CC Chapter 2, Part 1: Shopping

Iris smiled wryly as she walked through the pavilion totally naked. Her first stop was at the General Store. On the outside, it looked similar to a huge cavern, but when she walked inside, it was more like a modern supermarket. The floors were all reflective white tile, while the ceiling had tons of fluorescent lights hanging down.

At the front of the store was a pharmacy, where people could purchase various medications, there was even a small doctor’s office. Aside from that, there were three different checkout counters. Before anything else, Iris went straight towards the clothing department.

She couldn’t help remembering back when she first arrived in the Slave Pens. The men and women were kept in separate cages and when they were allowed to leave, they were essentially limited to the Fighting Pits or the Arena. There were always guards watching over them, to keep everyone from getting too out of hand.

However, it’s naive to believe that just because you separate men from women, that everything would just be fine. Fights were common, children were molested and raped all the time, killing was also normal. Fortunately, slaves didn’t stay there very long for the most part. They were relatively ‘tame’ compared to the veterans who had become gladiators.

Beautiful girls like Iris were usually physically weak and attracted a lot of attention. There were men and women who tried to ‘buy’ her as their personal slave, but she always refused. A few were so insistent that they challenged her to duels. She lost her temper most of the time and accepted fights that she had no chance of winning.

Eventually, she managed to save up enough Souls to purchase a Power and become Rank-G. Unfortunately, that made her overconfident and she lost a large bet. Of course, it was also possible that she simply grew tired and wanted an excuse to go home to see her mother again.

She didn’t expect that once she went back to Earth, she would wake up in a coffin, buried underground. Her original body was reanimated by Azazel and unless she wanted to keep killing for him, she would die and he would get her Soul.

The moral of the story is that she was in a different arena and hadn’t made any enemies yet. Iris needed to try to play it safe and slowly get stronger. She wasn’t a slave, but a gladiator. Thus, she had the right to choose her battles and fight whenever she wanted to.

It took her half an hour to pick out a few sets of clothes. She put almost everything into her shopping cart, but immediately wore a white tank-top, black panties, dark-blue skinny jeans and a tight black leather jacket. Then she found some black socks and sneakers.

The temperature within the underground complex varied dramatically, but it was slightly chilly within the General Store. Even after pulling the hood over her head, she didn’t feel too hot.

Finally, she managed to locate part of the store that reminded her of a costume shop. There were capes, masks and various types of clothing that had been popular throughout history, but would be totally out of place in modern society. At least, outside of Halloween or a cosplay event.

It took her a while, but Iris ended up picking a few blank white masks out. After putting one on, she snickered softly and continued shopping.


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