TDD V2, Chapter 3: Parts 2-4

It actually doesn’t take much time or effort to edit TDD… I just have so much other shit to do lol. Like writing PS, editing Observing the End… Okay, that’s about it. I’ve been making game videos, but I have no idea how to edit them and I can’t even talk during them. So it’s just me, being bad, playing various games on normal difficulty and making it look like Hardcore mode because of how much I fail…

In other news, Azrael and Yuri are some of the sluttiest characters I’ve ever written lol. Sorry, they were at the time. Since then I’ve written MC-727(From Observing the End), Henry is pretty slutty too… I consider any character that is willing to have sex with 5-10 other living creatures in a single day, to be slutty. Nvm, by that logic, I’ve written tons of sluts… Oh well, as long as you don’t catch any weird diseases, it doesn’t really matter anyway. I’ll stop babbling now lol.

Part 2: Punishments and Rewards

“Sis, come on! I can’t stand these stupid bastards anymore! If you don’t come and pick them up, then I might actually kill one by accident!” As Azrael was complaining about the five different female Goblins that were trying to have sex with him, and the males that were attempting to mate with his avatar, Yuri suddenly appeared. Reaper arrived shortly afterwards.


“Brother, these creatures only understand three things… Violence, sex and food.” After saying that, the little girl began brutally ‘disciplining’ everyone. She was careful with her punches, kicks, smacks and other ‘soft’ attacks. Each blow caused immense pain to the Ratkins and Goblins, but barely even left a mark. Once they were all incapacitated or cowering in fear, she went through one by one and literally spanked them.


Of course, some of them weren’t even punished at all. Greenie was rewarded with a bunch of mushrooms, avocados and oranges from the jungle below. Even though they were raw and some of them were covered in dirt, he didn’t seem to mind.


“You need to give these three a suitable reward for their good behavior.” One was ‘Shade’, the Ratkin with pitch-black skin, fur and eyes. The whole time, all she did was obediently stay in a corner and wait patiently. The other was Elfy, a Goblin girl who looked very similar to Ailyn, but was a foot taller, had longer ears and yellow irises. She actively helped Azra fight off the other women.


The two girls looked up at him expectantly, so he did start to feel a little bad. He asked his sister, “What do you think I should feed them? I don’t really know what they like to eat…”


Yuri tilted her head in confusion, then explained “No, they aren’t interested in food. They want you to mate with them. If you’re embarrassed, then take them back to your territory and reward them there.”


“Ugh, fine… I’ll just do it in your bedroom. Don’t come up stairs!” No matter how much he tried to fight it, he was definitely aroused. It required a massive amount of mental fortitude on his part, in order to keep from giving into temptation earlier. Especially because of his telepathic connection to Ailyn. She was a Goblin after all, and so her sex drive was a lot higher than the average human male.


However, he just couldn’t bring himself to indulge in an orgy of that magnitude. No, perhaps it was his possessive nature towards his own avatar, which prevented him from giving up? Regardless, he was moderately attracted to Shade and Elfy was extremely beautiful from his perspective.


As he was leaving the room to take the stairs up to Yuri’s bedroom, his sister asked “Would you like to bring a few more with you? Gabby, Tabby and Unicorn are also deserving of some praise…”


Azra sighed, then grumbled “Damn it! Sure, whatever! I have a lot of work to do after this though, so I hope they aren’t expecting too much…”


Part 3: Virility

However, at the last moment, Azra turned around and walked over to a tiny, crimson-skinned Goblin. She was still crying over her sore buttocks.


“I think this brat needs a little extra ‘punishment’.”


After he picked her up by the tail and dragged her out of the room, Yuri smirked very slightly. Then she turned towards the giant green Goblin, who was happily sharing his food with the furry white little monster, Arctic.


“Reaper is aroused… It is time to resume the experiment.”


Thus, the black-furred Ratkin man began having sex with Squeakers, Busty, Molly, Scarlet Squeaks, Fluffy, Snow, Nudist, and Bunny. Most of them had misbehaved, so they the ones that were the least rowdy earlier, were allowed to have their turn first.


On the other hand, Obsidian and Nos weren’t even allowed to mate with the only Goblin female who wasn’t upstairs with Azrael, Abby. After they finished their meal, Arctic and Greenie were allowed to share her…




[Objective Completed: Reaper has impregnated 10 different Ratkin females. +100 Karma, Enhanced Virility Adaptation unlocked.]


[Enhanced Virility Adaptation: Drastically increases the reproductive capabilities of all biological organisms within the Chessboard World. Costs 100 Karma.]


[A new Quest Objective has been unlocked.]


[Use your Avatar to Impregnate 10 Different Goblin Females: 1000 Karma, unlocks the Natural Mutation Enhancement.]


“Intriguing…” Yuri was totally naked, sitting cross-legged in the middle of her great hall, with a bunch of Ratkins and Goblins sleeping around the room. It was extremely hot, so they didn’t stay too close to each other.


“I would like to purchase this Enhanced Virility Adaptation immediately.”


[Very well.]


“Has the Black Sakura been healed yet?”


[The mana of 100 Souls have been sacrificed, but it will still require several days to recover completely. Also, nearly two hundred humans have died within your territories in the past hour.]


Yuri murmured “That isn’t very strange. Many of them were already gravely injured. I expect several more deaths over the next few days as well.”


[Current Currency


Karma: 1200

Souls: 1702]


Part 4: Time

“Azra, are you finished yet? We have a lot that we need to discuss.” Without even giving him a chance to respond to her message, the little girl directly teleported upstairs.


“Ah! Sis, what the hell?!” He was startled because of her sudden appearance, but also by the fact that she was totally naked and drenched in all sorts of bodily fluids. However, he had finished ‘rewarding’ and ‘punishing’ the tiny women a long time ago. They were currently scattered around the room and sleeping.


[I would suggest that both of you begin mass producing units now. You should also upgrade your biological, technological and resource levels now. Azrael now has access to a pawn territory that needs to be designed and created. Hunting and gathering may sustain the current population for the short term, but the sooner you begin developing your agriculture, the better.]


Azra sighed, picking his unconscious avatar up off of the ground and carrying her in his arms. Then he turned away from Yuri and complained “Sis, you deal with the Goblins and Ratkins… And, take a bath or something. For fuck’s sake, you smell like a literal cum-bucket. At least, I hope that’s jizz… I need to focus on making some ‘real’ weapons and armor.”


“Brother… You’ve been excessively belligerent lately. Is it something that I’ve done? Has my presence become a nuisance to you?”


He turned around towards the expressionless girl and frowned, then he shook his head. “No, Yuri…” He looked out the window, down towards the clusters of people and murmured “It’s not you, Sis. I’m just, uncomfortable. For our entire lives, I’ve always felt really out of place. I liked being with you and Grandpa, but even then, it was too much for me. Now that I finally have a place that solely belongs to me, I have to share it with a bunch of strangers… There are just too many people. Not only that, but even though I have the chance to build things and tinker around, we keep getting dragged into bullshit. I wish we had more time.”


[Now that you possess some Karma and Souls, it is possible to purchase Temporal Modifications. They may be rather expensive, but it will allow you to prepare for the next Quest… Which will likely be triggered soon.]


The twins stared at the screens that appeared before them and quickly began reading through the different options, leaving an awkward silence in the room. At least, aside from the snoring and breathing, or the various noises coming from the jungle.


[You are currently under the effect of the free Temporal Modification, Double Speed. However, this temporal modifier will not be included with the purchase of any additional temporary temporal modifications.]


[Triple Speed: Costs 1 Soul per day.]


[Quadruple Speed: Costs 2 Souls per day.]


[Quintuple Speed: Costs 3 Souls per day.]


[7x Speed: Costs 10 Souls per day.]


[30x Speed: Costs 25 Souls per day.]


[60x Speed: Costs 50 Souls per day.]


[90x Speed: Costs 100 Souls per day.]


[180x Speed: Costs 250 Souls per day.]


[365x Speed: Costs 500 Souls and 50 Karma per day.]


[730x Speed: Costs 1000 Souls and 100 Karma per day.]


[1095x Speed: Costs 1500 Souls and 150 Karma per day.]


[1825x Speed: Costs 2500 Souls and 250 Karma per day.]


[3650x Speed: Costs 5000 Souls and 500 Karma per day.]


[7300x Speed: Costs 10000 Souls and 1000 Karma per day.]


[18250x Speed: Costs 50000 Souls and 5000 Karma per day.]


[36500x Speed: Costs 100000 Souls and 10000 Karma per day.]


*Author’s Note*

In case you haven’t noticed, the double-spacing bullshit is still there and I don’t really know how to fix it. So if you can put up with it, then good for you lol. I’m sorry to those who can’t.

Also, ironically, while TDD has an absurd amount of sex… It’s one of the least graphic stories I’ve written. They’re having sex all the time, but I just don’t go into detail. Not sure if that’s good or bad?

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  1. so hey, how should i read your novel in a way thath it will make sense, i seems to be connecting for all the stories, even more confusing that it is the same name, “michael”
    can you give the order in reading it? is it questing 1st or HCOP 3rd, in what order really?

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      • I have a deal with Tapas, so I can’t really post the whole story on my site lol. Same thing with “Observing the End” and Ficfun, though Ficfun is more strict. I might post the first volume of Immortal Soul back on my site again soon though.


    • Immortal Soul was the first one I wrote, but it’s actually in the future of all the other stories to a certain extent. I mean, it most likely takes place in a completely different Greater Reality than all the others I’ve written so far.

      A few of the stories, like Chaotica’s Coliseum, Tower Defense Deities and The Diary of Destiny King take place in that exact order. And they all take place within the same universe, around the same time.

      The MC of The Dao of Eros dies in that same universe, during the earthquake that Destiny experiences in the very beginning of her story. Destiny’s older brother, Azra, is in The Dao of Eros. Another version of Azrael is in most of my other stories as well.

      There are a lot of Mikes, and aside from Mike from Immortal Soul, the others are all the same ‘person’ for the most part. With minor differences.


  2. Plz not, right now it’s beautifully just a part of all the carnage that is happening, anymore of descriptiveness and half of the chapters will be only about sex. Maybe only describe some … Erm intresting ones?

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