Chapter 184: Perversion Is Subjective

Jasmine glared at the tiny fox on the Nephilim’s left shoulder, hissing loudly, and being growled at in return. Eventually, Michael grumbled “Well, this is nice and all, but if you really wanna thank me, then get rid of the erection you just created…”

Without hesitation, the cat-girl grabbed onto the object that was protruding from his boxers and swiftly shoved it inside of herself. She immediately screamed “Nya-ow~! Owwy~! Mikey~, how come my coochie hurts so much?! Meow~!”

“Oi, seriously… ugh, what did you expect? You stretched your body out so much, and now your skin and muscles are probably on the verge of ripping. It’s kinda ironic that your pussy would become tighter, after you grew to a reasonable size.” He quickly grabbed her buttocks and was about to lift her up, but she abruptly shrunk back to her ‘normal’ stature.

Talia complained “Ew, such shameless putas, must you always give into your vulgar natures at every opportunity?!”

“Yes, yes we must… Didn’t you tell me that you wanted to have a husband and a kid? Well, when a mommy and a daddy love each-other, this is how they make the baby. Ah, although, you could probably ask the junkie over there ta squirt a turkey-baster full of cum, directly into your cervix. Damn, that actually sounds pretty kinky… On the other hand, she could just inject it into your womb, through the skin.” As he spoke to the scowling High-Elf, Michael continued to casually use the tiny, moaning, cat-girl to pleasure himself.

Elina suddenly hugged him from behind, resting her chin on his right shoulder and sighing loudly. Alice walked over and casually placed her giant hand on the top of Talia’s head, which caused her to grimace even more.

The dragoness consoled “It’s better if you just get used to it, heh-heh~. I remember the first time my parents had sex in front of me… That was awkward. This~… not so much. What kind of horrible trauma did you experience in the past, which caused you to be like this?”

Surprisingly, Michael was the one to say “No, actually, she’s probably just ‘normal’. We’re the weird ones in this situation, hahahaha~! I’m using a loli-nekomimi as a fuck-toy, and she’s enjoying it… There’s a beautiful angel humping me from behind, while a tiny fox is-oi, stop it! Seriously, if you purposefully take a shit on my shoulder, we will not be friends anymore…”

Inari whimpered dejectedly, before hopping away and defecating a safe distance from everyone else. Talia exclaimed “You! If you know that what you’re doing is wrong and disgusting, then why do you persist!?”

“I never said it was wrong, and how is this disgusting? As long as there’s no shit, piss or vomit involved, then as far as I’m concerned, it’s all good.” He left out the fact that it also needed to be ‘consensual’, because he wasn’t sure if those four would even know what the word ‘rape’ meant.

The Huntress glared into his crimson eyes, “The Goddess disdains extramarital relationships! Lady Aeris-”

“Was dating her brother, Ignis, and then cheated on him, with her sister’s girlfriend, Aqua.” Alice interjected some absurd information, which she had discovered while watching that ‘Elementalist Training Manual’.

“Lies! How could you even say something so blasphemous?!” Talia was obviously skeptical, but then she felt a surge of information, pouring into her mind. It was a ‘Whisper’ from the dragoness, which contained several minutes of Aeris herself, complaining about her relationship problems.

However, she still wasn’t convinced, “No, stop it! If my Goddess didn’t want me to value my chastity, then why would she grant me this title?!”

That monotonous, feminine, disembodied voice, answered her question: “The Innocence title was created by Game Master Lux. However, it is most often bestowed upon people by Game Master Chaos. She then either directly or indirectly attempts to convince her targets to give into temptation. Game Master Naturae often uses the Innocence title to preserve the virginity of men or women he/she is interested in procreating with. Game Master Aeris has not granted the Innocence title to any Players or NPCs in the last seven-hundred years.”

Michael snickered, “I hate ta break it to ya kid, but those ‘Goddesses’ aren’t really deities. Arcana on the other hand… Welp, she’s probably the closest thing in this particular universe to a ‘god-like’ being, but I still wouldn’t call her God. Anyway, if it was me, I definitely wouldn’t be able to suppress my sexual desires for seventy-four years. Of course, I could probably keep from actually fucking anyone for longer than that, but there’s no point. If you really don’t wanna watch us, then go over there and meditate with Sarah.”

Talia’s extremely potent aura of Wind swirled around her body and physically pushed Alice away. Then she furiously screamed, as she used ‘Aerial Step’ and began soaring around randomly.

The dragoness walked over to the Nephilim and asked “How much longer are you guys going to be mating for? If we’re going to be here for a while, then I’ll go practice a bit…”

Within that mysterious extra-dimensional space, millennia could pass inside, while only a moment had gone by on the outside. Thus, even though Michael, Jasmine, and Elina were ‘playing’ with each-other for hours, it wasn’t as if they were ‘wasting’ time.

In fact, in the past, many Players would fully utilize that ‘training ground’ to hone their skills or to get used to their new equipment. Of course, there were also those who used them as ‘break-rooms’ in between Battlegrounds.

Eventually, Sarah and Alice began ‘sparring’ without their weapons and armor, to make the match as ‘fair’ as possible. Talia and Inari started an exercise of their own; the irritated Huntress was essentially just firing Ironwood Arrows at the fox, and the vixen attempted to avoid them.

After everyone stopped ‘fooling around’, they returned to the golems and Michael was faced with a tough decision. However, his curiosity had gotten the best of him, so he walked over to the Chaos Vendor and said “I’d like to buy some Rare, level-twenty boots for my little cat-girl…”

Jasmine’s original footwear had been ‘lost’ during the Battleground, so she didn’t have a chance to ruin it when her body abruptly expanded earlier. In the palms of her tiny hands, two pink socks had abruptly appeared.

She swiftly ‘equipped’ them and they transformed into small sneakers, which had Velcro straps and a picture of a bright-blue kitten on the sides. “Nyahahaha~, they’re so~ badass~!” After wearing them, she discovered that there were even wheels on the bottom of the heels.

“Pink Meow-Meow Brand Shoes: +3 Defense Rating, +5 Agility, +5 Dexterity. Able to glide across smooth terrain easily in Skate-Mode, Adhesive-Mode can be utilized to walk on walls or ceilings, and Rocket-Mode will allow the wearer to propel themselves through the air. Warning: To activate this item, a constant supply of Chaotic mana is required. Soulbound to Jasmine Jade. Rare Quality, requires level-20.”

As the naked cat-girl was skating around the vendors, Michael yelled “Oi, cut that shit out and get back over here!” Elina quickly grabbed her and held the struggling kitten against her pure-white robe, as she moved back over to the Nephilim’s left side.

He said “Okay~ then, now that we know the Chaos gear isn’t all tentacles and genitals… I’ll take a pair of Rare level-twenty panties, shorts, a bra and a t-shirt for the little brat.” Including the shoes, the outfit cost a total of twelve-hundred Neutral Favor.

“Pink Meow-Meow Brand Pussy-Protector: +5 Defense Rating, +3 Vitality, +3 Endurance, +3 Charisma. Can be switched into Sexless-Mode or Futanari-Mode. Warning: This product may cause severe gender disassociation disorder. Soulbound to Jasmine Jade. Rare Quality, requires level-20.”

In its neutral form, the first item appeared similar to the undergarments of a young girl, and even had a bright-blue kitten on the back. However, once she ‘activated’ them, they seemed to meld into her flesh and not only did her black pubic hair fall out, her genitals literally vanished.

“Nyah~?! Mikey~! Help~! My coochie and pooter disappeared!” Jasmine was obviously upset about that sudden development, but once she stopped panicking, everything but the fluffy fur had returned.

However, there was something extra, which wasn’t supposed to have been there. Michael immediately turned to Talia and said “I guess our team’s futanari position has already been stolen from ya, huh?”

She glared at him, “When did I ever agree to become such a creature?!” He noticed that rather than pure disgust, the High-Elf seemed to be giving off a completely different vibe.

Elina sighed, kneeling down and grabbing hold of the little cat-girl, so that she wouldn’t start running around again. The Nephilim snickered, and Alice asked “Is that tiny penis fully functional though? Hmmm, Jasmine, do you mind if I… ‘examine’ your genitals?”

“Hahahahaha~! Oh my god, she has a dick for like two fucking seconds and you already wanna play with it! Ah~, everyone in this party is a pervert! I love it!” Michael was overly enthusiastic about his newest discovery; Talia was blushing, while gritting her teeth and clenching her fists, but didn’t respond to his provocation. Thus he finally concluded “You’re a shotacon! I was wondering why you were completely immune to my ‘manly’ charms! I also considered that you were a lesbian, but the truth has been revealed! The moment you saw that little brat’s clit-cock, you got aroused! Maybe not physically… but-”

“Stop~, nyah~, you’re gonna break it~! Meow~! No~, my pee-pee is bleeding white-stuff~!” His grand speech was interrupted, by Jasmine’s obnoxiously high-pitched voice.

Elina shouted “Mike~! Make this creepy monster-woman stay away from our girlfriend!” Obviously, it was impossible for the weak angelic cat-girl to content with the giant dragoness’ physical strength.

Alice retracted her extremely long and bright-red tongue back inside of her serpentine mouth and complained “I’m just doing some ‘research’, so stop freaking out… Interesting, even without testicles, the appendage seems to be capable of ejaculation!”

Michael explained “Nah, it’s actually the prostate that creates the ejaculate, the testicles just make the sperm cells. Well, from what I can see, the balls and prostate are actually inside of her body. Basically, she’s a full-blown hermaphrodite right now… Anyway, stop licking her pussy or I’m gonna have ta fuck you.”

After hearing that, Elina screamed “How could you possibly come to that conclusion?! Wait, have the two of you already…”

A slimy black tentacle was suddenly thrust inside of the dragon-girl’s body, and Sarah yelled “Hahaha~, how does that feel, you bastard?! I stole her virginity before you had the chance!”

Talia scowled, before flying as far away as physically possible, while Inari excitedly barked and jumped around. The dog-sized fox didn’t understand what was going on, but she felt left out and wanted to ‘play’ with everyone else.

“Nyahahaha~, stop it~, that tickles~!” Jasmine completely ignored the other three articles of clothing, which subsequently appeared before her and continued to be ‘experimented’ on, by that huge serpentine tongue.

57 thoughts on “Chapter 184: Perversion Is Subjective

    • Also, an Elf being a shotacon is actually pretty ‘normal’. It wouldn’t even be a fetish for them lol. Kinda like how a Dwarf who is attracted to Humans because they’re tall, would be a fetish. Or how a human who is attracted to furries would be a fetish, because humans typically don’t look like anthropomorphic tiger-girls…


    • Well, there’s a difference between saying you like a character the least, and ranting for hours about how you hate a character and you don’t want me to write about them anymore lol. For me though, I don’t really dislike any of my characters rofl. They have their own personalities and combat potentials. I didn’t used to like Talia, but then after I spent like hours setting up her skills and passives, I realized how awesome it would be to add a long-ranged archer to the group-dynamic. I remember people suggesting that I should add a dryad, slime, dragon-girl, and fox-girl etc. However, I’m writing like 30+ chapters ahead of what’s being posted, so I could only just remain silent lol.


  1. O.k i know i did a rant, and sorry, i have a writer as a friend and i love shitting on him because i know writers hate getting their work criticized cause your story is your baby, but this gonna going to be my final, not complaint, but constructive criticism because i truly believe you havent noticed since you write this in short parts but, dude, i know i expressed my displeasure with crazy loli but when i thought about it i wondered why, why would i give two shits about the cat that much and when i looked back i figured it out. It seems that youve made her into the MC not Michael, ever since she has been introduced it seems the story has been revolving more on her more and more, since shes been introduced she literally covers a huge portion of every chapter you release, i mean today by itself was totally revolved around her for 2 complete chapters when all she is is an annoying cat that does whatever she wants and never contributes, ik she is supposed to be funny and all but i feel she gets more perks than the MC, She doesnt try at all she gets all benefits, shes crazy yet no one complains about her actions, she can fuck anyone she wants and ppl are into it and totally fine with it, Michale had to go through what 70-100 chapter to fuck Elina but on day one crazy comes back and everyone knows shes gone full on crazy Elina says she is her GF and sticks with it. i mean with Alice Michael gave her a fucking gigantic labratory and 4 legend books and all he got was masturbating into a beaker and a threat from sarah, while all crazy did was get underwear that gave her a dick and Alice is already giving her Head and Talia who has been a prude for many chapters suddenly wants to fuck the crazy cat. Im serous when i ask who is the MC. She gets more coverage than michael, and when michael is even mentioned she is always involved and doing whatever he does no private time with anyone else, everyone wants to fuck her, she gets gear without trying…sigh sorry for the rant and this is gonna be the last thing i say on the matter only because i like the story but i feel like its progressing slowly all of a sudden and your making the MC such a bitch compared to her, literally her personality should be what michael should have been not giving a shit getting everying and no one complains, i cant establish the MC anymore and its ruining the story for me, and again its your story and you can comment are disregard everything i said but i want you to look back and see if anything i said at least has some substance, because if this continues i guess im out its not fun anymore its becoming repetitive with jasmine…sigh again sorry for the rant


      • naw dude because that would be just complaining and being an ass, i wanted to explain my position of why i dont like a certain thing ya know actually having a conversation on a subject instead of yelling “fuck this shit”.


    • Ugh, Jasmine’s only been in the story for about 86 chapters atm. Sarah was introduced in chapter 13ish, Elina in chapter 20ish, Inari’s been around since like chapter 6 lol. Jasmine has seriously only been the focal point of about 15-20 chapters. Michael has been the focal point of 150+. Sarah and Elina have both had at least 30-50 chapters where they were really prevalent. For whatever reason, you don’t like Jasmine, but I do and so do lots of other people lol. Every time I focus on a certain character for whatever reason, there’s always going to be people like you, who constantly whine and complain because they don’t like that character… hell, there’s plenty of people who don’t like the MC for whatever reason. I’m warning you and everyone else right now, that if you keep spamming about how much you hate a character or that you don’t like something that happened, which is obviously impossible for me to change and will purposefully annoy the fuck outta me…. I’ll just delete your comment. I’ve done it before, many times so far. There are people who just ‘have’ to annoy me, and slow down my writing progress. They say “Oh hey, here’s some constructive criticism asshole! Fuck off and die, I hate your writing, you’re a piece of shit and no one likes your shitty stories!” It’s nice that I can report them for spam or simply delete the comment, but I still have to read that kinda bullshit! So, stop, I don’t have time to rage, I need to write! If you hate the story, then just fuck off and don’t try to bring me down and make all the fans who actually like the story suffer for it!


      • i dont know why your angry multiple times i said you can just disregard it and said sorry like 3 times, as a writer your bound to get criticism its your job to either take it, think about it, incorparate a few ideas or just disregard it if you want. But honestly it has been 15-20 chapters its been from what your saying 86 chapters since she came in i have no problem with anyone else because, from the way i feel it everyone tries and everyone contributes, as much of a cunt michael is he actually worked for his “Opness”, i guess you can say for the first 40 chapter he died constantly, and everyone else works for their shit but what pisses me off about jasmine is she is like that popular, not so hot but daddy is rich girl in high school, everyone loves her and wants to be with her, but if you think about it it makes no sense because she is a dumb bitch that gets what she wants without trying. I tried to explain why and my position instead of just saying “I fucking hate her and work is shit” and tried to express that it would be the last time and apologized for it, but i never said your work is shit i just said you might not notice how much you fucking talk about a character that is so fucking useless.


      • Jasmine was captured and tortured for at least a year, and then was granted the power to free herself by Chaos, but at the cost of severe mental disabilities and inevitably an excruciatingly painful death, if Michael hadn’t turned her into a slime-girl. Even after that, she’s still obviously incoherent half the time lol. Also, you’re angry about Michael giving her some equipment so that she ‘can’ contribute to the group… You basically just hate the character for some silly reason and are making up excuses to be able to hate her more? lol

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      • @Onepunch man you should of named yourself ‘Saitama’ the actual main character of OPman rather than after the series itself lol

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  2. i love/hate that the crazy cat girl is going to be the one that gets to fuck everyone while it seems michael might, and i say might, do it with alice but it slowly hinting toward a no show with talai now that you made her a shota. Also i dont understand sarah, you made it as if michael has to think hard and wont do it with anyone else other than sarah elina and crazy, because sarah is making a big deal out of it, but sarah seems to claim she is gonna do it with everyone else before michael like crazy. I feel one day michael is gonna walk in while all his companions are fucking and they kick him out of the room.

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  3. Please tell me that Talia is going to tentacle impregnated and have her mind broken into a pregnant tentacle elf. You know the kind where the tentacle lives in her body and comes out for the orgy. Also gender bender for mike during an orgy might not be bad.

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    • Lmfao, well, considering that with a few hundred favor he could probably buy some chaotic vagina underwear, I’d say that it wouldn’t be very difficult for Michael to gender bend if he really wanted to lol. For now though, he’s probably enjoying being the only ‘male’ in the group… but who knows :P. If I was him, I’d probably create a female golem to use as an Avatar, so I could have sex with myself, rofl.


  4. LOL totally saw that cuming! … pun intended. Talia being a shotacon is exceedingly fine with me but Inari might need to go futanari as well as Tom boy to satisfy her (plus a tall big breasted onee-San femdoming a Shota or short small breasted futanari is hot)

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