a certain Nephilim, none of the others had the ability to Astral-Project.

Thus, all seven of the nudists were sitting around the circular table and eating heartily, while bickering with each-other. Afterwards, Michael and Sarah returned to bed and satisfied their urges, while Elina had to give Jasmine a bath.

Talia only required a few seconds to completely obliterate the rug, but at least the bloodstains were removed. Meanwhile, Alice stayed in the kitchen and continued devouring everything in the fridge, then the freezer.

As a three-meter tall and extremely muscular dragon-girl, her metabolism was fairly high; however, the shapeshifting mini-fox was even more monstrous. Inari consumed all ten of those female Minotaur corpses in a row: Obviously, she had collected them after the battle.

Meanwhile, their every action was being recorded, edited, and then posted on a certain Dungeon Master’s sketchy website. He had to cut out all the boring parts, but considering how often everyone was nude and performing various sexual activities, he had plenty of material to choose from.

Surprisingly, the second most popular ‘actor’ in the videos, was actually Talia. Though it was mostly due to her ‘yoga’ meditation techniques, and the fact that she didn’t want to be seen. The mysterious angelic cat-girl was the star of the ‘show’; since she was a Priestess of Light, it made the ‘taboo’ factor even stronger.

On the other hand, the ‘loli’ competition had started off in favor of the ‘Yandere Dark-Elven Vampire’, but once cat-girl evolved, her ridiculously small body managed to win her a few points. Unfortunately, her large breasts were actually a detriment to her popularity. However, since ‘Jasmine Jade’ was one of the most famous and infamous people in the Dwarven Republic, she was able to tie with ‘The Daughter of Umbra’.

Eventually, Karian entered the room and brought along a new set of clothes for the tiny cat-girl: They were mysteriously made to fit her new size. Talia found it slightly suspicious, but no one else seemed to care. Those .38 Caliber Snub-Nose Revolvers were the same as the previous ones though, but they appeared rather large in her tiny hands. There was also a new robe for Alice and another bra for Elina.

Once everyone had eaten, used the bathroom for various reasons, and was dressed properly, Michael finally announced “Okay~, we’ve fucked around for long enough! Time to go power-level!”

Before anyone had the chance to complain, he shoved all six of them into his Companion-storage slots. Then he muttered “Ugh, where the hell should we go though? Ah, I feel like, if I don’t grab that farm soon, it’ll be impossible in the near future. Actually, it’s probably already broken, cause of all the random shit happening in the jungle right now. I bet there’s a ton of Quests like that though… No reason to go through all that effort then. Let’s see~, we’re a lot closer to Ariel’s Meadow than before. The question is~, what’s the best place to set up my house? Ah, well, I guess I could do that… Ugh, there goes three gold and thirty-nine silver.”

The Nephilim equipped all of his gear and even activated them before a beam of blinding light enveloped his entire body. What he witnessed upon his arrival, was a warzone, rather than a peaceful farming village in Michelle’s Prairie.

He muttered “This is… really depressing.” as he watched hordes of rank-G, level-1 Rabbits and rank-F, level-3 Horned Rabbits swarming across burning fields of rice and corn. Michael grumbled “The farmers actually had to utilize motherfucking scorched-earth tactics… to fight an army of bunnies.” Perhaps he had already forgotten all the times that he was brutally murdered by those ‘adorable’ creatures?

However, just like the last time he teleported to Luxiana, he arrived half a mile away from the town’s relatively weak, wooden walls. In fact, it was much closer to a fence, rather than a palisade.

Sensing Michael’s terrifying aura, he didn’t even need to ‘Intimidate’ the thousands of bloodthirsty critters, because they immediately scattered away in every direction from him. Some of them even fled in the direction of the ‘powerful’ adventurers, who were defending the village.

Many actually decided to swim across the river, which was next to the southern wall. They could instinctively tell that if that ‘monster’ wanted to, it would have been incredibly easy for it to massacre them all.

Watching their hated enemies run away, screaming in fear, the villagers, pilgrims and adventurers who had expected to die, began cheering loudly. Everyone had obviously seen that giant pillar of light, so they easily made the connection.

When the Nephilim made his appearance, panting and groaning, as he slowly walked forwards, a strange dread began rushing over the few people who had a high-level ‘Identification’ ability. Before he even reached the gates, Michael unequipped his Demonic Siegeblade of Chaos, and found walking to be much less exhausting.

Guarding the entrance to town was surprisingly a Lesser Angel, though he was only level-nine and rank-F. That man was two meters tall, with long silver hair, golden irises, and the iconic porcelain skin, while his equipment was that of a Paladin.

A simple steel longsword in his right hand, a small dented buckler in the left, and his armor was mostly rough brown leather. He didn’t wear a helmet, and for the most part, he seemed a bit too bulky to be able to fly with his relatively small white wings.

The Guardian sighed at him, “Are you seriously trying to fight with me? Is it cause of the Nephilim thing, or the Chaos? You know I can one-shot you, right?” That furious man didn’t say anything, but simply charged forwards and launched a beam of light out of the tip of his blade.

Michael yelled “Ow~! Damn it, don’t shine yer fucking laser in my eyes!” as that generic weapon smacked against the left side of his neck. Even though it was charged with a large amount of mana, the sword just bounced off and didn’t deal any damage at all.

He complained “Okay, cut that shit out. Unless you can do like, a hundred and forty DPS, you won’t even be able to hurt me… but you can still piss me off. Anyway, ‘David’, I’m gonna walk past you now, so can ya stop hitting me? It’s really annoying… Ugh, what are you, deaf? Oh, wait, you really are ‘deafened’ at the moment… Huh, meh, whatever.”

Even as the Paladin launched a flurry of beautiful attacks towards the Guardian, he just kept moving towards the gate and completely ignored it all. After finally giving up, the Lesser Angel shouted “Nephilim, don’t act so arrogant just because you’ve reached such a high level and have amazing equipment! Once Commander Seraphiel receives my distress call, hmph, you shall not even have a chance to retaliate!”

Michael suddenly turned and glared at that two-meter tall man, two massive angelic wings burst out of his back, as a golden halo appeared above his head. Once his irises, hair color and skin tone had properly changed, he asked “You think I give a fuck? Seriously, do you have some kinda death-wish? What did I do to you anyway? We’ve definitely never met, so why are you being such an asshole for no apparent reason?”

“You-you’re the Devil, the Deceiver, the Heretical Nephilim, the Corruptor, the Bringer of Catastrophe, the Demonic Angel, the Anti-Lux!” After David said that, the pilgrims, farmers and adventurers who had been cheering, suddenly became silent.

The Guardian sighed dramatically, and then a beautiful angelic Priestess appeared next to him. She was wearing her pure-white robe, with a bra underneath, and holding her Battlestaff of Light. When her fluffy ears twitched a few times, Elina complained “You did it again!”

Ignoring the pouting cat-girl, Michael yelled “Oi, Meow-Meow, tell this guy that I ain’t the fuckin Devil! Also, how the hell am I the ‘Anti-Lux’?! Wouldn’t that be Umbra?”

Using ‘Identification’, David immediately knew exactly who that new arrival was, “I won’t listen to anything the Harlot of Luxiana has to say! The False-Priestess, the Betrayer… Not only did she break her vow of chastity, but she even defiled one of her fellow Priestesses! Then, she stole a sacred object which was meant to be delivered to Luxia, and slaughtered the Inquisitors who were sent to retrieve it! After that, she was corrupted even farther, by you! You massacred dozens of angelic soldiers and even had the gall to feed one of their mana-cores to your whore!”

The Nephilim asked “Holy shit, why does this trash-mob know so much about us? Ah, what about her?” as he pulled a gorgeous High-Elven Huntress out of his Companion-storage. She was wearing her dark-green skirt and blouse, along with her leather jacket, boots, Dryadic Quiver and holding that Longbow of Wind in her left hand.

After a few seconds of glaring at her, the Paladin yelled “Never heard of her before! Probably just another one of your whores!”

Talia swiftly nocked an Arrow of Wind and aimed it at the man’s head, shouting “You are courting death! Tu madre es una puta!”

Michael started laughing hysterically, “Seriously, is this your real personality? Hahaha~, ah~, anyway~, aren’t I a little too weak to be considered ‘The Devil’? Besides, I never claimed to be the ‘good-guy’ in this story~… Hmm~, looks like we’ve got incoming~! Hahahahah~, incoming, oh whatever…” From the sky, a battalion of angelic beings began landing in front of the village’s gateway.

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  1. Talia insulting people in Spanish is probably the highlight for me.
    She is polite in company yet when she thinks she can get away with it she is quick to insult and act on Michael ‘s level of civility.

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