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I’m going to be 26 years old on Valentines Day… I guess that’s why I’m feeling a little sentimental now, since WoW is currently doing their Love is in the Air nonsense and I just came back for the month. Yep, after half a year, I’m back to WoW again, and planning to level at least my Void Elf and Lightforged Draenei up to 110 before my time runs out.


Anyway, I decided to tell you all a little about my history with the game. No, I didn’t start playing in Vanilla, though I know a lot of people who did. I began playing this ridiculously addictive game when I was about 15 or 16 years old, because my brother forced me to…


My very first character was an Undead Warrior on some server I can’t even remember, but I immediately deleted it, once my brother told me to go to Bladefist. Yep, Blladefist is a really small and obscure server. It always has been, and probably always will be. That ain’t a bad thing though.


Since he was playing on the Alliance side, I decided to make a Night Elf Hunter named Deathseekerx… Yes, I know it was terrible, but I was like 15-16 and didn’t think that I’d have the stupid character for over 10 years. Not that I ever play him anymore though.


My experience as a Hunter in the Burning Crusade was awful. I truly hated almost everything about it. Does anyone remember back when you had Mana? When you had to buy ammunition? When it took forever to farm gold? No, not just that, just hitting the level cap of 70 took me like 5 months.


I was in a different guild from my brother at the time, so I never really even played the game with him during BC. However, the Burning Crusade ended less than 3 months after I reached level-70, so it wasn’t that big of a deal… Because Wrath of the Lich King was when I truly started enjoying the game. Why? Well… Death Knights.


Plaguedone, not Plague Done, was my main from that point onward. I reached the level cap within the week after Wrath came out, and my guild started doing Naxxramas almost immediately. Thus, I started raiding relatively seriously.


At some point, my brother and a few of his friends came to join my guild, since their old guild bassically dissolved. It was fun. I was one of the best Tank/DPS in the guild and my brother was one of the top healers. We made friends with some of the other best players in the guild and were basically the main raiders.


It continued like that until somewhere near the end of Ulduar, when the guild master turned into a completed douchebag and kicked me out of the guild. Why did he do it? I honestly can’t remember that well. Probably because he felt threatened that my ‘second’ raid team had basically become the main raid team, so I was starting to become something like a second guild master. I think I may have poached the best healer(My brother), the best dps(Our friends who we invited to the guild), and even the vice guild-master started coming to tank for our raid group… Because we were better.


Of course, when he kicked me out, I also took most of the main raiders with me. Then, after I quit the game for a while… Shit really hit the fan for them. I won’t use real names, but let’s just call them ‘Butter’, ‘Bunny’, ‘Will’ and umm… There were a few others. Including my brother, they basically took half the guild with them when they ‘quit’ and/or got kicked for being total assholes.


Then I came back to the game when Icecrown came out. I had made several other characters by this point, including a Draenei Paladin named Theexodus(Why did I do that?), a Gnome Mage named Ephrim(Deleted him after Wrath, even though I got him to lvl 80), and a low level Human Warlock named Archangel(Has an alt code somewhere).


My brother, Bunny and I, started the Guild Forewarning. Then we invited a bunch of the old members from that other guild to join us, including some who came from actual top guilds… Because of coercion? Actually, they just got kicked or hated the way the top guilds treated them(Like slaves), so they decided to join us instead… And created the top guild on Bladefist!


Hahaha~, no, we were like 17th at the end of Wrath. We did kill the Lich King and get the fancy 10-player achievement mount from it though. We also had the Ulduar mount, the regular Heroic one and the one from Naxxramas as well. All during current content, since it’s super easy to get all those now. Obviously a lot less impressive.


When Wrath ended and Cataclysm began… We became a top hardcore raiding guild. We only had about 12 or 15 core raiders, but it was enough. After we all hit 85 within a week, we began raiding straight away. With fucking blues and greens… It was a total mess. But we got server firsts… Almost every server first actually. The ‘big’ top guilds got the server firsts for the 25 man raids, obviously, but way later than we got our 10 man achievements.


We got the firsts for everything, and I was usually the person who kited, or tanked, or died. By that, I mean that I was basically the go-to person that they assigned the hardest and most absurd roles. Which I could do because Frost Death Knights were one of the only classes that could mass-kite back then.


I’m not just talking about the regular kill achievements by the way, we also did the Heroic ones. It was insane to be honest, and it was also around the time that I had a girlfriend… The only girlfriend I ever had… So I couldn’t even play that often.


They would just be like “Stop having sex and come die a thousand times on Heroic Chimaeron!”


And I was like “No, fuck that, I only see my girlfriend once a week!” Then Bunny and my brother guilted me into raiding anyway. We beat it though, and got the server first.


Around that time, I think we made it all the way up to the top 100 in the country. Maybe top 50 at some point, after I quit. Maybe it was Firelands? I don’t know, I didn’t really come back to WoW again until Pandaland… I mean ‘The Mists of Pandaria’!


So many people hated Pandaland… But I have no idea why. I like the Battle Pets, love LFR and even the PvP was bearable. I came back during Siege of Orgrimmar though. I even managed to get geared enough on Plaguedone to tank the last boss on Heroic(This was before Mythic came out).


That was the season of Alts… Holy shit did I level a lot of Alts… To level 90 too! I also did everything: Dps, tank and even heal. It was great. The one I spent the most time and effort on though, wasn’t Plaguedone, but my female Human Warlock: Archangel.


I’m not sure if anyone remembers this, but the ‘Green Fire Quest’ was a nightmare. I know a guy who did it easily, yet it took me weeks to achieve. Obviously gear played a big part, because it did get easier as I got better geared. However, I eventually beat it and got my green fire… I was literally one of the only people with the green fire on the server at the time, because it was just that hard.


People would pay other people to get it for them, for 50 to 100 dollars. You needed to really trust them though, or they’d just steal your account. I did it myself though, and I even almost got my Warlock her Challenge Mode transmog set… Sigh, that really looked cool too. But nope, I decided to quit before I could get it. Now it’s impossible to get.


For years, I never came back… But then, I think it was July of 2017, I finally started playing again. Legion is kinda awesome. Obviously some downsides too, but a lot of the kinks got ironed out as I played over the course of three months.


Honestly, the main reason I liked Legion so much was because the moment I came back and made my Demon Hunter, the name “Michael” was available. What are the odds? I know my server is small, but I definitely remember that there was a player who used to go by that name years ago. I’m guessing that maybe he deleted his account or transfered servers.


Regardless, I’ve now mastered the art of naming characters however I want. If the name is taken and I really can’t think of one, I just use Alt-codes. Also, pretty much all my characters are named after characters in my stories.


For example, my Nightborn Priest is named Cassandra, the Lightforged Draenei Paladin is named Luxia, and the newest one… My Void Elf is called Sariel. Yeah, I know, right? I’m amazed that Sariel wasn’t already taken.


Did I mention that I also decided to make a Horde character for once? Yeah, I went with an female Orc Hunter named Talia. You’ll understand why soon, if you follow my stories. Regardless, I think that I’ll have to go Alliance for the new expansion that’s coming out…


I’m not just picking Alliance because I’ve been Alliance forever and have more characters with them… I personally don’t understand why the hell Sylvanas hasn’t killed Gallywix yet. Let’s put aside the possibility that he’s being controlled by the Old Gods, he’s basically a slave trader. After the Horde suffered so greatly from not just the Human slavers, but also the damn Ogres of Draenor. How can they allow such a scumbag to have a seat of power like he does?


Not just that, but Sylvanas has always been ungrateful for all the help the Players gave the Horde. Sure, the Alliance also have their problems. For example, SI:7 is probably controlled by the Old Gods and used to incite war on their behest. Then there’s the likely scenario where Anduin gets corrupted or controlled…


Ultimately, I wish I was allowed to just leave both Factions behind and create my own. There should be a third party, made up of all us Players who just got sick and tired of being used/abused by our Faction Leaders. How many times did I save Azeroth already, and all these other asshats keep stealing the credit? It’s absurd.


At the very least, Alliance and Horde should be Factions that you can build rep with or even switch sides, like we did back in the Burning Crusade. With the Scryers and Aldor. It should even be possible to become Exalted with both or even just being a mercenary for hire for either side, depending on the circumstances.


Maybe I don’t wanna help the Horde burn down the World Tree? Maybe I don’t want to massacre Orc children? Maybe I just want to be free to pick and choose my own fate in a game I spent almost half my life play?!




That’s all for now… However, if I find the time, I really want to write a World of Warcraft Fanfiction eventually. Maybe over the summer? Since I’ll probably be hyped up for the new expansion around that time: Battle for Azeroth.


Why the fuck did they call it Battle for Azeroth anyway? Shouldn’t it be Battles for Azeroth?



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  1. I just started playing World of Warcraft I made 3 characters and had two of my sisters and my mom make characters for me to play the first character I made is a level 31 worgen druid named Dasoslykos, the second character I made is a level 21 orc Monk named Koga, my last but not least character I made is a level 57 draenei death knight named Mors miles, my sister CC the second oldest of my three little sisters made a pandorian Warrior named kanoa, the youngest of my three sisters Sophie made a blood elf hunter named Linestra and my mom made a draenei paladin named Naeresiidine. all three of the characters my sisters and my mom made our level 20

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