Chapter 293: The Troll Paradox

As the mysterious man who seemed insane and appeared exactly the same as Michael was pacing and talking to himself, the Mijalina and Sinaria had finally entered the last stage of their fusion.

The obsidian fur had turned completely white, while the slime had been completely absorbed into the vixen’s tiny body. It was at that point, within the telepathic cavern, Elina had reached climax for the seventh time and transformed into an explosion of solar radiation.

Both Michael and Sarah were bombarded until they nearly caught on fire, but they somehow managed to survive. The little girl let out a loud scream, as the Nephilim unceasingly thrust inside of her from behind.

The two of them were laying on that stone table and continuing their tantric ritual for what ‘seemed’ like hours, before they both started to become fatigued. “Mike, ya ain’t gonna beat me! Jus give up!”

He snickered, “Seriously, this isn’t a goddamn competition or struggle for control! We need to ‘fuse’ our souls, as in, come together… Hahaha~, get it ‘cum’ together…”

“Bullshit! Yer jus tryin ta trick me! Ya wanna have full control over our badass new body! Their ain’t no way you’d share that much power with me!” Sarah was obviously a little skeptical about what they were supposed to be doing.

Michael complained “Calm your tiny tits, ya crazy bitch. This fusion isn’t permanent, so quit whining! You’re just being a pussy! You’re afraid and throwing a damn tantrum like a little brat!”

She bit down into the left side of his neck and ripped out a huge chunk of flesh, but it instantly healed. Then she screamed “Grah~! Fine! Let’s just get this over with, ya ugly cunt!”

“Oi, if ya hate the way I look so fucking much, then why the hell do ya always stare at me when ya think I ain’t lookin?!” After yelling, the Nephilim started affectionately tongue-massaging Sarah’s left, elven ear.

Suddenly, his skin began radiating white light and his hair turned silver, while his irises became golden. On the other hand, the little girl’s obsidian flesh was greedily absorbing all of the illusory energy, as all of her veins started glowing bright blue: the same as her eyes.

He snickered, pulling his face back and whispering “I wish I could say that you were the most beautiful woman that I’ve ever seen… but I mean, you’ve met Elina and Talia before, right? Hehe~, then there’s Inari; she pretty much cheats though, since she’s a hardcore shapeshifter. Well, it’s not like you give a shit about something like that… but ‘this’ is actually important. I’ve known this, from the moment I met you that very first time you saw my ‘soul’; the two of us are already connected. I’m not completely sure why or how, but it must have happened ‘after’ we became Companions. Cause, before then, you couldn’t really see anything, hehehe~.”

Sarah smirked, “Yeah, ya did kinda turn me into a fuckin blind-ass worm-monster… It all worked out pretty good in the end though, huh? I only really had two goals before I met your annoying ass: Revenge and livin past twenty. Well, I died a few times already, but that don’t count. Heh~, never even thought there’d be somethin that I liked as much as sex. Plus, there’s all kinds uh tasty shit out there that I had no clue about. While there are tons of things I hate about you and those stupid bitches… Lovin is a lot like killin…”

A few seconds passed and he asked “Uh, okay? Are ya gonna finish that metaphor or… of course you aren’t.” She glared at him and pressed her mouth against his; the two of them thrust into each other for a minute, before they both reached telepathic orgasm simultaneously.


As the adorable white furred fox awakened, she opened her pitch-black eyes and glanced around the empty room. An irritated man, wearing nothing but a t-shirt and boxers, shouted “For fuck’s sake! Took ya long enough! Goddamn it, I thought this might be the wrong universe for a second there! Good, this is exactly what happened the first-er, ‘last’ time; or at least, it’s close enough, hehe~… Hmmm~, so yeah~, now that you’ve finished your, my, our, meh~, ‘the’ fusion; how does it feel, to be ‘whole’ again… er, for the first time?”

The vixen suddenly transformed from a tiny fennec, into an obsidian-skinned woman. She was six feet tall, with a face that appeared identical to Elina’s, unnecessarily large breasts, with golden nipples, long and crimson hair, along with elven ears. A thick, serpentine tail, slithered around behind her lower-back and whipped around through the air at random. Then, dozens of bright-blue tentacles erupted from her shoulder blades, floating into the air, before sliding back inside of her body.

It didn’t require much effort for her to shapeshift into an appearance similar to Michael or any of his Companions, so she casually switched between them and tested out a series of interesting variations. Eventually, she gazed into that smirking man’s crimson eyes and answered “I feel… amazing. So incredibly free… Not omnipotent, but still far more powerful than before. Wow, holy shitballs, look at those ridiculous stats! Wait, what the fuck? Goddamn it!”

[Companion Information

Name: Minari Sarina Jalicia
Titles: The Neet, The Nudist, The Junkie, The Insane, The Heretic, Kingslayer, Of the Infinite Chaos, The Alcoholic Loli, Of the Undying Light, The Noob, The Immortal, The Lurker, The Survivor, The Astronaut, Shinigami, The Harem Keeper, The Exhibitionist, The Necrophiliac, The Cannibal, The Feeder, Chaos Hunter, Pack Leader, Of the Ceaseless Regrowth, The Dragonslayer, The Tree-Hater, Of the Eternal Darkness, The Daughter of Umbra, The Shadowy Temptress, The Ruthless, Of the Endless Storm
Level: 223(Temporary)
Remaining Time: 77 Years
Age: World Boss
Race: Unknown
Rank: B
Class: Error
Specialization: Error
Profession: Master Alchemist Level 4]


Health: 13090/13090
Mana: 8085/8085
Stamina: 6545/6545
Mana Regen per minute: 12390
Health Regen per hour: 13090

Strength: 223
Vitality: 187
Endurance: 187
Dexterity: 236
Agility: 471
Intelligence: 231
Wisdom: 177
Perception: 101
Charisma: 123

Willpower: 192
Luck: 172
Aura: 1092

Attack Power: 7805(+7805)
Defense Rating: 654.5]


Minari took on the form of Michael and glared at the man who had the same exact appearance as he did. The naked man complained “Seriously, what the actual fuck! Is that how it works then? Arcana told me that I would have like, a century, before any other Players showed up… So I guess she’s gonna send me into the past now, right?”

At that moment, the ‘clothed’ Mike, snickered and shook his head. Then he melted into a creamy-white blob on the floor, separating into seven different slimes.

From the goop, seven different people emerged; from left to right, it was Michael, Inari, Sarah, Elina, Jasmine, Alice and finally, Talia. Each of them seemed like they had no idea what was going on, and the Nephilim even asked “Shit, did the fusion fail?! Ally, what happened?!”

The dragon-girl gazed up at Minari, who had abruptly transformed into an extremely irritated, large-breasted, obsidian-skinned woman, and started laughing hysterically. Alice pointed her huge draconic finger and said “Nah, this is exactly what the voices told me would happen. We’ll probably get our memories back eventually, but one of the side-effects is that we temporarily wouldn’t be able to remember anything that happened during the whole damn experience. We also would lose any stat gains, skill improvements, and it’d basically be like, we never really did anything in the first place! Hahaha~, that’s the ‘old’ us, before we did whatever we did!”

Michael yelled “Holy shit! Pwned, bitch! Damn, I bet she’s gonna have ta go through like, decades of knowing that everything she’s accomplished was going to be forgotten or lost anyway!”

However, Minari growled “Well~, that may be true, but you’ve ignored a rather important fact… You’re me! Knowing that this was gonna happen, I’ll just fuck around for seventy-seven years! Sure, there are things that I ‘need’ to do, but still… Check your currency tab, asshole!”

When he heard that, the Nephilim and each of the others immediately realized something pretty important: They were completely broke. Sarah screamed “What the fucking fuck, you stupid cunt! That whore robbed us!”

Talia sighed dramatically and muttered “If ‘she’ is ‘us’, then I must be a part of her as well. Would I not invest my money into… No, there is no way for us to know ‘where’ our items are placed at the moment.”

Elina giggled, wiping some of the tingly slime off of her chest and face, walking over and hugging Minari tightly. She smiled cheerfully and whispered “I know it will probably be really hard, but you’ll definitely see your babies again…”

The naked obsidian-elf cringed, “Elly, you should ask Talia’s mama about all the kids she’s been the babysitter for… I feel like most of them are probably ‘mine’, if ya know what I mean, hehe~.”

18 thoughts on “Chapter 293: The Troll Paradox

  1. i seriously hate time travel… i understood the whole thing but seriously… like dude… bleh bleh, damned paradoxes.

    for those that don’t understand, basically they fused, got sent to the past somehow, fucked around till the very moment they needed to do stuff like get the ingredients for the fusion pill and help fuse at the last second, now they send the fused world boss version of them to the past while they continue as if nothing has happened.

    i still don’t get who the hell Adam is, i don’t know what the hell is gonna happen with Luke, the white mystery cat called Iris is still a damned mystery and i still don’t understand how Rachael got a soul while her siblings died at birth. what else is there? hmmm…. i think i covered everything? OH! that person that was pretending to be Jasmine in the angel sealed prison place, yea, she is also random. Arcana can go jump in a ditch, most mysterious one of them all and she was the first damned God to be introduced as well.

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  2. wtf just happend ? i started reading this like 3 , probably now 4 days ago, its 02:05 in the morning, im waking up in 3,5 hours, my head hurts like sh*t because all i did was read this awesome piece of art and now im like really lost xD
    did they comboned and then split or was there time skip??? .. someone help

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  3. Lmfao. Sarina was him basically doing whatever the fuck he wanted all that time Not to mention all the other shit. That’s hilarious. Rather curious if when they get their memories back if they’ll get all the experience and skill levels that they got as the super powered world boss.

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  4. Wait, so the one who’s been leaving kids with her mom was them? Which means he and his wives as a whole have been getting knocked up by other men?…

    Is that what the chapter just implied?

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