Chapter 291: Yin-Yang Fusion Technique

“Hahaha~, I feel so fucking amazing right now! It’s like I’m starving to death, but aside from that, I know that I could beat the shit outta you right now Mike!” The giant vixen bared a much stronger resemblance to Inari, but it was easy for the others to tell that the one in control was actually Sarah.

Michael snickered, glancing over at Talia and asked “Now, are you gonna let her eat you? Or did you want her to shrink down and-” However, before he could even finish the second sentence, the enormous fox-shaped monster had ‘Shadow-Stepped’ over to the High-Elf and swallowed her whole.

However, within moments, hundreds of dark-green vines erupted from the beast’s gaping maw. There was a deafening roar, as she stomped onto the pure-white sand and was sent soaring into the sky. After that, Inari took over control and transformed into a colossal parrot, which managed to gulp down the feisty Huntress completely.


[Companion Information

Name: Sinaria
Titles: The Feeder, Chaos Hunter, Pack Leader, Of the Ceaseless Regrowth, The Dragonslayer, The Tree-Hater, Of the Eternal Darkness, The Necrophiliac, The Daughter of Umbra, The Shadowy Temptress, The Ruthless, Of the Endless Storm
Level: 97(Temporary)
Remaining Time: 7 Weeks
Age: Super-Elite
Race: Dryadic Seven-Tailed Death-Fox
Rank: B
Class: Druidic Shadow Huntress
Specialization: Melee and Ranged Damage Dealer, Subterfuge, Tanking, Healer, Support
Profession: Intermediate Necromancer Level 1]


Health: 1770/1770
Mana: 1530/1530
Stamina: 885/885
Mana Regen per minute: 2160
Health Regen per hour: 1770

Strength: 95
Vitality: 59
Endurance: 59
Dexterity: 139
Agility: 301
Intelligence: 102
Wisdom: 72
Perception: 58
Charisma: 52

Willpower: 93
Luck: 78
Aura: 674

Attack Rating: 1425(+1425)
Defense Rating: 88.5]


Whenever there was a duplicate Passive, the one with the higher level would always remain, while the other would simply disappear. The stats were steadily increasing, but so was the fused monster’s overall ‘level’; thus, ‘Sinaria’ wasn’t nearly as powerful as Inari, Sarah, or Talia would be at the same ‘level’.

Yet, there was obviously the outrageous advantage of the combined spells, Passives, and other personal strengths. The three of them combined into a single being, was far more dangerous than when they were separated.

Of course, with three individual souls struggling to take control over the same body, there were obviously a few problems. That enormous black parrot, transformed into a small obsidian-skinned fox-girl, then a huge elven mermaid and after that, it was a gigantic spider-dryad; eventually, it settled on the shape of an ebony vixen.

“Who the hell decides on these names anyway? Well, whatever, it’s your turn now Elly~…” Michael ignored the giant floating fox-balloon in the sky and turned towards the whimpering, angelic cat-girl.

Elina walked over to the ball of goop and knelt down onto the sand. She hugged it tightly, before shoving her small golden tongue inside of the gooey creature.

The Nephilim sighed dramatically, muttering “You gotta drink the bitch, not eat her out…” Suddenly, her head was sucked into the quivering white blob, followed by the rest of her six-foot tall body.

That glob of milky slime started bubbling violently and a loud, shrill scream was emitted from the tiny pores that opened up along the surface. Then it started turning from light-pink to a glistening gold.

Two giant dove-like wings erupted from the surface of that ball of goo, followed by Elina’s face, and then a slender arm. Eventually, the clump of mucus had taken the shape of a woman who appeared exactly the same as the angelic cat-girl. However, there were a myriad of ‘slight’ differences: Her long and curly hair was bright-blue, those enormous wings were hot-pink, she had silver snake-like scales, orange irises, and draconic digitigrade feet. The fluffy ears and tail were both pure white though.


[Companion Information

Name: Jalina
Titles: The Neet, The Nudist, The Junkie, The Insane, The Heretic, Kingslayer, Of the Infinite Chaos, The Alcoholic Loli, Of the Undying Light
Level: 92(Temporary)
Remaining Time: 7 Weeks
Age: Super-Elite
Race: Draconic Chaos-Fairy of Light
Rank: D
Class: Elemental Gunslinging Oracle
Specialization: Ranged and Melee Damage Dealer, Tank, Hexer
Profession: Master Alchemist Level 4]


Health: 2190/2190
Mana: 1320/1320
Stamina: 1095/1095
Mana Regen per minute: 2160
Health Regen per hour: 2190

Strength: 73
Vitality: 73
Endurance: 73
Dexterity: 71
Agility: 128
Intelligence: 88
Wisdom: 72
Perception: 29
Charisma: 47

Willpower: 69
Luck: 65
Aura: 268

Attack Power: 1095(+1095)
Defense Rating: 109.5]


Michael smirked, “I guess it’s my turn now, huh? Well, it’s not like there’s a rush, right? Maybe you could ‘drink’ me slowly, or I could ‘devour’… Sex, I wanna fuck you; who knows what’ll happen after this, so I’d like to ejaculate at least one more time before this body is destroyed.”

“Nyah~, don’t wanna~! Mikey~, I feel all giggly inside~ and my boobies are numb… Maybe Elly is using those? Un~, my coochie is really tingly too~! My brainbox’s juicier than normal, meow~…” Jalina seemed to be ‘mostly’ controlled by Jasmine.

The Nephilim sighed, as he took a step forward and embraced the beautiful woman tightly. They were both the same height, though he was far wider and much more muscular.

He closed his eyes and whispered “Go into your Slime-Form again.” She giggled as her body liquefied into a crimson sludge, completely coating his flesh and attempting to consume him. An intense Arcane aura erupted from the goo, as the Jalina-juice was forced into a tiny ball in front of Michael’s face. After that, she was sucked into his parted lips and he swiftly ‘drank’ the frantically struggling kitten-gunk, along with the three mana-cores that had been inside.


[Companion Information

Name: Mijalina
Titles: The Neet, The Nudist, The Junkie, The Insane, The Heretic, Kingslayer, Of the Infinite Chaos, The Alcoholic Loli, Of the Undying Light, The Noob, The Immortal, The Lurker, The Survivor, The Astronaut, Shinigami, The Harem Keeper, The Exhibitionist, The Necrophiliac, The Cannibal
Level: 126(Temporary)
Remaining Time: 7 Months
Age: Ultra-Elite
Race: Draconic Astral-Fairy of Light and Chaos
Rank: D
Class: Elemental Gunslinging Guardian Oracle
Specialization: Ranged and Melee Damage Dealer, Tank, Hexer
Profession: Master Alchemist Level 4]


Health: 5120/5120
Mana: 2580/2580
Stamina: 2560/2560
Mana Regen per minute: 4200
Health Regen per hour: 5120

Strength: 128
Vitality: 128
Endurance: 128
Dexterity: 97
Agility: 170
Intelligence: 129
Wisdom: 105
Perception: 43
Charisma: 71

Willpower: 99
Luck: 95
Aura: 418

Attack Power: 2560(+2560)
Defense Rating: 256]


“Oh come on~! Seriously, these names are getting fucking ridiculous now! Arcana, are you there? Is this supposed to be a joke?!” Michael’s tanned skin didn’t change colors and his long, pitch-black hair remained the same as well. In fact, he didn’t transform at all, but that was likely because he already had so many different spells to do that already.

There was a huge difference in physical capabilities though and his bulky muscles became a bit leaner. Considering that he had just swallowed three ‘women’, it was surprising that he didn’t become a hermaphrodite or at least have his pectoral muscles gain a bit of ‘fat’.

An extraordinarily cold sensation spread throughout his back, as sharp fangs bit down into the left side of his neck. A lithe and feminine chest was pressed against him from behind, and a freezing palm grabbed his erection, while another hand was clawing deeply into his right cheek.

Sinaria snickered, as her bloody lips moved next to his ear. The obsidian-skinned, six-foot tall fox-woman purred softly, before rubbing her nose and face against his head.

Michael asked “So Inari, now that you technically aren’t an ‘Adolescent’ anymore… Wanna ‘mate’?” as he teleported the two of them into his ‘bedroom’ of horrors. He pressed her down onto the giant writhing tongue and gazed into her beautiful turquoise eyes.

However, before he could even thrust inside of her, she complained “Miguel, is this really the proper time to be fornicating… Wow, Mike, this place is fucking gross; is that a damn pussy-tree over there? Awoo~, arf-arf-arf~! Grr~… Can we please just get this over with? I do not know how much longer I will be able to maintain my sanity if I must constantly share the same body with these two… children. Oi, dafuck’s that suppose ta mean?! I’m a fuckin Adult, you dumb cunt! Rawl~! Rararah~ gaou~!”

“Talia, you need to relax your mind, embrace your new body and stop fighting against yourself. Just surrender control to Sarah or Inari, cause I really need to have sex with something as soon as possible. If I can’t shove my dick into one of your holes, I’ll just go to the super-sucker over there or maybe fuck that ‘pussy-tree’. Hmmm~, it’s not bestiality if we’re both shapeshifters right? Well, not like I give a shit either way…” The beautiful woman that Michael was laying on top of, suddenly turned into a tiger-sized vixen, with seven tails and black fur.

He was about to penetrate her relatively small fox-like genitalia, when she started to become more ‘humanoid’. The furry anthropomorphic woman was about the same height as him, but incredibly skinny. She quickly turned over onto her elbows and knees, resting the bottom of her snout against the slimy tongue-bed. Then she murmured “Please be gentle with Inari, she may be a magical-beast with an unreasonably powerful body, but she is still a maiden. Hah~! Yeah right, this bitch’s been tryin ta fuck ya for a long-ass time now… Pretty sure she can only feel her twat right now, cause the other hole belongs ta me!”

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