Chapter 219: Karma?

“The Romans, Huns, Spartans, Nazis, Vikings, Conquistadors, British, Imperial Japan, Han Dynasty, seriously, the list of fucked-up evil assholes from my world is literally endless… but they all had something in common, which no organization in this world is capable of: rape and slavery. Sure, these Holy Cuntian Bastards can crucify ya and massacre entire villages for happy-fun-times, but there ain’t nothing stopping you morons from just ‘mass ressing’ the corpses and doing the same to them, right? It feels like you’re making a much bigger deal outta this than it really is… Where the hell do they live anyway? I doubt that they’re based in the same zone as you guys are living.” Once he remembered that he wasn’t on Earth anymore, Michael actually saw the situation as a great opportunity for Elina to learn a new spell.

It wasn’t as if the souls had dispersed yet, and with a bit of telekinetic assistance, everyone who was hanging from those crosses were swiftly released. Of course, no one shared his optimism, considering that ‘most’ people didn’t have access to resurrection magic; if they did, it wasn’t potent enough to bring hundreds back from the dead, before their corpses were too far-gone.

The weeping Monk suddenly stared up at the Nephilim and asked “Can you truly… bring my children back to life?”

Michael looked down at the severed head in the man’s hands and shrugged, “Nah, I probably could, but they’d most likely transform into demonic monsters or some such bullshit. It’s better if you wait for my wife to get here… I’m sure that she’ll be able to ‘heal’ them all. Anyway, what are these bastards anyway? The umm… Holy Luxian Scumbags? Like, Elves, Warbeasts, I need to know what they look like and where they live.”

“They’re ‘Light-Humans’, and they come from the Great Wasabi Desert to the far south… Oh Goddess! If they’ve attacked villages this far north, then they must have…” Caleb stopped speaking half-way through his explanation, because he was simply far too horrified by the implications.

After a few moments, the Nephilim asked “Okay then, that means that your country is likely fucked in the ass by now. Though, judging by how powerful you three are, your military can’t be too shitty. Hmmm, what level, rank and age are their most powerful people… Is it lower than forty-C?”

The wolf-woman nervously said “They wouldn’t even be able to threaten our Luxian Warbeast Theocracy under ‘normal’ circumstances… but with everything that’s been happening lately, I fear that they’re likely being backed by some powerful Greater Angels and maybe even an Archangel. If they truly are… Perhaps you may be able to dissuade them? Surely, with Your Holiness’ status as a Cherubim, I doubt that they would be willing to continue supporting these vile Light-Humans in their wicked crusade!”

Michael snickered, telling them “Anyway, I gotta go kill some people now, but my wife and girlfriend will be here soon, so don’t go anywhere.” before vanishing.

Using his astral-form, he had scanned the surroundings by traveling high up into the sky and going from south, counterclockwise until he found his targets. His body suddenly appeared three kilometers above the ground, seven-miles to the east.

His incredibly dense body began plummeting downward, but he wasn’t too worried about it. There was a loud shriek as his hands latched onto the wings of a beautiful and angelic woman; the two of them were immediately tumbling towards the besieged village below.

“Barbiel the Watcher, Level-31, Rank-D, Angelic Archmage of Light, Boss,” was written above her head, now that he could see her with her actual eyes. However, regardless of how powerful she might have been while bombarding the town below with beams of solar-radiation, her HP and Defense Rating were practically nonexistent.

She screamed “How dare you!? Let me go, foul demon! Ah~! Ow-stop, please stop~! Help me! Damn you~! Save me Goddess~!”

Michael calmly whispered into the terrified woman’s left ear “If you don’t want to be splattered all over the ground in a few seconds, I suggest that you shut the fuck up and answer a few of my questions…”

Hearing that ‘Intimidation’, her fairly low Willpower wasn’t able to put up much resistance. Her entire body locked up and her mind went blank, and then she fainted.

The Nephilim grumbled “Oh for fuck’s sake! This bitch is perfectly fine mass-murdering people from a distance, but she passes-out from something so… Ugh, whatever, this is fine too, I guess?” He shoved the unconscious Angel into his first prison-slot and gazed down at the chaotic scene that was rapidly approaching him.

Fortunately, the villagers still had a few level-ten to fifteen Monks, Priestesses, and Paladins who could fight against the invading battalion. Michael muttered “Light-Humans… aren’t they just wingless angels?”

Those hordes of rankless and rank-G Holy Warriors and Crusaders, were all wearing identical uniforms: pure-white circlets on their heads, silver chain-mail covering most of their bodies, baggy white pants and golden boots. The only differences between them, were the weapons they wielded; some had scimitars, others used katars, there were also long and flexible whip-like swords.

However, none of them emitted a powerful aura, and not even their leader had surpassed level-ten. When he finally approached the ground, two huge wings sprouted from behind Michael’s shoulders, while two medium-sized ones erupted from his lower-back.

The Nephilim laughed hysterically, as he swooped down in front of the church’s only door and used Arcane Force, to completely flatten three Holy Warriors at the same time. It created just enough leverage for him to ‘break’ his fall and gracefully land on the cobblestone.

Most of the village’s population was currently cowering within that sacred Luxian house of worship, while hundreds of furious Light-Humans were surrounding it from all sides. It wasn’t that they were afraid of damaging such a holy structure, they simply preferred to capture as many ‘heretics’ as possible, before crucifying them all.

Michael turned towards the three-meter tall, heavily armored, horse-headed female Paladin, who was staring at him with a hint of curiosity and fear in her huge brown eyes. He gazed over at a dismembered minotaur Monk, who was missing his left arm and then glanced at the two beautiful harpy Priestesses behind them.

From behind his back, someone shouted “Nephilim! He’s a heretical Nephilim! Quickly, kill him for the glory of Lux!”

Hearing that, he snickered loudly, while smiling at those four confused and terrified Warbeasts. Suddenly, a horrific aura of chaos erupted all around them, as his body began rapidly expanding.

Within moments, he had gone from six feet tall, to nine and a half. Even if his height wasn’t quite as ridiculous as that long-necked horse-woman, his musculature was far more bulky and defined.

Of course, the most profound and disturbing feature wasn’t his size, but his tusks, serpentine eyes, horns, pitch-black veins, and that gigantic tail whipping around behind him. Then he took out his absurdly large ‘Demonic Siegeblade of Chaos’, but simply stabbed it into the ground.

After that, he used ‘Guardian’s Sacrifice’ to instantly regenerate the minotaur Monk’s left arm. Once he turned to face the hesitant horde of Light-Human zealots, Michael smirked.

He asked “Would you like to hear a song that I’ve been working on lately? I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it… hehehe~.”

“Attack! Slay that disgusting beast! Kill the demon!” A commander towards the back of the army was furiously shouting, but his soldiers were far too terrified to take a single step forward.

Michael grinned, pointing his right index finger at a porcelain-skinned, female Crusader, and telekinetically pulling her head into his grasp. Then he squeezed tightly, crushing her fragile skull and splattering golden blood and silver brains all over the ground.

He started singing “Assholes~, I see so many assholes~! Too many dicks and cunts~!” as he rushed forward, swinging his huge left fist into an angelic man’s face. There was so much force that his head was actually ripped off of his neck, and smashed into the Holy Warrior behind him.

“Assholes~, fucking pussies~, in the ass~! They think they~ are a class~, above the twats~! But I~ know~, they never~, live, for very long~! Cause I grab that magic thong~, and yank it off their ass-es~! Why~, do they always~, have~, to run away~! I just want~, to fuck their day~, harder~ than Long Dong~!” No one had any idea what his vulgar and incoherent song was about, but his angelic voice was surprisingly beautiful.

Unfortunately, it was difficult to hear anything he was saying over the screams, cries, shouts and literal explosions, that were caused by his violent rampage. The six-foot tall Light-Humans were dwarfed by that demonic monstrosity, who was punching, kicking, tail-whipping, and stepping on the rapidly dwindling battalion.

They did possess quite a few healers, but they were both completely useless when faced with an enemy who could instantly kill their allies. However, there were plenty of people getting wounded by the flying shrapnel of their fallen comrades broken bodies, weapons and armor.

“Weak~, pussies~, losers~! Stop, dying~ so fast~! Can’t you see I’m trying to serenade~, you~! Assholes~, don’t realize~, what they’ve done~! But, I~, will be the one~, to show you~!” Michael suddenly grabbed a gorgeous Mage of Light, who was shrieking in terror and struggling to free herself from his giant hands.

It was all in vain, as he looked up into the bright-blue sky, leaned back a bit and used his right arm to send the girl soaring dozens of meters into the air. He yelled “Flap your arms~! Don’t worry, I’m sure that Lux will save you~! Oh, nope~! Hahaha~! Damn, I missed!”

She was airborne for a few moments, before splattering on the ground, a few feet away from her ‘fearless’ leader: “Brian the Brave, Level-9, Rank-F, Light-Human Priest, Super-Elite.”

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    • Well, they’re all followers of Lux, just different cultures and races lol. Luxian Warbeast Theocracy are the ones being invaded, while the Holy Luxian Empire are the ones invading lol


  1. Binge reads from the start of Long Dong Sect arc
    From caricatures of xianxia to unbirth to 2profound4me to plot main quest to religious zelots…
    I swear Mike, I’m at the point where I’m expecting one of his weapons to end up being a loli or… actually, I’m at the point where I can’t even think of tropes to add to the story at this point… wtf Mike? Is no trope sacred to you?

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  2. Karma is such a beautiful thing when faced with a zealous army of hypocrites right? Didn’t Lux quite literally kill him, along with a certain Chaotic four armed one too? And these poor murderers think that they can kill someone who can die forever and is a higher level? They humanity! Oh wait, he ain’t human.

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