TDoE V2 Chapter 5: Storytime with Mama Mei

“Shit, Mei, open the door! Hurry up!” I knocked and yelled a bunch of times, before she finally let me in. Almost the instant that the door closed behind me, there was deep and loud rumbling. It sounded like the entire hallway was being flooded with a torrent of extremely high-pressured streams of water.

As I entered the room I immediately hugged the confused and groggy woman tightly. She asked “Little Levi, what’s going on? That announcement and the sirens woke me up, but I have no idea what’s actually happening right now! Are we under attack? Who could even do that?!”

I sighed dramatically, grumbling “No fucking clue… Well, one of my patients, ‘Recursed Ying’, told me that she was some kinda reincarnated person who remembered their past. She said that she managed to breakthrough into the Expert Stage, even though she’s already seventy years old, and that basically every other major power throughout the world is gonna come here. We need to escape The Southern Islands… Even the Qing Republic is probably gonna get trashed. Although, my Dao Protector should be able to well, ‘protect’ us. I vote that we head over to Di’s place.”

Mei frowned, complaining “How are we supposed to do that?! You’re only a level-four Apprentice and I’m even weaker…” She was wearing a pair of my black boxers and a thin white t-shirt, which also was one of mine. Although she wasn’t that much taller than I was, her ass and breasts made those two garments pretty revealing. I could easily see her nipples and her pubes were poking out of the wide-open fly.

“Not now, later! At the moment, we don’t really have the power to do anything… Besides, that bitch still owes me some Druidry lessons! And there’s no point in leaving here without using up all of the Contribution Points we’ve collected. It’s not like they count for anything outside of Hua Jiang Palace. For the moment, all we can do is wait… So we might as well enjoy ourselves, right? Hehehe~…” Well, in a situation where I might randomly die at any second, it was better to at least enjoy myself. Fortunately, I happened to have a ‘roommate’ who had a similar level of horniness.

Xiaotong made things awkward at first, but over the months, she stopped being so overprotective of my virginity. In fact, she would often participate in my sexual cultivation. While I never actually put my penis totally inside of Mei’s pussy or asshole, I definitely dipped the tip a few times. I mean, at least a third of all my cumshots were into one of her orifices.

As for the other sixty-six percent… She made at least two-hundred Contribution Points every week. Yeah, Qi can improve sperm generation by a lot. When I mentioned my fortune earlier, I wasn’t including the fifteen-hundred CP that my ‘girlfriend’ had saved up.

Our relationship was definitely complicated. Half the time, she treated me like a little kid or even her own son. When she was tearing my flesh off or giving me a regular massage, she acted super-professional and detached, as if we didn’t even know each other. During any sexual situation, she didn’t seem to care that I was a child anymore and did whatever she wanted.

My Spirit Companion on the other hand, was almost always sleeping. Both Xiaotong and the Fiery Cockroach Elemental were pretty active while I was working. They had to clean up the mess after all. Of course, it was more like dinner to them. Spirits are just like Beasts and Humans, they need to eat a lot to maintain or even improve their strength. Rank-G ghosts were mainly sustenance, while Rank-F ones were able to make them stronger. I always had to be careful though. There were more than a few temporary Spirit ‘pets’ that I turned into test subjects, to find out the limits so that Xiaotong and Zhang Lang wouldn’t randomly explode.


The lockdown was nerveracking at first, because there were constant explosions and what felt like earthquakes. All the lights in the room became dim occasionally and sometimes they even went out completely. Mei and I didn’t have anything better to do, so we ‘played’ with each other constantly. It wasn’t possible to use the sink or shower in the bathroom, but the toilet still worked somehow. Although the water was constantly brown and murky, as if there was a bunch of rust in the plumbing.

I didn’t exactly expect something some catastrophic would happen, but I thought it was ridiculous that Mei had to order take-out all the time. Aside from the tiny cum-freezer that was free, we also had a full-sized white refrigerator. It was a lot more difficult to make something that could reach subzero temperatures, than a device that generally functioned at slightly above freezing. While the Rank-G ‘Storage’ object wasn’t expensive, it still cost a hundred Contribution Points. The Rank-F versions were bigger on the inside, but were also way more money.

At first, I was a little worried that the power would go out completely, yet after a few hours of chaos, everything was back to relative normalcy. The lockdown was still in effect, but we could take showers and use the sink water again. Xiaotong went into hibernation after being terrified for so long.

As for me and Mei, we ate, slept, cuddled, and occasionally tongue massaged each other. At a certain point she took a chess board out of a drawer and asked “We’ve never really had this much free time together before now… Do you know what ‘games’ are?”

The checkered piece of wood wasn’t particularly fancy, though it was a step above the cheap cardboard versions that were more common in my old world. I snickered, muttering “It’s been ages since I last played a board game… Although, I guess there are no video games in Hua Jiang Palace, so I suppose they’re just called ‘games’ here, huh?”

She continued as if she hadn’t even heard what I said, “Okay~, listen up Little Levi! Mama Mei is going to teach you how to play Chess! Hehehe~, this isn’t a toy for children… This is weapon of war! Don’t worry, even though you’re still just a kid, you’re pretty mature already. Each of these pieces has a role and they can move around the board differently. The goal is to capture the King… It’s the big one with the cross above its head.”

I sighed, smiling wryly as I allowed her to explain the rules. After she finished talking, I told her “I’ve definitely already played this game before… But don’t worry, it’s been a while, so thanks for the introduction.”

She frowned, grumbling “Fine~, but I bet you’ve never used pieces that were made out of Qi Stones before! Hmph, I bought this a while ago, hoping to have the chance to play with you sometime, but you were always so busy or horny…”

The ones she gave me looked like they were made out of green gemstones, glowing dimly. Mei’s were all lapis lazuli, or something similar in appearance. She giggled, setting up her side of the board and explaining “There are lots of Worldly Daos based around board games… Along with some Cultivation Methods as well. I wonder if you’ve ever heard the fairy tale about the Chess Legend? So once upon a time, there was a little boy who was born with a horrible disease that made it impossible for him to ever walk, much less cultivate normally. He was the son of some random famous general in an ancient Xian Dao country that doesn’t exist anymore, but that doesn’t really matter. The important part was that since his son couldn’t become an officer, he decided to force the poor kid to become a strategist. One of the simplest ways to become better at strategy is to play games.”

Even after we finished setting everything up and began moving our pieces, she kept telling the story. “The rich general father was able to buy a super-expensive magical chessboard, made out of Rank-A Qi Crystals. I heard they left this part out, since it was kind of disturbing, but supposedly in the original version… Each pawn was forged from the Dantians of a million Novices. To make the knights and bishops, they used a hundred thousand Apprentice Dantians. Rooks required ten thousand Adept sacrifices, the Queen was a thousand Experts and for the King, it took a hundred Masters. It sounds totally absurd, so it was eventually considered nothing more than a fairytale…”

I smirked, asking “Does it really seem so strange though? I wouldn’t be surprised even if you told me that there was a powerful Spirit possessing each piece. Hell, they’d probably become Elementals after a while.”

Mei pouted, complaining “You’re no fun! Kids are supposed to get excited when you tell them stories! You should act like your age sometimes…” I wanted to retort so badly, but I was afraid that she might get mad and give up her shotacon tendencies.


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