Chapter 221: Death Isn’t Such a Big Deal

“Goddess of Light, I call upon your divine grace and supreme benevolence! Please, grant me the power to return these innocent souls and restore their broken bodies! Mass Resurrection!” A gigantic beam of solar radiation fell from the sun, landing upon rows of Rabbit-Tribe corpses.

Each of them had to be ‘put together’ first, like a gruesome jigsaw puzzle, by the families of the deceased. However, under the guidance of that charismatic angelic cat-girl, those fathers, daughters, sons, mothers and grandparents were able to complete the brutal task.

Every single one of those mangled corpses had originally been level-zero and rankless, so the power required to resuscitate four-hundred of them, was actually less than would be required to ‘Battle-Res’ Michael. Fortunately, their souls hadn’t left the area, and once their bodies were restored, every single one of those people opened their eyes and took deep breaths.

They were bathed in a heavenly aura and felt as if they had truly ‘gone to the other side’, but the first to react, were the infants. Dozens of bunny-babies began whining and crying for their parents, followed by the children and eventually everyone had reunited with their naked family members.

Elina heaved out a long sigh, muttering “It’s a good thing I decided to bring this along with me…” If she hadn’t taken ‘The Teachings of Lux’ with her, she probably wouldn’t have been able to learn her new spell.

“Mass Resurrection Level 1: The caster calls down a column of sunlight or moonlight, dousing the targets in a divine radiance. As long as their souls are nearby and their bodies can be completely restored, the targets will be granted new life. There is a 100% chance that the target will be granted the Light Affinity. Cannot be used on targets who have the Darkness Affinity. Cannot be used on targets who are above level-1. Costs 100 mana to cast on up to 100 targets.”

She needed keep using the spell three times, before her little ‘miracle’ had been completed. Unfortunately, there were at least ten people who were still dead: a dark-skinned infant, two brown-furred bunny-girls, five black-haired but pale men, and two boys with inky flesh.

As the angelic woman glanced down at them, she turned to the crying old rabbit-man and told him “I’m sorry, they’re of the Darkness Affinity… there’s nothing that I can do.”

However, before he had the chance to say anything, Elina announced “Everyone, while I may not be able to save these ten, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be revived! All of you aren’t safe here! Even if the monsters who committed these atrocities have gone for now, that doesn’t mean that they can’t return! Caleb, Gabriella and Jerald… I trust that the three of you can guide and escort everyone back to Luxiana? Take these innocent people with you too! Just because they are of the Darkness Affinity, doesn’t meant that they don’t deserve to live!”

When she finished speaking, a series of ominous and deafening roars started coming from those woods in the western distance. An enormous green parrot, with a wingspan of nearly one-hundred meters across, soared towards the southeast. She was followed by a flock of gigantic, monstrous birds, who seemed insignificant in comparison.

Then there was a massive stampede of cows, horses, dire-wolves, foxes, rats, squirrels, and there were even giant cockroaches or other such insects. Upon the backs of some of those magical-beasts were Cat-Tribe adventurers.

In fact, a handful of them specifically came towards those naked, confused and terrified bunny-people. Talia swiftly descended from the sky and hovered a few meters above the ground, using her aura to lift Elina off of the ground by her wings.

The High-Elf whispered “The cavalry has quite literally arrived, so we should make haste to assist the other villages as soon as possible. I fear that those beasts may end up devouring the corpses of the people you wish to save…”
The Luxian Warbeast Theocracy had sent many of its forces out to deal with the waves of powerful magical-beasts who were coming down from Ariel’s Meadow. Since their capital and most of their other major cities were located in the northeastern corner of Richard’s Lowlands, they were slow to realize that they were being invaded from the Wasabi Desert to the south as well.

In fact, those angelic overseers didn’t expect the Holy Luxian Empire to be able to conquer a single large town. Their goal didn’t even involve either one of those two nations; across the Archean river, was the Dark-Elven, Umbra Theocracy.

They wanted to kill-off the Warbeasts and install their pseudo-angelic minions, so that they could eventually start launching attacks across the Archean river. Of course, their lofty plans didn’t even consider a scenario where hundreds of Angels and thousands of Light-Humans would be attacked by armies of powerful magical-beasts, a demonic Nephilim, an insidious assassin and a ruthless High-Elven Huntress.

By the time they even realized what was happening, it was already too late. An Archangel named Zachael was sitting upon a golden throne, in a huge palace constructed from pure-white marble. The ceiling was made entirely of glass, so that he was almost constantly bathed in either moonlight or sunlight, depending on the time of day.

It had been constructed for him by his overzealous Light-Human worshipers, next to an enormous oasis towards the southern end of the bright-green Wasabi Desert. Unfortunately, they didn’t possess the magical technology required to allow him access to the Mana-net.

However, he was still holding an Angel-Skin Scroll in his hands and staring into it. Upon the screen was one of many videos he had downloaded before leaving Luxia.

He snickered, muttering “Oh Amriel, you arrogant little girl… How could you be so naive and foolish as to start a high-level Battleground in Carrabelle Plains without permission from the Goddess herself?”

At that moment, the silver magical circle at the base of the stairs leading up to his throne, suddenly began glowing brightly. It appeared that someone was trying to swiftly use their emergency teleportation scrolls, but there was obviously a malfunction.

The ring turned red and all that came through was an explosion of blood, pulverized bones, and splattered organs, which painted the entire throne-room floor gold. Five white beads were floating amid the gorey sludge.

Zachael didn’t even seem fazed by the horrible sight and curiously ‘Scanned’ those remains, revealing “Greater Angel Mana-Core: Belonged to a rank-C, level-41, Boss named Ariana the Kind. She was killed in battle by a Guardian named Michael the Immortal while attempting to activate a teleportation scroll.”

Once he finished reading, he shook his head, sighing loudly. He grumbled “This silly daughter of mine… What is this, the seventh time she’s died this century?” as he attempted to cast ‘Master Resurrection’ on her ‘corpse’.

However, even after her huge, muscular and bulky angelic body was fully restored, she didn’t open her eyes. He didn’t have the Arcane Affinity, so there was no way for him to realize before then… that her soul wasn’t sealed within her mana-cores.

After a moment, he finally stood up and grimaced, growling “Summoner! Who dares have the audacity to practice Summoning within ‘my’ domain?! Wait, Michael… where have I, ah! It’s him! That heretical Nephilim has finally appeared again?!” Two relatively small wings erupted from his lower-back and his ‘concealment’ spell was instantly broken.

Above his head was written “Supreme Commander Zachael, Level-127 Cherubim Pope of Luxia, Rank-SS, World Boss.”

However, the instant that he unintentionally revealed his true power, a quiet snickering reverberated throughout the huge throne-room. He furiously roared “Morning Star! You evil brat! How dare you show yourself before me!”

A little girl in a white sun-dress, with six large and majestic wings behind her back, suddenly appeared. She hovered a few dozen meters above the ground and smirked, gazing down at the muscular woman, covered in gore.

The golden tattoo of a Crescent Moon on her forehead released a blinding radiance and the runic symbols along her arms, legs and slightly exposed chest, began glowing with a silver light. She asked “It’s been so long Onii-chan~, hehehe~! Aren’t you being a little cold to your adorable Onee-sama?”

Zachael scowled, yelling “Who would want a filthy heretic like you as a sister?! Even if I might not be able to defeat you… I doubt that our mother would allow you to fight with me!”

Helel giggled and gracefully danced around through the air, performing some sort of impromptu aerial-ballet. In the corner of the room, an angelic Priestess suddenly materialized, pulled out a golden fiddle and began playing a frantic tune.

Glancing down at that incredibly weak-looking woman, the Cherubim felt her golden eyes pierce into his soul and burn a hole through his mind. After panting loudly and sitting down onto his throne again, Zachael asked the seemingly insane little-girl “Morning Star… why have you come here? Why did you even return to Arcana?”
She didn’t stop moving, but casually replied “Un~, Mama told me that a super~ interesting Otherworlder was going to show-up… So far, he’s just been having sex and playing around, but he’s supposed to be really important to Grandma. I just stopped by to say ohayou and tell you to go home~!”

The moment she finished speaking, an enormous beam of light fell upon the palace, engulfing the entire building. Once it vanished, the whole structure was completely gone and even the oasis had vanished. All that remained was a huge crater in the bright-green desert.

20 thoughts on “Chapter 221: Death Isn’t Such a Big Deal

  1. So Zachael calls his sister a Helel heretic, but both of them are the children of the Goddess of Light and seem to also have a relationship to Arcana as she is called ‘Grandma’. Shouldn’t Zachael be more aware of the B.S. nature of the Luxia church and the overall system of the world, as their own mother seems to dislike being referred to as ‘Goddess’ and prefers to be called Game Master?

    Liked by 1 person

      • Helel = Morning Star = Lucifer = The Shining One = The Bringer of Dawn

        There’s a lot of other names, but yeah, Helel was the angel of Light who became known as the devil later on lol.


      • So Helel becomes known as the devil later on? Maybe that’s why I’ve always thought of her title as Mourning rather than Morning.

        That aside, calling someone a heretic is a religious accusation. Zachael should know that in actuality the Church of Lux has no divine authority and since their own mother, who it is the church worships, doesn’t like being called ‘Goddess’ I don’t think she would approve his branding of his sister with that title.

        The assumption I’ve got is that most higher being are basically just role playing certain positions, similar to how the dungeon worked where the mobs and bosses were just following scripts and then the recording was just spliced and edited together as a spontaneous continual run before being sent out to the unknowing masses. So Zachael is playing the leader of the ‘light’, Helel playing as the ‘fallen one’, she shows up, he calls her ‘heretic’, she acts a bit out of place before telling him play times over and mom is calling them for dinner. Or something like that?

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      • No I was saying that the angel Helel in judeo-christian scriptures later became known as Lucifer, when they translated and changed everything into Latin.

        In “Hardcore OP-ness” Helel is also known as Morning Star, and several other names. However, as you can see, there are a ton of different Luxian sects that have completely different belief systems lol. The Dungeons and Raids are scripted, but they’re ultimately controlled by Arcana. The Battlegrounds are mostly run by the GMs.


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