CC Chapter 2, Part 2: Cafeteria

Aside from clothing, Iris also gathered shampoo, body-wash, various types of energy drinks, packs of iced tea, snacks that don’t need to be refrigerated, first aid kits, vitamins, pencils, pens, blank notebooks, art supplies… She really didn’t hold back when shopping.

Eventually, she couldn’t fit anything else in her cart and went to the checkout counter. However, since she didn’t have any items that had price-tags on them, everything was free.

This was one of the main reasons that the slaves would be willing to serve a gladiator. Aside from avoiding danger, their quality of life would be far higher. Their master could sign them up for fights as well, so they could potentially earn Souls.

In many cases it was closer to indentured servitude or even adoption. Of course, most people still refused to become a slave regardless of the advantages. Everyone had already died at least once. Most of the deaths were violent and horrible. It was bad enough that they intentionally sold their Souls to a ‘devil-like’ entity before dying, so there were many people who had a lot of willpower.

After Iris left the General Store, she went straight to her room while pushing her shopping cart and trying to avoid interacting with anyone. There were actually a lot of other gladiators like her, who wore masks to hide their faces or covered their entire bodies in clothing. It wasn’t weird to push a shopping cart home or pull a wheelbarrow full of random goods either. Thus, she didn’t garner much attention.

When she reached the stone door, she placed her hand onto it and it slowly slid open. She put all her stuff away and left the shopping cart inside her room, since she would need to use it again later anyway.

As she walked down the hallway towards the pavilion, Iris murmured “I really should buy some furniture soon…” She didn’t even have a mattress, much less tables, chairs, a desk… There were even electrical appliances in the General Store, but they weren’t free.

Before heading over to the Fighting Pits, the thirsty and hungry woman decided to head over to the Cafeteria. It was her first time entering the place, but it reminded her of the food court in a huge mall. There were restaurants everywhere, most looked like they came from Earth and were fairly familiar. However, there were also weird ones like “Entrails Are Us”, “Fetus Feast”, “Yummy Genitals” and “Tentacle Tuesday”.

Almost every single person who used the Cafeteria was human, while the staff had their own facilities upstairs. Yet, even on Earth, there were still people who had all sorts of strange eating habits. For example, there were some restaurants that sold live animals.

Iris saw a large and fat man with small horns protruding from his forehead using a knife and fork to devour a crying human baby. There was an extremely beefy woman a few tables over, who was casually munching on squealing piglets.

As Iris clenched her leather-glove covered fists in fury, a huge ogre suddenly walked up behind her and asked “Does it really bother you so much, Newbie?”


12 thoughts on “CC Chapter 2, Part 2: Cafeteria

    • Who knows? Maybe maybe not, probably not because Souls are the currency… I mean, you have to figure that it would be much more expensive if it had a Soul, but at the same time, it would probably cost souls anyway?


      • Does soul also have not full 1 count? I mean, are there any price/quantity like its only cost half soul. or 1/10 soul. or etc.
        Just like sometimes they like to measure 1 gold equal to 10 or 100 silver (depending on the author).

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      • But I mean, put it this way… Aren’t souls kinda easy to get? For example, if Iris went back to Earth and went over to a warzone. Then she could just start randomly massacring people and get dozens or hundreds of Souls within a few days lmao. She could actually go to a place that a bunch of people died recently and just walk around, without actually doing anything at all. The only problem is that she probably wouldn’t be the only one doing that. Also, she wouldn’t be able to get stronger on Earth and even if she collected thousands of Souls, some random asshole might murder her and steal them all lol. In the Arena, at least there are rules to prevent fighting and stealing outside of the ring.


      • Uh yeah, thats why Soul are somewhat cheap in some case. Sometimes I even wonder, when watching a movie about a group/team, trying to save/retrieve one man, while losing some/alot of their teammates.
        I guess maybe sometimes 1 soul could worth compared to alot of soul, depending of the individual Soul value?

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