TDoE V2 Chapter 4: Awakening

Li Xiu Ying closed the door behind her and immediately removed her hooded crimson robe, revealing her beautiful naked body to me. She blushed and whispered “My younger sister told me what you did for her and I wanted to thank you… But on my way here, I discovered an ancestral pool of warm Nature Qi. By the time I arrived in Hua Jiang Palace, I was covered with these horrid sores! I was going to see a medical doctor, yet I felt too embarrassed and ashamed… I wanted to gather your professional opinion and make sure that it wasn’t a Spiritual affliction first!”

There were dozens of small orange leeches all over her perky breasts, sexy abs, slightly muscular arms and legs… I sighed dramatically and told her “Alright~, sit down, this is gonna take a while.” Even her clit, nipples and between her asscheeks had a few of the little bastards. As I checked the inside of her vagina and anus with my fingers, I said “My name is Levi Ares by the way… Di is my teacher, in case you thought I was him.”

She whimpered and moaned, murmuring “I never believed you to be him… But I feel as if, ah~, we have met somewhere before. Perhaps in a life before this one? You don’t appear particularly familiar, though I sense some sort of connection between us. I do not know exactly what that might be, ahn~… I just trust you. In the future, we shall encounter one another on many occasions. Of that I am certain.”

Well, self-fulfilling prophecies tend to come true, so I wasn’t surprised to see her again a week and a half later. This time, she had a Rank-G Spectral Octopus living in her rectum. During the ‘extraction’ she said “Cultivators struggle against fate, trying desperately to overcome their weaknesses… Yet they do not realize that their lives aren’t meaningless. Each time we pass through the cycle, we either become stronger or weaker. It gathers to a peak eventually. Our souls are already immortal, but our bodies are not.”

The fourth visit, there was a Rank-F Phantom Shark dangling from her right breast. It wasn’t able to bite through her flesh, so she only noticed that her titty was a bit heavier than usual and there was a mild pinching sensation. Before she left, Li Xiu Ying asked “We’re all playing a game… Whether we realize it or not is what separates the Players from the NPCs. What are you Levi? Are you really just another one of those ignorant fools?”

I smirked, then complained “I’m starting to think that not only are you a crazy fucking pervert, but you’re also intentionally getting haunted or cursed so that you have an excuse to see me…”

In case you’ve forgotten already, Genesis wasn’t like Earth. There were nine weeks in every month, so the two of us saw each other a lot of fucking times. Ying would always have something shoved up her ass, pussy, pierced into her nipples or clit and on each occasion, she would become even more ominous.

Finally, on my tenth birthday, the seventh of Tianlong… That’s when she told me “Lee, I’ve awakened completely now. It won’t be long before I die. I guess it’s fine to tell you a few secrets though.”

I stared at the naked woman, who only looked like she was in her early twenties, and grumbled “You’re seventy years old! If you would just stop doing crazy shit all the time and getting covered in evil Spirits, then you’d be able to live a few more centuries for fuck’s sake! Why don’t you return to your Sect and become an Instructor or something? Maybe even settle down, start a family? You’re still young, so stop all this early-life crisis bullshit!”

She smiled at me and chuckled, but then her expression became solemn. After that tears started silently dripping down her cheeks and she pulled me into a tight embrace, so that she could whisper into my ear “No, we aren’t… Not us… It’s been too long, too many lives… Before I met you in this world, I was unhappy, discontent with my fate. Then I learned a tiny piece of the truth and became excited. The Heavenly Laws can’t prevent us from becoming more powerful. We’re Players in this game after all… So I returned over and over again, in order to unlock more of my memories. I really wish I hadn’t Lee. Time is so very confusing… The reason you didn’t awaken was because my soul is so much older than yours right now. But, but I remember all those other lives we had together. As enemies, friends, lovers… All the amazing and wonderful things we’ve done. It’s too much for me to handle alone. I can’t do it by myself. I’ve broken the rules already, so it won’t be long before the Tribulation arrives.”

At that moment, I heard Xiaotong yell “Levi, I have a really bad feeling! Like, like something is calling out to me! We need to leave this place! We can’t stay down here anymore! Levi, we need to go far away from here!”

Ying giggled and gently caressed my head, it felt funny because my hair was so short. She murmured “Don’t worry little girl, you still have a while to escape. This Heavenly Tribulation was caused by my advancement into the Expert Stage. Just remember this Lee… The rules are there to prevent NPCs from overtaxing the System. We’re different, we are Players and when we break through the laws of this world, it essentially reveals our position to everyone. We must pass a test put forth by the Deities in charge of this region, then the Immortals announce to every Mortal Sect, Clan and other large organization on this planet… Who we are, where to find us and everyone without exception will either attempt to recruit or destroy us! Entire nations will crumble and billions of lives will be extinguished in their wars to obtain our power! The Southern Islands, The Qing Republic, maybe the entire continent of Xian Dao will be sent into total anarchy and chaos! We are the bringers of calamity and the reavers of Karma!”

After that, her flesh began heating up rapidly and she pushed me away. Two huge fiery transparent wings burst out of her shoulders, while her arms also became covered with golden feathers. In fact, she looked like of like a mix between a harpy and an angel. That long black hair burst into flames and the orange conflagration spread throughout the room, burning everything. Even those protective spells were destroyed in moments. Her face was calm and she didn’t grow a beak or anything like that, though her skin did become dark-brown and then light feathers appeared. There were a bunch of colorful green and blue patterns, kind of like a parrot.

She grew tail feathers right above her ass that were obnoxiously large and pitch-black, with crimson eyes on the ends. Then her lower legs became all scaly and her feet turned into huge talons. I snickered, “This is sexy and all, but did you really need to wreck my motherfucking office?!”

However, at that moment, a massive tentacle ripped the entire back wall off and water started spraying into the room, as all of the air started rushing out in a huge bubble. I heard her whisper into my mind “We’ll meet again Lee… Take care of yourself. I love you.”

Without hesitation, I opened the obsidian door, went into the lobby and slammed it behind me. Then I yelled “Everybody out! Unless you wanna die, get the fuck outta here now!” As I sprinted towards the exit, the wall behind me cracked apart and the metal warped inwards. We were at least two miles under the ocean, so once the magical barriers that protected our shop had been destroyed and the structural integrity had been broken, it was only a matter of time before catastrophic failure would occur.

I’m a nice guy and all, but I wasn’t about to wait around to help people escape. Hell, I hadn’t even met most of my patients before then and Pegleg Joe was an asshole. After I made it outside, there were only a handful of random people rushed out, but my employee wasn’t among them. There was a deep rumbling and the ceiling lights in the hallway went out, replaced by red and yellow ones that blinked constantly.

A deep voice bellowed throughout the entire palace “All civilians must return to your quarters immediately! All military personnel shall gather within the barracks! You have sixty seconds before total lockdown will commence!”

I shouted “Goddamn it Ying! You could’ve warned me about this sooner ya know?!” Of course, I was also sprinting at my fastest speed towards my ‘home’. Even though I was way more muscular than a ten year old child, I was still short as fuck and looked like a little kid. Fortunately, that also meant that with my ridiculous strength, it was possible to move my tiny body way faster than if I was an adult.

My cultivation had reached the fourth level of the Apprentice Stage. Although I still had no idea how to cast spells or use any sort of special magical abilities, I still had my physical prowess to rely on. The hallways that were usually rather empty, were filled with people either screaming, running for their lives or yelling in panic. I mean, seriously, these were practically all snobby royal bitches and douchebags who never faced a single emergency in their entire lives! The number whom had actual combat experience was limited to less than a thousand, while the entire population was in the tens of thousands.

The worst part was that a decent amount of ‘visitors’ who had come to the Medical District, saw the crisis as an opportunity! I didn’t really have time to join in on that little warzone though, because I wasn’t strong enough to make a difference either way. Fortunately, my reputation was pretty good, so no one tried to murder me on my way over to the Residential District.

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26 thoughts on “TDoE V2 Chapter 4: Awakening

  1. Probably Iris or her daughter, but i doubt it’s letter, too side character. Iris is fire. Is she crazy? Show me at least one not crazy char in mikes storyes. But well… I have no fck idea about that “i love you”. HCOP is not it, IS? Didn’t read yet. Honestly, that karma sutra is so wreid that ” i love you” can be probably said by everyone( including karma,arcana etc) and nobody cuz why de fuk not.

    Also… Is Levy is another reincarnation of “Who is like God”? Or … Another Rapture? (⊙ヮ⊙)

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  2. One of the main heroine has appeared!!! Lets play the guessing game and I guess Alice thanks to the feathers and stuff… the only thing i can immediately link myself to… so… are we doing a HCOP crossover soon?

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  3. Well… Alice is the only one who could remain *cough*largely*cough* detached when something sexual was happening in a scientific fashion. Might translate well to this particular situation… Jasmine is a loon, T… Talia? (Wind elf lady) Would be a bit into the shota i guess… But still seems sorta off to me. Elina could be a canditate I suppose ~~ Not Sara or Inari tho … Maybe the mother/Vampire from immortal soul but that would be super out of left field. I still wanna put my money on a character from hcop though since it was the most recent update in the universe ~ but we may never know 😦 Wait… I just realised the one who would get into ridiculous situations most often that were *cough*sorta*cough* fatal or parasitic in nature is jasmine… I just un-ruled someone out. THAT IS THE WRONG DIRECTION TRAIN OF THOUGHT!!! Turn around PLZ YOU HAVE KIDS… Nuuuuu… *crash* *Mourning*

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    • Imo EVERYONE IS A LOON, just that JJ stands out too much… even our normal as heck Elina is quite off most of the time. Only time she is normal is when she tsukkomi the team.

      Leaving that aside, Immortal Soul, kinda cleared out from my memory awhile ago…

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      • Lmfao, well a decent amount of characters from Immortal Soul and Questing are in Hardcore OP-ness… Li Xiu Ying is someone who was in all three stories lol. Also someone who is super important, but is usually just a side character :P. Sigh, it’s not even that hard to figure out… Or maybe it is? Actually, there have been like… at least 4 versions. So it’s not like there’s only 1 possible answer either.


      • Well, now I am studying the mentioned works to find the correct person. Wish me luck, lots of it, cuz i sometimes read and forget, like when i study for my finals…

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      • There’s so many hints… Okay, I’ll give another hint. They’re in the second ‘Book’ of HCOP and the second ‘Volume’ of IS.


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  5. Probably one of my favorite chapters lol. Don’t you just love a good mysterious allusion to other stories? Anyway, I wonder if anyone can guess who Li Xiu Ying really is? Like, her core identity. I have some pretty big hints in the tags and categories lol

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