Chapter 292: Intervention

“Doggy-style with a fox-girl? So cliche, but still amazing~, heh-heh-heh~…” Michael didn’t hesitate to begin copulating with the purring, anthropomorphic vixen. Sinaria howled loudly, along with the two kittens moaning in the back of his mind.

“Miguel~, te amo~… Fuck me harder you pussy! Awoo~, arou~, awoo-woo~!” Her souls were constantly switching in and out with every thrust.

Even his mind was jumbled with images and memories of all the times that each of them had sex. It wasn’t just his own memories either, but mostly Elina and Jasmine licking or fingering each other. They had been together for much longer than Michael and the others after all.

He suddenly saw a distant recollection; through the eyes of an adorable kit, he watched a small and frail vixen fighting to the death against a slightly larger rabbit. The red-furred fox howled and barked towards her terrified baby, before sacrificing her life to kill the vicious beast.

A pure-white, delicate hand reached down and picked the infant up, nursing her with her large golden nipples and massive mammaries. There was a dejected whisper: “Are you sure we shouldn’t resurrect your family? Fine, but at the very least, we should collect the souls and allow them to reincarnate at home… I don’t like the idea of leaving them to be trapped in a never-ending struggle to survive. I know, they might find happiness here; still, I can go through and choose a better incarnation for them later. Either that, or we could simply release them into Luxiana and let them reincarnate into a random family.”

After that, those two purple, cat-like eyes, seemed to peer into the kit’s mind and imprint an image of a man. He was naked, Human, had pale skin, short black hair, brown irises, was relatively short, with a messy beard and a decent amount of muscle-mass. She gently murmured “Inari, I hope you understand what you’re doing to yourself right now… Doesn’t it feel kind of wrong though? You’re only a baby, so… Fine, I know we have to do this, but it just… I just don’t like it. People should be able to choose their own fates… Nyah~, Lina, this ‘is’ the destiny that we picked. Elina, the price for happiness has never been cheap, so please stop complaining every time we do what we must. Elly, don’t worry so goddamn much about everything… What happens in weird time-travel paradoxes, stays in weird time-travel paradoxes. Hahaha~, Mike, we need to get moving now, so teleport us out of here. Back ta Ariel’s Motherfucking Meadow!”

The gigantic tongue-bed was frantically undulating and spasming, as Mijalina and Sinaria were switching into different sexual positions. Of course, their appearances were also constantly being altered.

Michael’s body grew rapidly and became much more feminine, while the fox-girl gained masculine features in response. One seemed to be a demonic and angelic woman, made out of glowing white slime, while the other was an enormous pitch-black dryadic lamia.

As the two of them reached their first mutual orgasm, the giant brain in the center of the room began trembling. The pool of blood and the crimson slime were also bubbling uncontrollably; it was obvious that the opposing and dangerous auras were influencing the ‘furniture’ and ‘appliances’. It was impossible for them to break anything, but they could ‘activate’ certain features that they didn’t even know that existed.


Michael, Inari, Sarah, Elina, Jasmine, Alice and Talia were each sitting around a circular stone table. They had no idea how they had gotten there and it seemed like they were in some sort of ancient cavern somewhere.

The Nephilim snickered, wondering “Is this some kinda weird-ass, yin-yang fusion, magical cumshot enlightenment bullshit?”

“Dafuck just happened? We only came one damn time! I still wanna have anal!” As Sarah screamed that, Alice closed her eyes and started snoring. Her giant, orange, draconic body turned into a raging inferno and entered inside of the little girl’s mouth.

Then, Elina hugged Jasmine tightly, whispering “Don’t be scared JJ… Become ‘one’ with me.” The cat-girl happily shoved her face into the angelic woman’s cleavage and breathed in deeply, as she transformed into slime and was sucked into her lover’s golden lips.

Talia smiled wryly, before gazing over at her husband and kissing him passionately. She abruptly stopped to say “Miguel, you cannot forget your promise to me; one day, we shall raise a ‘normal’ child together. Until then, te amo y hasta luego…” as she disintegrated into a light-green gas and entered his nostrils.

Inari seemed like a tiny, adorable vixen when she jumped onto the stone table and walked over in front of the Nephilim. She barked angrily, before whimpering dejectedly and howling excitedly. After hopping around randomly for a bit, she shrunk down until it was nearly impossible to see her anymore and soared into Elina’s mouth.

Sarah glared at the only two of her Companions who were left and grumbled “So this is ‘it’, huh? Fucking hell… Is this death? If we really fuse together like this, won’t we be killin ourselves?”

Michael snickered, shaking his head and explaining “Nah~, probably not… I mean, think about it this way: There’s definitely gonna be some kinda time limit. It might be long as shit, but it won’t be forever. Hmmm, that’ll probably just be our bodies though; as for the souls, it’s likely permanent, but not really? From what I’ve guesstimated so far… We’ll be firmly connected to each other, to the point where, we won’t be able to separate our souls ever again. If you wanna become really fucking OP, this is the best way to do it… If either of you wanna back outta this, now is the time; pretty sure you won’t get a second chance.”

Elina started crying, as she asked “Sarah, I’m sorry for yelling at you the other day… I know we’ve never really gotten along very well, but I still feel a strong bond with you, deep down in my heart. I just need to know… Do you really love us; do you really love me?”

The little obsidian-skinned Death-Elf smirked, ‘Shadow Stepping’ in front of the beautiful angel and shoved her slimy worm-like tail into the woman’s mouth. Then she grabbed both of those unreasonably large breasts and squeezed them so hard that there was golden blood spraying out of the nipples.

“Hahaha~, Elly, I think that was a ‘yes’ in crazy cunt language!” Michael was laughing hysterically as he watched Sarah pick Elina up and bend her over onto the stone table. She retracted the squirming tentacle and then violently shoved it into a different orifice. “Damn, right in the asshole~… Anyway, I hope you didn’t think that I was gonna let the two of you have fun and just watch, right? Sarah, you said you wanted anal, right? Heh-heh~…”


While the three of them were indulging in a telepathic orgy, the two physical bodies with opposing Elemental Affinities were starting to fuse together. Mijalina was in the form of a pure-white blob of goo, completely engulfing the tiny black vixen, though it was difficult to tell which one was devouring the other.

Sinaria inhaled and exhaled green fumes, inflating the creature like a balloon, but both of them had a decent amount of control over ‘Wind’ mana. The fox had much higher Agility and Aura, but the slime had far more Vitality and Endurance. That level-gap of thirty would normally be a huge barrier, yet their stats were extremely close to each other and it would be rather difficult for a rank-D to make it past one-hundred under ‘normal’ circumstances.

Unfortunately, Alice failed to explain that the fusion process required for them to be in a ‘neutral’ zone, without any elemental interference. Thus, the merger wasn’t going very smoothly; in fact, if there was no ‘divine’ intervention, then catastrophic failure was imminent.

“Welp, since you bastards are busy, I’ll give ya a little ‘assistance’.” A man who appeared almost identical to Michael had suddenly appeared within the ‘bedroom’ and reached out towards the relatively small slime-covered vixen.

After grabbing her, they instantly teleported into one of the random, empty rooms upstairs. The door was closed and the only light was coming from the glowing goop.

The ‘Nephilim’ dropped it onto the floor and started pacing around aimlessly, grumbling “Ugh, how much longer is this shit gonna take? What the hell are they-er, ‘we’, doing in there? I can’t even remember anymore… Well, probably an orgy; our telepathic nonsense always turns into a seven-way fuck-fest, hehe~. I guess this would be called a ‘fuck-fusion’, huh? Sigh, hurry up~! You’re~ taking~ too~ long~! Cum faster~, you young-ass bitches~ and twats~! Grah?! Ow~, I think we’re breaking up~! Now that it’s actually happening, I’m kinda scared Mikey~! Elly, calm your pussy please! Oh, hmm~, umm~, no, we still have a few~ more minutes left~! Mike, stop freaking out, it’s going to be fine. Miguel, relax, everything is happening for them, exactly as it happened for us. I know~, I know~, it’s just nerve-racking… I can’t believe it’s finally over though; it’s been one hell of an awesome ride, but I think I’m ready to be a ‘Player’ again.”

12 thoughts on “Chapter 292: Intervention

  1. With or without a god, ones fate can not be altered. Once set in motion can never be undone so it makes time travel redundant.
    How heck does Michael know all this stuff. He went from being some young man suffering from some type of dissociative identity disorder(best one I could find with a quick web search based upon his character an actions throughout the story) spends one to four months in a different dimension and it’s like he knows the secrets of the universe. So unless Arcana is sending him this information then he has some backstory we don’t know about yet which could explain why he was chosen.

    Liked by 1 person

    • He doesn’t have multiple personalities though, at least not until he fused with Inari, Sarah, Elina, Jasmine, Alice and Talia… Anyway, Michael was a writer roflmao, 90% of the shit he says as ‘facts’ are usually followed by ‘probably’, ‘maybe’, ‘or something like that’ and other such nonsense. If you have the power to go back into your own universe’s timestream and do things, you won’t be able to ‘change’ anything and if you can change things, then you’re in a different universe anyway, so it’s kinda pointless lol.


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