TDoE V2 Chapter 4: Awakening

Li Xiu Ying closed the door behind her and immediately removed her hooded crimson robe, revealing her beautiful naked body to me. She blushed and whispered “My younger sister told me what you did for her and I wanted to thank you… But on my way here, I discovered an ancestral pool of warm Nature Qi. By the time I arrived in Hua Jiang Palace, I was covered with these horrid sores! I was going to see a medical doctor, yet I felt too embarrassed and ashamed… I wanted to gather your professional opinion and make sure that it wasn’t a Spiritual affliction first!” Continue reading

Chapter 4: Immortality for the Win

Armed with a myriad of pebbles, Michael felt that they wouldn’t be very effective when the rain was obscuring his view, and the wind-speeds were so high. He continued to wander aimlessly, across the seemingly endless, muddy, grasslands, until he felt a sharp pain in his right leg and fell to the ground. Continue reading