Someone *Cough* Coconutsempai *Cough* tricked me into adding the nine goddesses of Arcana into the “Softcore Info-Dump” page of HCOP.  However, I decided to expand a bit, since there are a lot of other deities throughout all of my stories.

First of all, we’ll start from the beginning with the 7 “Immortal Souls” or original souls that make their appearance in pretty much every story to a certain extent.  Now, sometimes people just have the same name, because a lot of these names are popular.  Sometimes these godlike beings have different names too.

  1. Michael: The MC of “Immortal Soul”.  There are a lot of other incarnations, but I don’t wanna give spoilers lol.
  2. Helel: Many forms, but I don’t wanna give spoilers :P.
  3. Raphael: He has only appeared in “The Dao of Eros” very briefly, but he’s extremely important and powerful.  He could potentially be a lot of characters in various stories.
  4. Gabriel: His only major appearance has been in “Hardcore Legacies” so far.
  5. Azrael: Azra and Ailyn, he or she often appears as a person obsessed with mechanical evolution.
  6. Uriel: Yuri, she appears in a lot of stories as a sociopath obsessed with biological evolution.
  7. Sariel: Possibly Inari Okami from TDoDK and potentially the MC from “The Vanilla God”.  Currently a mystery for the most part though.

Now, these “Immortal Souls” are all extraordinarily powerful and ancient beings in the mythos of my stories.  However, they’ve experienced many ups and downs over the eons.  Because of the nature of the reality they exist within, it’s easier to become extremely powerful, than to maintain that power over excruciatingly long periods of time.

In the end, everything is always about souls.  Because souls are far more important than physical bodies.  Even if someone reaches the absolute pinnacle of power with their physical body, they would still die eventually.  On the other hand, even if a soul is without a physical body for eons, it still won’t cease to exist.

Okay, so there are two parts to a soul.  Half of it is all the information stored within the soul, which they’ve accumulated over as many lifetimes as they’ve experienced.  The other half is mana.

Mana is a tangible yet intangible substance somewhere between matter and energy.  It can be used to create and manipulate matter-energy and space-time… Although, some may argue that space-time is irrelevant, because it’s just a phenomenon caused by matter-energy.

Anyway, the point is that mana is extremely important.  However, even if a soul is almost entirely drained of its mana, it can simply fall down into a lower realm of that reality.  In other words, you shouldn’t be able to destroy a soul…

However, theoretically, if you were able to erase the information part, including the personality settings, then it wouldn’t really matter if the soul still existed or not.  If you’ve read most of my stories, you would know that while it might not be possible to totally annihilate a soul like they do in xianxia or even shows like Supernatural, it is possible to fragment a soul…

The method in which to fragment a soul is usually… Life.  After a soul experiences enough different lives, their soul will become fragmented and can potentially multiple.  The opposite is also possible.  Multiple souls can conjoin into a singular whole and create a far more powerful entity, but it’s extremely difficult to meld many souls together.

There’s a reason why Players are only allowed to have up to six companions in HCOP…

Okay, back to the original topic.  Eternal Deities are physical entities.  In HCOP, there are nine Eternal Deities.  One for each Element.

  1. Arcane: Arcana
  2. Light: Lux or Luxia
  3. Darkness: Umbra
  4. Chaos: Chaos or Chaotica
  5. Nature: Naturae
  6. Fire: Ignis
  7. Water: Aqua
  8. Earth: Terra
  9. Wind: Aeris

These are Arcana’s nine most powerful avatars.  How she made them is unclear, but it has been revealed rather early on in HCOP that they were in fact created by her, based on the memories she had of old friends.

Of course, there’s always a paradox when it comes to that kinda shit.  Ironically, I call it the “Eternal Paradox”…

If you go back to the beginning, according to Michael(From HCOP), there was originally a singular God-Soul.  But it split into two, Michael and Helel.  The two of them created the other 5.  However, the seven together created more and more souls.  Those souls went off to create entire universes of their own.  Eventually, because of their foolishness and naive desire to create, the original 7 ended up losing most of their power.  They tried devouring the souls that they had created, but they could never catch up to the expansion.

Thus, the seven of them combined all of the information and most of the mana within their souls together and created two entities: Karma and Dharma.  Karma was a nearly omnipotent being, which enforced a strict set of rules designed by the 7 Immortal Souls.  Meanwhile, Dharma… Well, let’s just say that Dharma didn’t work out all too well the ‘first’ time, lol.

Okay, if you actually read all this, then I’m kinda surprised rofl.  But yeah, I feel like a lot of people have asked me questions about all this shit before… So here it is!  A comprehensive clusterfuck without giving too many spoilers lol.

Maybe one day, I’ll be famous enough to have fans do this kinda stuff for me :P.  I imagine in 10 years or so, when I have over 100 books, there might be entire fan-made websites set up just to try and piece together all the complicated and intricately connected characters, stories and worlds.


Here’s some music.


14 thoughts on “Deities

  1. “Maybe one day, I’ll be famous enough to have fans…”

    Why bother yourself with writer fame when with this kinda shit you can just start a religion and have not fans but cultist worship you. Like some scientology-stuff. You’ll have money and power wmuhahahahha!! … anyway I have some questions:

    1) So Michael is like a half of a God right? So wtf is his goal anyway? In IS he just build up souls around him for some time and that’s the story. Why is it important for his goal? If he has any…

    2) Michael from HCOP and Michael from IS the same, right? So in terms of a soul time, who is older?

    3) This nine Eternal Deities – they just super-duper-strong soul? If so then they also came from The-One-God and from Michael (or Helel) ? If sooo, why the F* Michael is a Arcana bitch now!??!?

    Sincerely, some-random-yandere-dude

    ps. do you happen to know a good way to get rid of body? hm…

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    • No, Michael from HCOP is definitely a different entity altogether. The beginning of HCOP is basically when that Michael was… No, I’m gonna stop talking now or I might accidentally give major spoilers lol. Let’s just say that at around chapter 100 of Hardcore Legacies, it’s confirmed that the MC from HCOP isn’t Michael.

      Also, Mana and information are basically everything. They’re everything that makes up a soul and everything in a universe is created from mana and information. So, even if Michael and Helel were once the most powerful entities in all of existence, it doesn’t mean that they’re still that powerful now rofl.

      It’s like how even the richest person in the world can go bankrupt if they spend their money frivolously or get robbed… Or die and reincarnate as a poor person lol.

      The point is that everything is transient.

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      • hmm so i’m a new reader and i’ve only read HCOP (first novel, just finished it now hue~), so my random speculation might just be complete shit thrown out the window. so my speculation on the story as a whole is that Michael (the half god) and Helel + the other immortal souls were overthrown by Arcana and her friends (the real luxia and umbra, not the daughters of Arcana) and Arcana is “somehow” related to them, like grand daughter or some shite. michael and helel create karma and darma but karma turns on their ass’s and splits up their souls (im guessing they fused souls to create karma and darma) since Michael and Helel were the strongest of the souls, karma cut it up even more and threw their souls and soul pieces into different planes of existence. while darma is currently screwing around, this is just random shit, in the future/ later in the story darma kills all the other gods besides Arcana cos… hell if i know, maybe she got mike from another plane to jump in and cover her ass, she then creates the system by using karma and darma somehow. she then recreates lux and them but without their memories and Helel is born from lux and luke, and michael is summoned later in the story.

        screw it, this was me just rambling about bullshit

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      • That’s kinda close-ish? At least you seem to have a decent grasp on the intricacies of the reality they exist within, but well, you’ll understand more as you read more lol. I don’t wanna give spoilers 😛


      • I would love to know how does the stats interact, like do 1 agility counter the combine values of 1 Strength, 1 endurance, and 1 vitality

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      • The stats are essentially external power boosts granted and imposed by the system. For example, a rhinoceros with 1 strength, vitality and endurance might not be able to lift its own body… unless it has 1 agility to counterbalance the other stats. However, if a rhino and a human both have 1 strength, the human won’t be able to pick the rhino up? Anyway, I explain it within the story many times lol.


  2. This was a Nice dump of info, helped me make sense of the teories o have, not all of them, but it helped anyway.
    Mike, have you ever read “A New story of an old soul”? Its a Great ebook o found some time ago, never had the time to read it, until yesterday, i Just expent two Days awake to read it…. Totaly whort it!!

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