Chapter 218: The Luxian Warbeast Theocracy

A moment after Arcana finished speaking, Michael was standing on his balcony, staring out at Luxiana. The mysterious ‘Goddess’ was gone and he could see crowds gathering around ‘Dongton’, but there were also plenty of people tending to the docks and shops.

Hammering, sawing, roaring, yelling, shouting, howling and squawking rang-out incessantly. One of the main problems with the housing situation, was that he didn’t bother with furnishing them.

No one had any beds, chairs, tables, dishes or the other necessities, but there were quite a few carpenters. Of course, they first needed to either create the tools themselves, or if they were lucky, they looted some of those mansions and other buildings.

Daniel the Monk, Alisa the Ogress, and a handful of the miscellaneous adventurers managed to win that silly tournament. However, even if they technically ‘owned’ the properties, they had given up the right to take any of the items that had been stored inside. It wasn’t a rule set by Michael, but one they had agreed upon ‘democratically’.

Both of the dormitories were meant to house hundreds or thousands comfortably. Thus, they were essentially considered high-class hotels by the lucky adventurers who managed to ‘win’ them. The apothecary and butcher shops already had owners, and weren’t ‘up for grabs’.

As the naked Nephilim gazed down at his ‘front lawn’, he noticed that three people were kneeling and praying. Each of them were wearing pure-white robes; there was a mixture of men and women, but the strange thing was that they weren’t Cat-Tribe, or even Human.

One was a man with long and floppy brown bunny ears hanging from his sun-burnt, bald head: “Caleb, Level-11 Rabbit-Tribe Monk of Light, Rank-F.” To his left was a black-furred girl, who had the head and tail of a wolf: “Gabriella, Level-8 Direwolf-Tribe Priestess of Light, Rank-F.” Then there was a lizardman with orange scales covering his relatively small and frail body: “Jerald, Level-13 Anole-Tribe Inquisitor of Light, Rank-E.”

Michael swiftly equipped his black boxers and white tank-top, before asking “Oi, is there a reason why you’re loitering on my lawn? Also, how the hell did you even… Oh, wait, I think I set it so that Residents were allowed to give people Citizenship, hehe~. Anyway, why the hell are you guys praying to my house?”

All three of them swiftly opened their eyes and stopped muttering to themselves, staring at the second floor of the white-bricked mansion. However, rather than standing upright, they each bowed down and Caleb yelled “We sincerely apologize Your Holiness!”

The Nephilim cringed, “For fuck’s sake, cut that shit out!” He equipped his shoes and pants, before activating ‘Lightening’ and levitating down to them. For dramatic effect and skill proficiency, he even casted ‘Cherubic Embrace’.

Thus, when the three of them gazed up, they witnessed a truly awe inspiring spectacle. The wolf-girl yelped, the lizardman began choking on his own acidic saliva and Caleb gasped in shock.

Each of them understood what four wings meant and if they didn’t want to disrespect that angelic man by ‘Identifying’ him. Within that overpowering aura of Light, from their perspectives, he truly seemed like a level-ninety or higher, rank-S Cherubim.

After he stopped choking, Jerald nervously explained “I apologize for my rudeness Your Holiness! We are missionaries from The Luxian Warbeast Theocracy… Less than a week ago, powerful magical-beasts and even demons began leaving The Forbidden Forest in great numbers! The three of us were assigned to travel to Luxiana and assist them in evacuating to the east, to our country… We were told by a Priestess named Laura, that her daughter was an Oracle of Lux and her husband, was an almighty and benevolent-”

“Okay, enough, ugh… Basically, you guys came here to help, but by the time you arrived, the tiny village had been replaced by a big-ass, heavily fortified… Wait a second, I just realized that I haven’t actually installed any defensive siege weapons to the walls. Actually, are there even guards and gatekeepers set up? Do they just expect that no one will attack? Maybe those bastards think that I’ll somehow miraculously save the day again? Hmmm, well, Cunty is a thirty-meter tall dinosaur-demon, but she ain’t very strong. Alice’s parents are out there somewhere, hunting in Ariel’s Meadow. Hmmm~, how the hell did that happen?” As Michael began ignoring the three terrified Luxians, he noticed something rather strange: His second village-slot was taken already.

However, there was a log which stated that “Inari has invited The Shrine of Huxian to join your territory.” Followed by “Meihui has accepted Inari’s invitation.”

Gabriella cautiously spoke “We agreed to become Citizens of Luxiana, so that we would have the opportunity to visit… the Oracle of Lux. B-but, now that we’ve had the honor of meet Your Holiness, we don’t want to disturb you any longer… However, since we aren’t needed to protect this wonderful town, we were wondering if you would be willing to allow us to return to The Luxian Warbeast Theocracy? It’s not that we don’t wish to stay, it’s just that our superiors should be notified…”

The Nephilim snickered, asking “How far is it from here? On the map, it says that to the east of here is Richard’s Lowlands. Since we’re practically on the border, I can probably make it there in two or three ‘Astral Leaps’. I can only take two of you though, so hurry up and decide who’s gonna stay.”

Each of them was afraid to decline his offer, though they couldn’t believe that such a powerful being would be willing to casually become transportation for them to return home. Caleb sighed, muttering “I shall stay… Jerald, make sure to let my kids know that I’m fine.”

Without even having to touch the wolf-girl and lizardman, Michael used ‘Astral Leap’ to carry them nearly fifteen miles to the east. Yet, as the middle-aged Monk was standing up, the Nephilim abruptly returned, nonchalantly mentioning “My spell leveled-up, so I can take three people now.” and the two of them disappeared into thin air.

Their first teleportation had landed them in the middle of a dense forest, which was normally filled with unranked animals. However, after that chaotic disaster a few days earlier, it had become infested by a swarm of ‘Vicious Squirrels’.

Gabriella murmured “On our journey through these damnable woods, we were constantly hounded by those vermin… Yet, they don’t dare to approach us now that we’re protected by Your Holiness.”

“My name’s Michael, so stop calling me that… I met Lux a few times and we aren’t exactly best-buddies. Well, I don’t hate her or anything like that, she just murdered me one time… Anyway, the point is, I ain’t some kinda pope or whatever you think I am. Is it the wings and glowy-skin? Cause I can turn that shit off right now…” The angelic man’s ‘Cherubic Embrace’ and ‘Lightening’ deactivated, causing his shoes to sink deeply into the dirt.

Watching that, the three of them didn’t quite understand the implications. Nephilim didn’t have a stigma in The Luxian Warbeast Theocracy, and surprisingly, even the title ‘Heretic’ was fairly common. Once his ‘passengers’ regenerated their mana to full, he finally sent out his wisp.

“What the fucking fuck?” Michael only traveled ten miles before he abruptly stopped, because he noticed something fairly disturbing. Not that it was more disgusting than his room, but it was still rather irritating.

The Guardian and those three Warbeasts were teleported a few hundred meters outside of a burning walled village. However, all around them were moaning, crying and screaming Rabbit-Tribe.

Each of them was crucified on large wooden crosses, with metal stakes in their wrists, hands and feet. They were also stripped naked, with the letter ‘H’ carved into their chests, abdomens or on their foreheads.

Some of them had died already, from shock, blood-loss, or they simply ran out of HP. Yet, the cruelest thing was that at the center of those three-hundred Rabbit-Tribe ‘heretics’, there was a huge pile of men, women, children and even infants who were surrounded by a swarm of flies. All of them had been disemboweled, decapitated, or dismembered and were definitely corpses. It had only been a few hours, so the deterioration wasn’t that bad, and the culprits certainly weren’t very far away.

Michael sighed dramatically, yelling “Lux! Where the hell are you?! Get your lazy loli ass out here!” Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to hear him and was far too busy to send an Avatar out to ‘greet’ him.

The Nephilim released a burst of intense Light aura out of anger, which bombarded all three-hundred and fifteen of those crucified bunny-people. Then he glanced down at the mountain of mutilated carcasses and groaned, muttering “I really hate this kinda shit…”

Caleb was crying as he knelt before that massive pile and picked up the severed head of a small boy, staring into those terrified silver eyes. He turned towards the irritated Guardian and pleaded “P-please, Your Holiness… I beg you to avenge them! The ones who did this… they call themselves the Holy Luxian Empire!”

However, instead of going on a mindless rampage for a bunch of strangers, Michael just ‘Whispered’ one of his Companions: “Hey Elina, I know ya just woke up, but I kinda need your help with something… Yeah, you can take a shower first, there isn’t a ‘huge’ rush, though it’d be nice if you can try to hurry a bit. Make sure to take Talia along with you, cause you’re gonna have to fly about twenty-five miles to the east… Uh-huh, do you see where I’m a right now on the map? Good, the two of you need to make your way over here relatively soon, and you’ll know what to do once you arrive. I’m gonna go take care of something a bit more urgent, love ya, bye~.”

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