Chapter 294: An Open Ending

Before Minari could continue conversing with her amnesiac ‘future’ selves, she abruptly vanished into thin air. The obsidian-elf with a serpentine tail, snickered and stared ‘up’ at the distant planet Arcana.

She was standing upon a field of lush, grey grass and feeling a chilly breeze blowing across her naked flesh. There wasn’t enough oxygen for her to breathe, though she wasn’t in a vacuum either.

It was incredibly uncomfortable, so the beautiful woman decided to put on some ‘clothes’. There were no tattoos on her skin, but she could tell that she had access to every single piece of equipment that Michael and his Companions had collected.

However, the first thing she did was remove a pair of glasses from her inventory and wear them. With a thought, the frames abruptly transformed into a skin-tight, black, rubber mask. It completely covered her face and had what ‘looked’ like, a ‘re-breather’ over her nose and mouth. All of her hair was balled up behind her head and along with her really long ears, the back of her helmet was extremely elongated. No facial features were visible, aside from her glowing violet irises, behind the two rounded, transparent, eye-protectors.

After that, a pure-white t-shirt appeared, bundling up her enormous breasts. Since her level was so much higher than the equipment, Minari could technically wear almost ‘all’ of her gear at the same time… but she didn’t, because she didn’t ‘need’ to.

All she really wanted, was to completely cover her entire body. Her Passives could ‘protect’ her from all kinds of elemental and physical damages, but that didn’t mean it was ‘comfortable’ to be casually standing on the Moon, without any clothes on. Besides that, even though the majority of her personality came from Michael and Sarah, Talia was still a big part of her; Elina ‘typically’ wasn’t a nudist either.

Minari equipped the ‘Bronze Gauntlets of the Dragon Knight’, which coated her arms, hands and shoulders with a shiny metallic and flexible material. Then there was ‘Princess Carrabelle’s Shackles’; when they activated, her lower-legs and feet were protected by a thick, golden armor plating, with individual toes.

She wore Sarah’s skirt in the form of a skin-tight cloth armor; it even covered her serpentine tail. Then she muttered “Hmmm~, I love how ‘adaptable’ this gear is, hehe~… Now, if I could just make it all black? Oh, holy shit, I really can!”

With all of her armor the same color, she appeared fairly intimidating. The only problem was that she wasn’t able to ‘grow’ or ‘shrink’ too much, because only Inari’s equipment was designed for extreme stress. In fact, Talia’s leather jacket, boots and bow, could only fit someone of relatively ‘normal’ humanoid size and shape.

Minari snickered, glancing around and noticing a “Lunar Rabbit, Level-79, Rank-A.” It was bright-blue, with golden eyes and a sparkling spiral horn coming out of its forehead, though it was merely a foot tall while standing on its hind legs.

“Hmmm~, it’s kinda hard to tell, since I’m ridiculously strong and relatively light, but I’m pretty sure the gravity isn’t the same as Earth’s Moon at all. Like, it’s so high that, the random super-bunny over there, seems as weak as a ‘normal’ one. Plus, when it hops around, it falls really fucking fast. The atmosphere is thick as metaphorical hell, but I can still see the sun and Arcana pretty clearly… Oh, yeah, that’s probably cause my perception is literally over one-hundred. Maybe if I wasn’t so OP right now, I’d instantly die the moment that I was randomly teleported to this… Wait a second~! Kana~, Arcana~! Where are you?! You brought me here, right?! Don’t you need me to do some secret, really important nonsense?! Aren’t you gonna send me back in time now?!” Covered in a skin-tight suit of pitch-black armor and clothing, the six-foot tall elf was casually walking through a zone called ‘The Fields of Elysium’.

There were a few silver-furred kangaroos and glowing-red Hell-Roaches, along with plenty of other seemingly random magical and demonic beasts. Some of them were fighting each other, while others simply fed upon the grey-grass and mystical golden roses.

However, for the most part, nothing seemed to pay any attention to Minari. As long as she didn’t release her aura, they viewed her as a neither an enemy or ally; it was safest to either avoid or ignore her presence completely.

Eventually, she felt a familiar voice whispering into the back of her mind, “I am the devourer of worlds, the illusion of fate, the creator of Karma, and the Guardian of Arcana. Death is ephemeral, life is eternal; seek damnation and receive salvation. Who is like God? Do not trust what you cannot believe. Seven is the key to Heavenly Hell; Nine leads to the Hellish Heaven. The truth lies in contradictory agreement. I love you… so use me; wear me, and we shall consume entire universes. Perhaps it is destiny, or maybe a self-fulfilling fate, but you know what you ‘need’ to do now. Carry my weight on your shoulders and crush entire planets into nothingness!”

Minari sighed dramatically and complained “Great, I have to put on the magical cape of insanity… There’s no way that this could go horribly awry, hehehe~. Hmmm~, welp, my inner-Alice is telling me ‘yay, drug trips are fun~!’, but Michael is going ‘QQ~, drugs are gross~, I breathed in second-hand smoke once and almost died~!’, while Talia is being a grumpy bear and making a disapproving face… Fuck my life, I’ve been alone for five minutes and I’m already starting to go insane! Goddamn it! I blame JJ and Elly for this bullshit! Their combined pussitude is making this whole fusion experience really depressing! Wah~! Am I PMSing?! Can I even do that?! Well, at least I’m not barking like a certain literal bitch… Oh hey, finally, was afraid that you weren’t gonna see me off!”

A beautiful, illusory and nearly transparent woman had suddenly appeared before her. She smiled and murmured “I believe that this is our first meeting, Minari Sarina Jalicia… At least, it is from ‘your’ perspective, correct?”

The helmet-wearing elf snickered, “Nah, not really… I mean, you can still call me Mike or Michael if ya want. Sarah, Inari, Jasmine, Elina, Alice and Talia… All of them are a part of me, and while none of them really got to know you very well, they had still ‘technically’ met ya before. Anyway, is there anything you need to tell me before you send me away? Something important, like, what the hell am I even supposed to be doing?”

Arcana giggled, floating forward and gently hugging Minari. She only whispered “Equip the cloak, and Destiny shall guide your path.” before releasing a horrifying, soul-crushing amount of Arcane aura from her body.

The moment that she followed the Goddess’ instructions, she felt as if the seven mana-cores in her brain were going to explode. That mantle spread out behind her back and began devouring an Avatar of Arcana herself.

“Goddamn it! Thanks alot! Real fuckin helpful! Grah~!? Ow-ow-ow-ow-ow~! Fuck-shit-cunt-bitch-whore-tittysauce!” All of that power was being channeled through Minari’s mind, before getting sucked into that endless void that appeared similar to an incredibly small event-horizon.

Once the Avatar was completely consumed, there was nothing preventing the screaming woman from being pulled into the abyss. However, immediately after she had entered, it felt as if her entire body was being ripped apart. Her relatively low-leveled gear was destroyed instantly and ‘unequipped’, as she transformed into nothing but a dimly glowing, prismatically glowing wisp. It seemed like minutes to the disembodied soul, but the singularity had opened up and closed within a mere moment.


On the surface of the mostly ‘grey’ Moon, the eight ‘Game Masters’ and Arcana assembled on the top floor of a three mile high, silver tower. They were seated around a circular crystalline table and sitting on thrones, made out of various celestial materials: Astral Glass, White Jade, Obsidian Gold, Frozen Hellfire, Emerald Ivory, Bronze Diamonds, Solid Metallic Hydrogen, Sunstone Rubies, and Ancient Sapphire Coral.

Umbra smirked at her sister, who was holding an adorable jet-black kitten in her arms, and asked “If he can’t even remember who he was or who you are, then ain’t that a pretty clear sign? He picked a memory wipe-”

“Shut up! I’m sure Luke just experienced some horrible things over there! I don’t care about that! It doesn’t matter if he failed his mission or became a weakling again! He’s adorable! And my precious little baby! Don’t you dare try to tempt him again…” Luxia actually started crying, while cuddling the fluffy feline against her nonexistent breasts. In order for it to survive in such a harsh environment, she needed to constantly protect the baby cat with her aura.

The three-armed, purple-skinned pig-man squealed a few times, before transforming into a hideous orange-furred tiger-monkey creature, and eventually settling on the shape of a two-headed peacock-monster. She or he made some horrible squawking noises and was smacked off the chair by an angry three-meter tall green-barked dryad.

Naturae yelled “Bitch, you either pick a goddamn human-ish shape, or fuck-off!” She was obviously extremely stressed out by the recent events, and didn’t feel like dealing with Chaotica’s insanity.

It was then that Arcana quietly announced “Minari has been sent upon her journey and has already completely her mission successfully… I have finally finished my feast; now, it is time for each of you to ‘play’ the ‘game’. Thus far, Luxia and Umbra are tied at seven points each… Chaos is in third place, with six; Naturae, still only has five. Ignis, managed to gain three points already… Unfortunately, the rest of you are tied with a mere one. Michael, was far more ‘efficient’ than any other ‘Summoner’ I have ever ‘hired’… The first wave of souls have started hatching and the Player-count has reached seventy billion thus far. I needed to completely devour all of the old ‘trash’ and ‘recycle’ it, simply so that there is more available ‘space’ for future expansion. The second wave shall begin in less than twenty-four hours… I estimate, a harvest of at least one trillion total Players. As for the amount of NPC souls that they shall create… This Avatar does not possess the ability to accurately predict that information.”

The shadowy woman across the table snickered, muttering “That kid was right; this really is gonna be a ‘Noobageddon’… And it’ll definitely be hilarious!”

A red-skinned elven man with two long bull-like horns coming out of his head, raised his right hand and asked nervously “Grandmother, I have a question… With so many souls, will they be distributed evenly among the planets and solar systems? Or are you planning on cramming all of them onto Arcana alone?”

After a few moments of awkward silence, the illusory elf smirked, ominously whispering “That is entirely up to the Players themselves to decide…”

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  1. A really open ending… Thx for the chapters and this book 1… Don’t even know when I started reading this… Maybe 3 or more months back? Anyways need to check the epilogue and any end notes for the book 1 info? for sale? … And book2 release… Try asking some friends for an Art? Poster?

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  2. btw the kids are from the fusion of the 7 and other people ? i’m pretty sure the michael part would reject other men, but after taking sarah’s tail so many times, who knows,
    or is it something they had together, split apart to mate

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    • It’s a mystery lol The possibilities are literally endless… Hell, knowing Elina, any orphan she meets would instantly become her child… for a few days at least roflmao. 77 years is a long time lulz. Besides Minari is a shapeshifter and is probably asexual either way. Like, she could get pregnant from masturbating. Well, just use your imagination for now lol.

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