Chapter 220: Reinforcements

“Goddamn it! Shut the fuck up! Do you know how hard it is to come up with impromptu lyrics?! Stop crying and screaming! Fine, if you cunt-whores don’t wanna listen to my awesome singing, then I’ll just let you die boring, painless deaths!” Michael suddenly transformed into a gigantic tesla-coil, as hundreds of lightning-bolts arced off of his chest, wings, arms and tail.

The electricity rapidly fried the nervous-systems of every single remaining Light-Human at the same time. Even their leader helplessly had his brain charred, bones shattered, and his heart exploded.

It was the first time that the Nephilim actually used ‘Lightning Manipulation’ to kill anyone, so he was actually surprised at how much damage it did to each of them. When he used it against his Companions in the Battleground Sanctuary, it usually just paralyzed them for a moment. That was because of the difference between levels and Aura; against an enemy who was stronger than him, it would have been completely useless.

Michael turned around, faced the trembling horse-headed Paladin and told her “This village is basically destroyed already, not that it was very impressive beforehand… Gather your people and lead them to the west, to Luxiana. Take valuables, gold, silver, copper, whatever, and just go. I took care of that annoying little bitch in the sky, but who the hell knows when they might send some angelic patrols over? Make sure to loot these bastards’ corpses; they probably have a decent amount of money on them, and their gear ain’t too bad either. Now, I have to go save some more villages, so get your asses moving before it’s too late!” As soon as he finished his rather short speech, the demonic Nephilim pulled his massive sword out of the ground and disappeared.
Inari had just woken up from her short nap and glanced around at the ‘room’ she had spent all night decorating. Aside from that gargantuan maple-tree, there were all kinds of brightly-glowing plants that she had taken from the jungle and mountain.

However, she decided to keep a huge space completely open, around the ‘entrance’ to her ‘garden’. There were all kinds of birds squawking, insects chirping, tigers roaring and wolves howling in the distance.

Yet, everything was dwarfed by that enormous and mysterious maple-tree. The Seven-Tailed Fox was actually in the form of a giant green parrot and perched on one of its massive branches.

She used her exceptional Perception to casually scan everything below her for at least ten miles in every direction. Her pack was busy either ‘propagating’ or planting seeds to create orchards and farms.

There were also hundreds of Cat-Tribe who were in the distance, cutting down lumber and trying to construct crude log-cabins to live in. Even if they had plenty of land on the outside and were even given fancy stone houses, many people would rather seek ‘enlightenment’ within the Divine-Beast’s lair.

Of course, the biggest appeal for the ordinary farmers, was that they could not only grow crops, but also animals. If they brought a handful of pigs, cows, sheep, llamas, turkeys, or other generic ‘livestock’, they could literally reproduce at a terrifying pace.

Someone who caught a wild rooster and hen, took the two of them inside of that ridiculous environment. Within an hour, there were twenty eggs and thirty-minutes later, there were nineteen baby chicks.

There did seem to be a certain ‘limitation’ though. Only animals and plants without souls could be affected so dramatically. However, it was an excellent place to train the Nature Affinity, and it was even possible to increase levels and raise ranks without having to kill anyone or anything.

Inari’s ‘garden’ was essentially a paradise for Druids, Shaman, Farmers and pretty much any other Profession or Class that required a ‘natural’ environment to thrive. The moment that the colossal parrot woke up, a familiar voice resounded in her mind: “Oh hey~, I know you’re probably busy… but seeing as you just got up, I bet you’re pretty hungry, right? So~, I’m going on a little ‘hunting expedition’ at the moment, and I was wondering if you wanted to tag along?

“I know how much you love the taste of ‘angel-food’, hehehe~… Anyway, if you’re interested, then gather a bunch of your strongest minions-er, friends? They don’t necessarily need to be able to fly, since there’s lots of these annoying pseudo-angelic assholes fucking around on the ground as well. Basically, just start to the southwest of Dick’s Lowlands and make your way from village to village. You should take Daniel and a decent amount of cat-people with you, so they can stay behind and guide the survivors to Luxiana. Remember, the Light-Humans and Angels are the enemies, while the anthropomorphic or kemonomimi people are the good-guys, hehe~.”

The moment that he finished speaking, she immediately squawked loudly in response. Then an excited and deafening howl reached up into the sky and spread around to everyone who was within her ‘territory’.

Thousands of cheerful barks, meows, clucks, and other miscellaneous animal noises reverberated through the air. Thus, Inari’s first ‘Great Hunt’ had begun…
Sarah and her six undead Michaels, were all enjoying a ‘pleasant’ soak in her pitch-black Jacuzzi-juice. Two of them were skeletons, three were zombies and one was a ghoul, so it was a rather ghastly scene: not to mention the dozens of floating ghost skulls. However, even as she was reclining on the lap and chest of a mindless Darkness Golem, she had an extremely irritated expression on her adorable elf-like face.

She was flipping through channels randomly and looking for something interesting to watch, when she heard “Weak~, pussies~, losers~! Stop, dying~ so fast~! Can’t you see I’m trying to serenade~, you~! Assholes~, don’t realize~, what they’ve done~! But, I~, will be the one~, to show you~! Fucking hell! Ouch, that hurt, bitch! Gah, damn it, I can’t think of a good chorus! Ugh, whatever, fine~, I’ll just sing ‘Hardcore Oh Penis~!’ and make it up as I go!”

There was a gigantic demon, ferociously tearing the wings off of beautiful Lesser Angels and singing obnoxiously. He used a colossal siegeblade to saw a three-meter tall, Angel Paladin from head to groin, then a bolt of lightning erupted from the monster’s wings and vaporized a dozen of the Light-Human Crusaders who were attacking his back with silver spears.

The little girl scowled, ‘Whispering’ him “Why the fuck didn’t you bring me with you?!”

A blinding light enveloped the Nephilim’s body and vaporized all of the enemies that were still surrounding him. When the radiance faded, he had shrunk down and gained the appearance of a small cherubic boy. His hair was long and silver, eyes were golden, skin was porcelain and there were four huge wings on his tiny back.

That bright-blue ‘Demonic Siegeblade of Chaos’ was only five-feet long and fairly ‘lithe’ compared to its previous form. However, it still had shark-like teeth vibrating along the edges and even though his health dropped dramatically, his overall Defense Rating was still far too high for those low-leveled Holy Warriors and Crusaders to harm him.

He glanced around for a moment and stared up at a partially distorted part of the sky, then suddenly waved at the invisible camera-woman. Michael yelled “Oi, Sarah, I thought you were still sleeping! Besides, you always hate going outside when the sun’s up! I figured you wouldn’t be interested~! Well, if you wanna come play with me, go ahead, hahaha~! Well, I wonder if you can catch-up to me?!” before vanishing.

Flipping the channel twice, she saw the little boy firing nine balls of Arcane aura out of his left hand, which crashed into the body of a fairly powerful Angel Guardian. It wasn’t enough to instantly kill the enemy, but it did stun him long enough for the child to soar behind his back and stab that terrifying siegeblade into the man’s spine.

With Michael’s Strength reduced by eighty-percent, even with all of his gear, he only had twenty points left. However, that was more than enough for him to saw the angelic Commander’s heart, lungs and ribs apart.

Several bolts of lightning struck the cherubic boy’s wings, but since his Aura was so high, it was actually possible for him to ‘manipulate’ it. His mana regenerated swiftly and he teleported behind one of those angelic Storm-Witches, bisecting her.

A shrill scream erupted from her mouth, since she didn’t even die as her lower-half was falling towards the burning fields beneath them. One of the angelic High-Priests was able to ‘heal’ the wound, preventing her from bleeding to death, but he wasn’t able to regenerate her lost legs and pelvis.

Sarah snickered, ‘Whispering’ “There are hundreds of battles taking place right now, all over that shitty zone… You might have a slight head-start, but I bet that I can find and kill more of those flying fuckers than you!” She didn’t immediately start ‘Shadow-Stepping’ away, and instead, scanned through the channels, searching for her targets and marking them down onto her map.

26 thoughts on “Chapter 220: Reinforcements

  1. I think as a player he can do a bit whatever he wants. Going to save some Kemonomimi guys cause he wants to probably doesn’t break rules. I think those rules about HL in LL zone are more for NPC than for Player. He isn’t trying to randomly rampaging/stealing from some LL zone, rather helping a faction that he likes.

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    • Yeah, plus, in a ‘normal’ situation, there would be other players involved. For example, even in a low-leveled BG, a high-level player might join it, then it would become a high-level BG lol. Normally, in that situation, other affiliated high-leveled players would join up and start battling each other, while the low-leveled NPCs and Players did their own thing, while trying not to get caught up in the crossfire lol. Unfortunately, since he’s the only one, problems arise rofl. Plus, the BG system is currently broken…


  2. Thank Goddess Arcana that the system is still broken… Or maybe its a waste?
    My point is that every village under attack is a BATTLE GROUND.

    Or is it possible that you didn’t even think about it?

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    • It’s possible to ‘physically’ travel to the location of a BG and participate in the conflict, without joining a side, as long as the levels aren’t too different. For example, the angels are level 20-40 so they kinda break the rules, normally, but because of that, Michael is allowed to interfere as a 3rd party. He doesn’t receive Favor, but he is capable of keeping items or other things that dropped. Of course, it would be impossible in the first place, if the system wasn’t slightly broken atm lol. Also, the Dungeon Master of Richard’s Lowlands might be sleeping or away from his territory? Or maybe he just doesn’t give a shit lol.

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      • Ah so now Michael if walks by foot to the BG he will be a third side in conflict as the “Owner” of Luxiana and if he uses the BG player system he will be a “player” with allegiance to one of the sides and will receive a favor.
        Thats pretty simple when you look at it like this but it is not something to easy think of by oneself. If i would like to try and make story in a game-like world i would half year to think of a game mechanics and while writing i would still have to “work out” the finer pieces.

        Keep it up 😛 whatever you are doing

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      • I started writing this like, 4-ish months ago lol. Well, the rules can change depending on the circumstances, and when it’s a ‘realistic’ gameworld, there are always tons of bugs rofl.

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  3. It started with just a broken down house, then an ok house, then a pretty sweet fucking house, after moving it became a big town, after this is over its probably gonna turn into a city. All that are left in the upgrade now are country, Continent, World then after that take Arcana to town if u know what i mean. o.O Yup I can see it! The ending is nigh upon us!

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  4. Lmao, so yeah, the scheduling got fucked up cause I decided to post 2 chapters early the other day, so it seemed more like I was posting 3 on the ‘same’ day? Oh well, people were bitching about Michael’s crack-dream and Arcana’s awesome mysteriousness… Seriously, you make 2 chapters with some plot-developments out of 200+ and people complain about the story being too deep lol.

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